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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 2 : Escape from number 4
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Harry was still thinking about Shoner’s sudden appearance several hours later when a small furry owl zoomed into the room and hooted shrilly. Harry recognised the owl as Ron’s tiny owl, affectionally named Pig. He carried a letter and Harry grabbed the owl and took the letter before letting Pig take a sip of water at Hedwigs’ cage then zoom out again. Harry recognised the writing immediately as Ron’s.

Hi Harry.

We understand why you sent the house elf here for but are you mad? Snuffles is fuming because the elf keeps insulting and accusing him for your parents’ death! Everyone is really curious though and he wont talk, said he had orders to stay away from a girl with brown bushy hair-

The handwriting changed here

Harry that was awful of you. Why didn’t you give him some clothes as soon as you saw him? What about SPEW had you forgotten all about it? I feel really offended that you told him to stay away from me.

The handwriting changed back, so Hermione and Ron were together again, as usual.

Sorry about that, Hermione stole my bit of Parchment. But yeah, as I was saying we understand why and someone will be along to fetch you soon so sit tight and please, when you get here, tell that elf of yours to stop telling off snuffles and hugging wolfy.

Ron and Hermione

Harry stared at the letter, someone was coming to get him. That was good, as long as he was going to escape from this jail. It wasn’t as bad as usual though, Harry had to admit, his aunt and uncle were no longer blaming him for absolutely everything and they gave him a little more freedom. Mad-eye Moody’s threat at Kings Cross worked. Harry smiled at the letter and put it on his homework and started going about packing even though he didn’t know when he was going.

* * * *

Several days later it was still hot and stuffy. So hot that even the trees in the garden didn’t offer much protection from the sun. Harry found himself wishing for that good old English weather, the rain and the wind that made England so famous.

“I swear I’m going to die before I leave.” Harry said as he collapsed backwards on to the ground. He closed his eyes to block out the sun. The moment he closed his eyes he saw Tonks falling through the large black veil in the department of mysteries in the ministry of magic. He could feel his face warming up slowly when something landed on his stomach. Harry sat up in alarm and saw a ball of feathers roll off his body. An owl got up and stretched it’s wings indignantly and hooted angrily at Harry.

“Sorry.” Harry said to the owl as he untied the letter from it’s leg. On the front was the Hogwarts seal with his name and address written in green writing. The owl flew off slightly annoyed, Harry looked at the letter, it was slightly thicker then usual. He knew what that meant, his OWL results had arrived. He opened it slowly and read the letter.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have passed 6 OWLs with a grade E or above, you will be entered into these classes for your NEWTs. Should you wish to stop studying any of these subjects at any time please inform your head of house.

Defence against the dark arts: O
Potions: E
Astrology: A
Divination: A
Charms: E
Care of magical creatures: O
Herbology: E

We will send equipment lists later in the holiday, congratulations on your performance in your OWLs

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy headmistress

Harry smiled to himself as he read these results. He could imagine Hermione’s results, all Os. Harry stood up and dusted his trousers of grass and dirt. Well at least he’d be doing everything he needed to be an auror. Something he had wanted to do since his fourth year at Hogwarts. He turned to go into the house when he nearly crashed into Petunia.

“Oh Merlin!” Harry said in surprise.

“Come with me Harry.” Petunia said harshly, but not as harshly as she usually sounded. Harry frowned and followed Petunia into the living room where the windows were wide open. Dudley was out hanging out with his friends on the street corners and Uncle Vernon was at work. Harry sat down on the sofa and looked curiously at Petunia as she sat down next to him but as far away as she could on the sofa.

“What do you want?” Harry asked.

“What did you get in your OWLs?” Petunia asked him. Harry looked at her in surprised.

“Two Os four Es and two As.” Harry said uncertainly. Petunia nodded and took this in. “How do you know about OWLs?”

