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Zink An Unfamilar Face by nazozink
Chapter 7 : Mallets and cabbage patch
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Chapter well I don’t know count for me please? :

                                    Mallets and cabbage patch

A/n yes yes I know I took forever to update. But I did! So no killing me with pitchforks and what not. .


With a big bang to the head Sirius Black sat up in his chair. Had his ears deceived him, did she just say she thought HE was cute? Well the cards were in his hands, one problem he had the cards but not the ace. What did she mean she wasn’t going to go out with him cause she couldn’t? She could, SHE COULD!!! What was stopping her? Was it his attitude cause he could-…try? To change!


“What do you mean? You wont go out with me because you can’t? You can.” Sirius stated frantically. Looking quite red in the face Zink stood up running up into her dorm.


Nazo poked Sirius repeatedly. He tried to brush it off but she wouldn’t stop.


“What?!” He yelled. She glared at him a little then answered.


“You took my truth!” she went back to poking him. He looked a little annoyed again.


“Yes?” he asked.


“Hehe you screwed up, BIG time.” He went back to watching the game and let the girl continue to poke him.


Zink’s point of view


Dear journal,


            I can’t believe I actually was foolish enough to play that stupid game. All it brought was trouble. It was hard enough to fend Black off now he knows I think he’s cute. At least he’s stuck with Nazo for a while maybe she will scare him off. I wonder when she’s going to realize he likes me. Oh wait I here a scream from down stairs seems like now. If I know Nazo then she’s beating him with a mallet this very second. I really do love her.




Sirius point of view.


            Dang that girl can hit hard. Were did she get that mallet? Ahh! I can’t think with all of these distractions. Why did Zink freak? Which reminds me…She thinks I’m cute she thinks I’m cute she thinks I’m cute do the cabbage patch. Ow! It’s a terrible thing when a man (Yes I am I man Prongs not a little boy) can’t even do the cabbage patch with out getting hit with a mallet it’s truly a pain. Running away from the psycho little girl I ducked out of the room.

Wondering the halls one of my favorite pass times, besides snogging, stalking, eating, and sleeping. But it was in the top five! Right back on topic. I pulled the marauders map out from my back pocket. Walking a couple of steps I realized something.

Zink wasn’t on it. Now I’m NOT obsessed I just put a spell on it so her name would be purple. There was no purple on this map. CURSE THY!!!! Wait does that mean she isn’t in the school? Weird. I wonder if she’s out side.  No she went up stairs were is she?

            Very abruptly a hospital stretcher went by. Haha some idiot must of hurt them self. LOSER! Wonder who the poor sape is. Looking on to the stretcher I saw the worst thing ever. A girl with black hair was riding it, looking as if she could be dead?

Short part: O no stuff happens. Girl with fimilar black hair looking dead!!!
NAzo hit's Sirius with mallot read all about it. sirously I mean it's good.
at least I think although I might be playing favorties here huh?

A/N: Muhahaha I feel Eval at this pacific memento. What do u think? Who is  there a twist or a turn u didn’t see or did u suspect this all a long? And is what your think true? Please review I might be motivated to write more.srry so short tryin to update


Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry potter. And not anyone but Nazo and Zink I’m sad. I dreamt I did once. Then I woke boohoo I say I sleep forever in my imagination.

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