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Have A Little Faith... by fredthefrog252
Chapter 6 : Godrics Hollow and Giving Black The Run Around
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Chapter 6 – Godrics Hollow and Giving Black the Runaround

Sirius Black woke up in a broom closet wearing absolutely nothing only to roll over and see Faith in her underwear pulling on her jeans.


“Faith?” He said as he sat up.


“Huh?” She mumbled turning around. “Oh your awake…”


“Where are you going?”


“Look, no offense but this never happened,” she said pulling her t-shirt over her head. “I’ll see you around Black.”


“What?” Sirius scrambled to his feet pulled on his pants and shirt and ran out of the closet after Faith.


“Look,” she said as he caught up to her. “It was a spur of the moment thing that will never, I repeat never, happen again. I hate you and you hate me. Tell any body about this and-”


“-expect to lose my privates.” he supplied nodding his head. Faith smiled and walked of in the direction of the common room. Sirius however turned the other way and headed out of the castle to sit by his favourite beech tree by the lake.


“Where the hell have you been the past four hours?” cried James who was already sitting under the tree with Remus and Peter.




“With a girl?” James questioned, raising his eyebrows.


“What makes you say that?”


“Your clothed are creased and your hair is all ruffled, well more than usual anyway.” Remus said examining him over his book.


“Ok, so what if I was?”


“Nothing I think its great.” James said releasing the snitch in his hand, letting it fly for a few seconds before catching it again.




Faith walked into the common room to find Lily in the corner by the fire doing homework for a change.


“Hey,” Faith smiled taking a seat across from her.


“Hey,” Lily replied glancing up from her essay on Patronus charms. “So Madam Pomfrey finally released you?”


“Um, yeah. Look I’m gonna go and have a shower.”


“Sure…” Lily replied absentmindedly, crossing out a mistake in her essay.


Faith walked up to the dormitory and crossed over to the bathroom and locked herself in a shower cubicle. She stripped down, turned on the water and stepped inside. Faith stood there for a moment letting the water run over her as she ran over the events of the day I her mind.




The door to the closet slammed shut and Faith, still straddling Sirius, began to peel his shirt off. She lifted her arms as he did the same to her. They fell to the floor and Sirius rolled on top of her…




Faith groaned in frustration before she slammed her fist into the wall, cracking the tiles. Why did she let it happen? What made her do it? She groaned again as she fumbled with her robes outside the shower looking for her wand.


Reparo,” she muttered and the tiles mended themselves. Faith turned off the water and wrapped a towel around herself. She stepped in front of the mirror and began examining her image. She dried her hair magically before getting dressed.


Faith walked out of the bathroom wearing kaki army pants and a white tank top just as Lily entered the dorm with that too-familiar furious look in her eyes.


“Potter?” she said not even needing an answer. Ever since the bra incident James had been doubling his efforts to win Lily over. Threatening guys who so much as looked at her, asking her out constantly, making promises even Faith new he couldn’t keep – promises such as he’ll quit Quidditch or stop hexing Severus Snape – James wouldn’t quit Quidditch even if his life depended on it and he couldn’t stop hexing Snape if he turned into Sirius.


“And Black. Argh! They frustrate me to no end!”


“You and me both Lils.”


Faith heard a tapping sound and turned towards the window where she found a tawny owl fluttering outside. She opened the window and the owl fluttered on to her bed and extended its leg that had a small scroll attached to it. Faith took the letter and read:


            Dear Faith,

                              I have found a house in a place called ‘Godrics Hollow’

            it is a nice house and there is a bedroom for you. I was wondering

whether or not you were coming home this Christmas. It is a nice house, come home, your brother will be here.


                        From Mom


Faith read the letter through twice before what was written actually sunk in. Her mother wanted her home for Christmas. Her brother was going to be there. Faith hadn’t seen her brother for three years since he moved from Boston to LA. Maybe she could give her mother another chance, for her brother. She wrote a hurried response and attached it to the leg of the owl, which soared through the window.


“Who’s the letter from?” Lily asked seeming to have calmed down.


“Mom just asking whether I was going home for Christmas this year.” She shrugged, trying to sound casual.


Lily nodded before turning back to her homework that she had brought with her.


A week later, when Faith had started going to lessons again, she and Sirius kind of had this dance going on. He would try to ask her what it all meant and she kept making up excuse after excuse with the occasional reminder thrown in. It wasn’t until one Quidditch practice when James was giving her weird looks that she approached Sirius, instead of the other way around.


“Did you tell James about our little escapade?” she hissed at Sirius while hitting a bludger to him.


“No,” he heaved. “What makes you say that?”


“He keeps giving me these looks.”


Sirius glanced over his shoulder to James.


“I’ll talk to him.”




“You doing anything for Christmas?”


“Mom bought a house so I’m gonna head home. You?”


“I’m gonna go to James’ house, usually do.”



What did it all mean? What was up with James and why was Sirius being all subdued all of a sudden? Faith sat on her broom thinking things over, not realising that practice was over.

"You coming?" Frank called from the ground.

"Um, yeah..."

A/N - Thanks to all you gumboots who reviewed. You made my days. Keep reading. Please. YOu are the custard tarts that fill my tummy

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Have A Little Faith...: Godrics Hollow and Giving Black The Run Around


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