“I remember my sister and her friends got very excited about them when they were your age.” Petunia spat, “I was never as kind to my sister as I should have been and I certainly do not regret calling her a freak, because that is, after all, all she was but I thought you should have this. It wasn’t my sisters, but her husband’s but for some reason I was given it.” Petunia said giving Harry a small box. Harry took it curiously and opened it. Inside was a round golden ball with wings wrapped tightly around it. It was the snitch that Harry had seen his dad play with in Snape’s pensieve earlier this year.

“A snitch.” Harry said.

“Yes, apparently your dad was rather fond of it. I recall there being something else but your god mother, or who ever it was took it with her with that elf thing.” Petunia said disdainfully. Harry stared at Petunia, not only was she talking about his family willingly but his godmother?

“I don’t have a godmother.” Harry said.

“In which case she was just a friend.” Petunia said. “You must not mention to anyone that we had this conversation you understand. I don’t want to see that thing flying around the house” Petunia said getting up and leaving. Harry watched her go and stared at the snitch in the box. It unfurled it’s wings and hovered in the air before Harry caught it and held it at arms length. It felt good to feel the snitch in his hands again.

He hadn’t played quidditch in a long time, he never could any more due to a life long ban that Doloers Umbridge, the Hogwarts High Inquisitor had imposed on him. Harry stared at the snitch, his dad had played with this thing when he was Harry’s age.

“Thank you aunt Petunia.” Harry shouted through the house. Petunia didn’t reply. Harry simply shrugged and got up as a wizard apparated into his living room. Harry drew out his wand and pointed it at the wizard.

“You can put your wand away Harry.” Came Remus Lupin’s calm voice. Harry grinned as he recognised Lupin.

“Lupin.” Harry said happily.

“I’ve come to have a quick work with you aunt before taking you away.” Lupin said as he looked around. “Where is dear Petunia, anyway?”

“In the Kitchen.” Harry said. He saw Lupin’s gaze go to his hand where, Harry just realised, he still held the snitch. Lupin looked slightly surprised but other then that he showed no visible sign of recognition.

“If you look under the wings you’ll see James’ initials engraved in that snitch.” Lupin said before calmly walking out of the room. Harry lifted the snitch and sure enough under one of the fluttering wings were the letters J P. Harry smiled and followed Lupin out of the room where he was talking calmly to a slightly panicked Petunia.

“Now Petunia, it’s the least you can do. I’m just going to take Harry and his elf will be around shortly to collect his things” Lupin said to Petunia. Her face was white and she was staring at shock.

“You were sent to Azk-”

“No, that’s Sirius, my name is Remus Lupin” Lupin said with a slight smile. “So if you don’t mind may I borrow a fork or some other Kitchen Appliance.” Petunia nodded.

“Just get out of my house.” Petunia said.

“As nice as ever.” Remus said with a frown. He picked up a fork and turned it into a portkey. Harry looked at Remus.

“Why is it just you? Last year we-”

“It’s too dangerous to let you leave the house. I’ll explain everything at the headquarters.” Lupin said. He handed the spoon to Harry. Harry touched it hesitantly and immediately felt a sharp tugging from behind the navel area. Everything around him blurred and suddenly he was in the dark kitchen of Grimmauld Place. There was a scream of surprised and Harry stumbled as he landed. He looked up to see Hermione covered in food and Ron staring at him in shock.

“Ron, was that really-Harry!” Hermione squealed when she saw him. She got up and went to hug him when Harry took a step back.

“You’re covered in food.” Harry said trying not to laugh. Hermione looked at herself and then glared at Ron.

“Sorry.” Ron said. “Harry, mate where’d you come from.” Harry held up the fork.

“Lupin made me a Portkey, apparently it’s too dangerous to let me go outside.” Harry said.

“It is too dangerous, everyone is out looking for you, well everyone who works for Voldemort.” Hermione said correcting herself. “And there’s been another break out at Azkaban again. Malfoy has escaped with all the other deatheaters that were caught at the ministry.” Harry felt a wave of anger and sadness as he remembered the ministry.

