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The Old and The New by demongurl
Chapter 1 : A Mother's Gift
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A/N:-Ok, i'm still not totally sure on this plot but i know what i want to happen. This might make more sense if you read a few of my previous fanfictions as there are some characters from my Lily and James fanfics that carry over to this story. I hope you like it.....please R/R By the way, i kept Sirius alive and instead of him falling through the veil, Tonks did instead.

A slim sixteen year old boy with unruly black hair, wire rimmed glasses and a lightning shaped scare on his forehead lay on his belly on the lawn of privet drive spinning his quill in his hand as he stared cluelessly at his homework. He was surrounded by various books and bits of parchment on that hot and sunny day. This boy wasn’t like usual boys, for a start his homework was about the best ways to transfigure a human into a rock and the theory behind the Polyjuice potion and he was doing it on his sixteenth birthday. Another thing was that he was a wizard.

Harry Potter slammed his book shut and closed his eyes. He rolled onto his back and opened his emerald green eyes and stared at the clear blue sky. Why was everything so quiet? Last month he had seen his good friend Nymphadora Tonks fall through a large black veil, killing her instantly. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her fall or Cedric Diggory being killed in the graveyard Voldemort had risen from. Voldemort was back and for some reason everything was a bit too quiet for his liking.

“Potter, lunch!” snapped Harry’s aunt Petunia. Harry’s relatives hated Harry but since he had come back from Hogwarts school for Witchcraft and Wizardry they had been a little nicer, they had even given him a little pocket money, sure it was only a couple of pounds here or there but it was enough for Harry. He had actually managed to buy himself some Muggle clothes that fit. Harry got to his feet and dragged his feet behind him as he went into the unnaturally clean kitchen.

“Mind your shoes.” Petunia snapped. Harry took his shoes off and padded across the kitchen to the table where his lunch was set out. It was a few scraps of lettuce and a bit of Tomato, the latest attempt at trying to get Harry’s cousin Dudley into shape for his latest fights. Dudley sat opposite Harry with a much fuller plate and a few pieces of Ham. Harry didn’t mind that he got less, he just knew that he could always go up to his room and help himself to some Honeydukes chocolate sent by Harry’s friend Hermione or some of Mrs. Weasley’s blueberry muffins upstairs in his room. Dudley eyed Harry suspiciously.

“What? You think I’m going to hex you?” Harry asked Dudley angrily. Dudley’s eyes went wide and he looked at his plate. Harry wondered why Dudley was home, he normally wandered the streets with his little gang of friends beating up the young, innocent children of Privet drive.

“What have we told you about saying anything like that in the house?” Petunia snapped at Harry.

“You didn’t seem to mind last time.” Harry said back at him. Petunia resisted the urge to slap him.

“Just eat your lunch and get back outside to do what ever you’re doing.” Petunia said to him before getting back to cleaning the spotless kitchen.

“Gratefully.” Harry mumbled. Since Tonk’s death he’d been a lot angrier with the only remaining members of his family. Harry had been orphaned as a baby by the dark Lord Voldemort and lived with his aunt and uncle and their not so charming son Dudley in number 4 Privet Drive. Harry hurriedly ate the lunch and went outside to write his daily report for Lupin and the order of the Phoenix. He lay back down on the grass and scribbled down his note

Muggles treating me fine, nothing too bad yet. Bought another set of clothes, finally something that isn’t Dudley’s hand me downs. Please come and rescue me soon. I’m missing all of you and I want to know what has been happening.


Harry wanted to write more but he knew he’d have to wait until the order came to pick him up. Harry wasn’t usually so patient but he had to exercise a lot of patience over the summer trying not to curse his Uncle Vernon, who despite the warning given to him by moody, had somehow managed to find a way of annoying Harry without actually being evil to him. Harry looked into the sky for his owl Hedwig. He sighed and looked at his books. He gathered them up and put them in a pile.

“Hedwig!” Harry shouted when he’d finished. An owl appeared over the hedge that separated the garden of number 4 privet drive from the house next door. Hedwig landed on Harry’s shoulder and nipped his ear affectionately.

“Get this to you know where.” He said to Hedwig. She hooted happily, took the letter in her beak and with a small amount of pressure on Harry’s shoulder, set off. As Harry picked up his books he headed back into the house.

“Shoes!” Petunia shrieked at him. Harry took his shoes off and trudged up to his room and dropped the books onto his desk. It had been too stuffy to work in his room. Harry glanced around his room. It was a lot messier then the rest of the house. A cauldron stood in the corner with a pile of robes and books sticking out the top. A trunk lay open against the wall, also with clothes sticking out. On the desk was his school books, quill, parchment and ink as well as Hedwig’s cage.

Harry turned to the corner where his disused racing broom, a Firebolt, stayed propped up against the wall with his father’s old invisibility cloak draped over it. Harry stared at it longingly and thought about his previous year. He had been banned from playing quidditch because Draco Malfoy, the nastiest boy in school, had insulted Ron Weasley’s family. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were Harry’s best friends, they had written regularly over the summer but each letter they sent contained frustratingly little information. Harry’s scar prickled slightly, as it had almost every day this summer. It only prickled when Voldemort was active and now, as Voldemort was now openly back, it constantly prickled. Voldemort had killed Harry’s parents, Cedric Diggory and now because of him Tonks was dead. Harry hated Voldemort so much and yet Harry had to kill him or be killed if either one wanted to survive.

