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Thrown Into the Past by secret_witch
Chapter 11 : Getting Acquainted
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A/N Thanks to everyone that's reviewed so far. It's Lupa Mannera's idea to use asterixes to seperate the past from the present.

“I’m caught!” yelled Remus standing up and pacing the cell.

“We’re dead!” shouted Lily, James and Sirius simultaneously.

Harry groaned this was all he needed, this was definitely going to mess up time now.

“Yes you are dead,” he said in an exasperated voice.

“Remus,” he said rounding on the werewolf who was pacing hurriedly by the door mumbling incoherently to himself…

Harry caught the words never…stunned and caught a few times before he pulled Remus round to face him and stared at him intently.

“Obviously you are caught…and thank you by the way for coming to try to rescue me…but anyway the Remus Lupin I know doesn’t give up and I’m sure you will be fine,” 

Remus took a few calming breaths and nodded resignedly and sunk to the floor quietly. 

“You helped him Pettigrew…” whispered Voldemort dangerously. Peter grovelled on the floor desperately.

“My Lord forgive me I am weak,”

Voldemort raised his eyebrows at his pathetic servant sprawled on the cold concrete floor. Any other Death Eater and he would have been killed.

“That you are Wormtail.” he said simply flicking his wand and forcing Wormtail to face him. Wormtail whimpered pitifully.

“My Lord I can prove myself…again. Anything I’ll do anything to pledge myself to you.”

A smile spread slowly across Voldemort’s pale face. He had been willing to give Wormtail one last chance cost free, but now his last statement held so many doors open to him. 

He pondered for a while, he wanted to simply make the Potters, Black and Lupin suffer…getting Pettigrew to do it for him would be making up for his last mistake almost definitely.


Dumbledore!” roared Remus furiously as he pushed open Hogwarts doors.

Tonks, Anya, Sky, Shaun and an unconscious Draco followed behind timidly. Tonks had never seen Remus this angry, and it filled her with a strange mix of fear and excitement.

“Raspberry Ripple,” Remus snarled at the stone gargoyle and stepped roughly onto the spiralling staircase.

“Remus how nice to see you well,” stated Dumbledore airily as Remus entered magic emanated from him visibly. Remus just stood aside as the others arrived behind him.

“I heard you arrive…ahh you have Mr Malfoy I see,” continued Dumbledore seemingly unconcerned about Remus’ mood.

“You have Mr Malfoy I see,” mimicked Remus his eyes flashing dangerously. Dumbledore’s expression faltered slightly and answered more seriously.

“Did everything not go as planned? Who are these charming people?” he gestured towards Remus’ friends. Dumbledore’s gaze fell on the three people hovering quietly behind Tonks.

“These are Anya Zest, Shaun Parker and Sky Fraser,” 

Dumbledore nodded. 

Anya was stood quite tall and was well built and her skin slightly tanned. Her hair was thick and a very dark brown, it fell in large curls round her face. Her eyes were chocolate brown also. A large scar ran down the length of her right arm. 

Shaun had mousy brown hair and stood slightly taller than Anya. His eyes were blue and scars crisscrossed his cheeks and forehead. 

Sky was the smallest of the lot. With almost white blonde hair framing her pale face. Her eyes were green and a single scar ran across one of them.

Dumbledore waited patiently for Remus to continue but luckily Tonks took the opportunity.

“Draco realised he was being followed and brewed a potion to check if Remus was a wizard.”

Dumbledore nodded,

“The magus morbus potion,” he said quietly.

“Oh you’ve heard of it…”

“Remus,” Tonks warned casting him a glare. Remus fell silent looking sulky.

“Whatever it was it weakened him greatly and Malfoy took advantage of it…we only just got there in time…we could have done with more help…we had to seek out some of Remus’ friends from the underground.”

Dumbledore nodded slowly in understanding.

“I’m sorry Remus I underestimated Malfoy’s abilities and I’m really am truly sorry for your suffering.”

Remus snorted.

“Whatever... can we question him yet?” Remus muttered nodding towards Draco’s hovering form.

“Not yet it’s late and I think we could all do with some rest…I promise you I will not let him escape.”

“Where are we sleeping professor?” asked Tonks.

“Erm…Anya, Shaun and Sky can sleep in the hospital wing…I’ll show you where. You and Remus may make yourselves at home in the Room of Requirement.”

Remus and Tonks nodded and headed out closely followed by Anya, Shaun, Sky and Dumbledore.

Remus led Tonks to the corridor on which hung the portrait of Barnabas the Barmy. Pacing backwards and forwards in front of the wall a few times a door appeared and Tonks grasped the handle and turned it quickly.

Tonks and Remus entered the delicately decorated room, mainly cream colours adorned the walls. A cosy fire was burning on the far wall and in the middle of the room was an enormous king sized bed, with comfy looking bedding.

Tonks and Remus sat down on the sofa in front of the fire and laid back, silence ensued.

“I…erm…never said thank you…so thank you,” Remus said quietly staring intently into the fire. Tonks raised her eyebrows at him,

“For what?” she enquired. Remus smiled at her.

“You know what…you know me with Malfoy... kind of helpless situation,”

Tonks giggled at him and nodded at him.

“Anytime,” she whispered grasping hold of his hand, her other hand placed lightly on his thigh. They both stared at her free hand and looked up at each other.

Tonks was transfixed by his amber coloured eyes and felt herself melting. She closed her eyes briefly and opened them to find Remus’ face centimetres from hers, she sucked in a deep breath and their lips touched briefly. 

Breaking a part Remus flushed and frowned.

“I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t…I don’t know what,”

Tonks place a finger on his lips gently and shushed him, he fell silent staring up at her face.

Tonks leant forward and kissed him, firmer this time. She placed her hand behind his head and deepened the kiss enjoying every moment. Remus returned the kiss completely giving into to his fantasies. 

They stood up and parted, glancing at each other slightly breathlessly. Tonks grasped Remus’ hand and guided him to the bed and laid down, he followed not sure what to expect next. 

Within seconds they were kissing again rolling around grasping every inch of each other and before long they began to remove each other’s clothes.

Tonks woke up in complete comfort. She stretched slightly and looked up at Remus, who was still snoozing. She smiled, last night had been great…every thing she could have hoped for, she didn’t want this to end. 

She loved everything about Remus now from his liquid amber eyes to his well toned body. He hadn’t been anything like she had expected him to be like in bed…not that it mattered.

She sighed and settled her head back down and drew light circles on his stomach with her index finger.

She expected him to be shy, quiet and timid…but he wasn’t at all like that. She smiled to herself…he’d been powerful, dominant but also tender at times. She glanced up at him as he stirred slightly. Smiling again she began reminiscing of last night…bliss was all she could think to describe it.

“Oi,” said a sleepy voice and she jumped slightly and stared up at her lover. Remus was smiling down at her. She frowned at him.

“That…” he said nodding down at her hand on his stomach 


A/N I know I'm not good with passionate scenes, but you have my permission to let your imagination run wild. Thanks for reading and please review.

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Thrown Into the Past: Getting Acquainted


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