“Oh.” Was all he could say. Hermione looked at him sympathetically and Ron frowned

“Well, you’re here and your house elf has been dying to see you , even though it’s been four days but he’s been dead useful though. He’s cleaned out half the stuff that Mum was going to get us to do.” Ron broke into a smile then frowned again, “but whenever he sees Hermione he runs away in fear.”

“Yes, Harry, you really shouldn’t have told him that. Of course I’m not going to give him clothes without permission.”

“No but you’ll leave them lying around in piles of rubbish.” Ron said reminding Hermione of her attempts to free the Hogwarts house elves over the last year. Hermione scowled and went quiet.

“I need to find him to get him to go and get my things for me.” Harry mumbled to himself.

“Ok, Shoner!” Ron shouted. “Harry’s here.” The door opened and the small house elf walked in grinning from ear to ear.

“Harry sir is ok sir. There is dangerous things happening and you is ok sir.” He said.

“Shoner, could you go and bring my things over from Privet Drive, Lupin should be there.”

“Yes Harry sir.” Shoner said bowing. He disappeared and moments later Mrs. Weasley came running in and pulled Harry into a big hug that nearly strangled him.

“Um, Mum.” Ron said uncertainly.

“Oh you’re safe.” She said letting go of Harry, “Dumbledore has been so worried about you. Since the end of school-” Mrs. Weasley stopped and saw the three looking at her hopefully for information. “Well, I’ll leave it to Sirius and Remus to tell you.” She said. “You must be hungry, goodness knows what those muggles have been feeding you.” Mrs. Weasley got out her wand and everything in the kitchen started working.

“How was your summer?” Hermione asked as took a bit of food out of her hair.

“It sucked.” Harry said, “I hate being left in the dark like I was with the muggles and I got my OWL results.” Harry said. Hermione clapped her hands.

“What did you get?” She asked. Harry was about to tell her when he felt the parchment in his pocket and took it out. He handed the letter to Hermione and she read it.

“This is really good Harry.” Hermione said. “You did really well.”

“Let’s see.” Ron said getting up and snatching the parchment away.

“What did you guys get?” Harry asked.

“I don’t want to show off but I got all Os in my OWLs.” Hermione said.

“I knew you would.” Harry told her “Ron?”

“Got similar to you mate but I failed Divination.” Ron said, Harry grinned.

“Well, You both did really well.” Hermione said.

“You did the best.” Ron said. He spoke even quieter to whisper to Harry, “There was a note at the bottom of her results saying she did best in the year.” Harry didn’t flinch at this. It didn’t surprise him that Hermione would be the best.

“So what’s been happening?” Harry asked, “I haven’t been getting the Prophet at all during the summer.”

“Fudge has been asked to resign.” Ron said sitting down again. Harry sat down opposite him with Hermione and looked at them surprise.

“He has? Why? By who?”

“By everyone, everyone’s saying that Fudge was wrong to deny Voldemort’s return and that they wanted a leader who was willing to do something to prevent it.” Ron said.

“Everyone wants Dumbledore to be Minister, everyone believes you and him now but Dumbledore’s not going to become minister, he says he’s needed more at the school.” Hermione said. “So to gain more popularity Fudge has revoked all the educational decrees that Umbridge asked him to sign last year.” Hermione said happily.

“Does that mean I can play quidditch again?” Harry asked hopefully.

“I think it does but we only know what’s in the papers.” Ron said. He glanced at his mum who was humming slightly. “The adults won’t tell us anything but we know that you’re in more danger.” He said in a hushed voice.

“Tell me something new.” Harry said.

“This is serious Harry. Dumbledore doubled the guard on you and he’s thinking of calling in some of the best aurors to join the order and-”

“What are you three talking about?” Mrs. Weasley asked cutting Hermione off and placing a large plate of food in front of Hermione and Harry. Ron looked at him mum annoyed.

“What about me?” He asked

“Ron!” Hermione snapped. “You’ve been eating all day.”

“So?” Ron asked Hermione. Hermione scowled and started eating. The door opened and a tall man with dark hair and fairly long black hair walked into the room looking slightly depressed. He looked up and saw Harry smiled at him.

“Hi Sirius” Harry said happily

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