“Stupid Voldemort!” Harry shouted as he kicked the corner of his bed. “Oh Merlin’s beard.” Harry hopped around on one foot for a while and sat on his bed clutching his foot. He let out a stream of muggle swear words when there was a crack and something stood in his desk chair. Harry stared at it. It was house elf about two feet high wearing a strange tunic looking thing. It’s eyes were wide with excitement.

“Mr. Potter Sir. It is an honour to see you again.” The house elf squealed and bowing low. Harry looked at the house elf in surprise.

“Who are you?” Harry asked. The house elf frowned.

“Oh, I is begging your pardon sir. I is forgetting my manners as I is usually doing. I is becoming clumsy recently. I, Mr. Potter sir, is Shoner, the Potter Family house elf. I was ordered by Mrs. Lily to come on your sixteenth birthday. It is a happy time to see you again Mr. Harry Sir. You is looking just like your father.” The house elf said excitedly. Harry stared at the house elf slightly surprised

“Excuse me? I have a House elf?” Harry asked. Many strange things had happened and right now Harry had to think this was the weirdest.

“Yes sir. I is remembering you when you was a baby, sir. You was very clever and always annoyed Mrs. Lily.” He said smiling. Harry stared at the house elf in shock.

“My mum?” He asked. A house elf was the last thing he was expecting on his birthday. How did his mum know he was going to survive? Where had this house elf been? Was this another trick planned by Voldemort?

“Yes Mr. Potter sir. You was a fast crawler, sir.” The house elf said. Harry stared at the house elf.

“How do I know you’re really the Potter House elf?” Harry asked. The house elf thought for a moment.

“You can ask Shoner a question only a Potter would know.” Shoner said.

“Ok, who’s my god father?” Harry asked.

“Mr. Sirius Black, sir, he was a very nice to Shoner, he always loved Mr. Harry, sir.” Shoner said excietedly. His eyes were shining again and a tear fell down the house elf’s face. “I is so happy to see you again sir.” He said bouncing off the chair and hugging Harry’s leg. Harry stood up and tried to shake the elf off his leg.

“I’m sure it’s not that amazing.” Harry said uncertainly.

“What is that continuous shrieking?” asked Petunia as she stormed into Harry’s room. Harry stopped and looked at Petunia. Her eyes went wide at the sight of Shoner clutched to Harry’s leg.

“Aunt Petunia, I didn’t-”

“What are you doing here?” Petunia spat at the house elf. Harry looked at Petunia surprised. Shoner bowed to her.

“Honourable miss Petunia.” He said, “I is the Potter house elf, miss. I must serve and obey Mr. Harry. It is Mrs. Lily’s orders miss.” He said.

“Don’t talk about my sister.” Petunia said.

“You know the house elf?” Harry asked in surprise.

“He was the one who delivered the news of your idiot parent’s death, the night before you turned up on our doorstep.” Petunia said viciously. Harry looked at the house elf who was looking at Petunia angrily. “Get out of this house. I will have no freak creatures in my house.” Petunia shrieked.

“I’ll get rid of him.” Harry said. He thought about what Hermione would say at the fact he had a house elf. “Harry, you have to free him, it’s just cruel keeping him. You have to get him some clothes,” said Hermione’s voice in Harry’s head. He smirked and tore off a bit of Parchment. Petunia glared at him then at the house elf and slammed the door shut unable to do anything about the problem that had just arisen in her house.

Hi Sirius,

Can you please look after my house elf until I get there. He claims to be the Potter house elf but Aunt Petunia doesn’t like him here. Could you make sure he stays in the house.


“That should do.” Harry said to himself then as an after thought added.

Make sure Hermione doesn’t give him any clothes please, I need to talk to him about my parents.

Harry folded up the parchment and turned to the elf who was tidying the room. The room was already quite tidy. Harry thought it would be a good idea to have an elf around the house but thought about what Uncle Vernon would say.

“Shoner.” He said. The Elf looked up and went to Harry. “Here’s a letter to Sirius-” The elf’s eyes narrowed.

“Mr. Black is an evil man sir. He betrayed Mrs. Lily and Mr. James.” Shoner said.

“No, he didn’t. Wormtail did. Now give this letter to Sirius and do everything he asks until I see you again understand! And stay away from a girl with bushy brown hair. She might try and give you clothes.” Harry said uncertainly. Shoner squeaked at the suggestion and nodded, “Number 12 Grimmauld place.” Harry said, “I’m not sure if you’ll find it. If you can’t go and see Dumbledore.” The elf nodded and took the letter then disappeared. Harry stared at the spot where the elf had just been standing. What was he doing trusting a house elf that just suddenly appeared in his room. Harry remembered Dobby, who was effectively his house elf at Hogwarts. Dobby had been the Malfoy’s house elf but Shoner had known a bit about Harry’s parents. Harry sat on his bed confused.

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