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Snogging Sirius by Airiana Ski
Chapter 5 : Chapter 4: Enter Caitie Delphin
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A/N: Rawreth! I wrote another chappie! I feel so special! Let’s see now... it’s not betaed, and I don’t own Harry Potter. I tried asking JK for Sirius once, but the men in white suits came and took me home for wanting a ‘dead’ person. But he’s not dead! He can’t be dead! Anyways, I hope you guys are liking my story so far, I’m getting loads of readers, but not too many reviews, so I ask you now, review! Pwease? I’ll be your best friend! Or I’ll just give you sugary sweets, I’ve already got too many best friends to count on one hand, and that’s not counting the imaginary ones! Er... I think I may have had just a little too much sugar today, hope I didn’t scare you all away. Anyways, enjoy!


Chapter 4: Enter Caitie Delphin


Those prats... Lily, I’m... Shut up... you don’t...


Scarlet could hear people talking, but she couldn’t tell who. She was unconscious, and couldn’t remember what had happened before she fell asleep. Though it didn’t seem like sleep. There was that lack of comfort that people had when they slept, though she was far too out of it to notice. Before too long she had regained her consciousness and opened her eyes.


“Shut up Black! If you had just stopped yourself we would all be asleep in our rooms right now!” Lily shouted at the boy.


“Lily, it wasn’t his fault...” James put in looking helpless.


Lily almost exploded, “Wasn’t his fault?! Wasn’t his fault?! Are you bloody mad?”


“Evens shut the hell up! She’s my friend too! I’m just as worried you are! I didn’t mean to get her landed in the hospital wing, but I did! So now I have to deal with one of my best friends being in the hospital wing and the guilt of putting her there! I don’t need to deal with you screaming at me and blaming me, so shut up and leave me alone already!” Sirius shouted and added in a small voice, “I already know it’s my fault...”


“No it’s not. It’s not your fault,” Scarlet told the poor boy. Everyone turned to look at her.


“Whiskey!” the girls shouted and flung themselves at her.


“Scarlet!” the boys shouted before running to the side of her bed.


“You alright?” Sam asked her.


“I’d be a bit better if I didn’t have several hundred pounds lying on top of me,” she smirked at her friends.


“Sorry ‘bout that,” Aquaine said sheepishly after moving to the side of her bed instead of on her bed, Sam and Lily mumbling agreements.


“So, are you really ok?” Sirius asked looking a little guilty; though if you told him that he’d probably say he was just tired.


Scarlet reached up and hugged him before sitting back down, “No dear I think I’m going to die, right now...” she said before falling limp on the bed.


“Why?! Why do the beautiful always die young? My poor Scarlet... she died before she had a chance to date me, the poor, poor girl!” Padfoot announced rather dramatically.


Sam then joined the game, “She always said she’d die laughing, and she came rather close to it!” she announced just as dramatically while referring to the giggle juice.


“Lily darling, I can see how hurt you are, why don’t we go together to Hogsmeade this weekend and recover from this traumatic event together?” James requested, adding to the game.


“James Potter I will never date you, over my, or Scarlet’s rather, dead body. I’d say I’m sorry but I hate lying,” Lily said hiding her smirk.


“You’re so mean to him Lily. Wouldn’t even humor him when you’re best friend is dead. You’re so cold,” Remus added in with a similar smirk.


“So, where should we hold the funeral?” Aquaine asked.


“Forget the funeral, who’s getting her stuff? Personally, I’ve been eyeing that broom of hers for years, and that small animal thing needs a home, but you know how I get around dogs,” Sam interrupted.


“Definitely not me, I’m much more if a cat person. I’m not sure that it is a dog, though it does remind me of a fox. Personally, I don’t mind some dogs, but many of ‘em are just too... doglike. You know?” Aquaine added.


“Definitely know what you mean, but you’re right some dogs are fine. I’d say Scars can take him,” Sam responded.


“You’re right! Caitie loves that little dog thing! So as soon as she’s back here she can have little Fifi—”


“His name is Felix!” Scarlet jumped up glaring.


“She’s risen from the dead! It’s a zombie Whiskey! Everybody run around screaming like a little girl!” Sam shouted and proceeded to do just that, before being hit upside the head with a pillow. “OW!” she yelped.


“You deserved it,” Scarlet said with a triumphant grin.


“My dear Scarlet is alive!” Sirius screamed in drama while hugging her tightly.


“Er... hello Sirius...” she said awkwardly.


“What is all the screaming about in my hospital wing!?” Madame Pomfrey demanded, “Byrne! You’re awake! Why didn’t any of you tell me? Out! All of you! I have to examine her! NOW!”


The five ran out of the room to wait for her to be done.


“Since you’re here, what exactly did happen?” Scarlet asked.


“Black came running in here carrying you. I gave you a couple different potions. One to make you pass out so the original potion could escape your system, and another potion to stop its effects. Are you feeling alright? No urge to throw up or laugh hysterically?”


“Nope, I’m good.”


“Alright, you can return to school tomorrow, but I’d prefer you stayed here for the night. And before you even ask, yes your friends can come back in. If anything seems off just yell alright? Just try and keep those kids quiet, I, contrary to popular belief, enjoy sleeping,” she said before scuttling away mumbling to herself about troublesome teenagers.


“Come on in guys!” Scarlet shouted just a bit louder than her normal voice, knowing all of her friends would be glued to the doors and would hear her anyway.


They came bursting into the room, Lily and James already arguing about something. She smiled at their predictability knowing she would get very little sleep that night.


A/N: Muahahahaha! Another chappie is done! I kinda realized midway through that I hadn’t explained why she was unconscious, lol, but I fit it in. Did anyone catch in the previous chapter when Lily was talking about her diary, and said something about a diary that could talk back, did anyone catch that? Lol. Another character has been almost introduced, though we haven’t met her yet. But yes they were calling Caitie Scars. Her name is pronounced like Katie, so you know. Please review people!!! I'll give you tag a longs! Or peanut butter patties as they're called now. Whatever, just review, please.

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