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Harry Potter and the Hallows of Death by purplefire
Chapter 2 : Journey To The Burrow
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 Harry awoke around 7:00 AM. The discussion of the night before had tired him out, but he wanted to get an early start. He had some places to stop by before the return journey to the burrow. He rolled out of bed and dressed quickly, wanting to be on his way. He went down stairs and entered the kitchen. Uncle Vernon and Dudley did not look up,  they just kept pretending he didn't exist. Aunt Petunia, however, got up and started fixing Harry breakfast. ' What? Last night was bad, but this? This is unbelievable. Oh, well. At least I don't have to fix breakfast.'
  5 minutes later, Harry was tucking into eggs, toast, and a few pieces of bacon. Still, his uncle nor cousin looked up. Harry was glad they didn't. He didn't feel like meeting their gaze or having them stare at him. He got up, put his empty plate in the sink, and headed upstairs to pack.
  Everything was strewn about his room as usual. Books under his desk and bed, cloaks messily folded in his trunk, owl droppings on the top of his desk surrounding Hedwig's cage. Harry started to pick up his books and them in his trunk, when realization dawned on him. He could use magic now. He was legal age. With a flick of his wrist all of his stuff jammed into his trunk, not neatly, but it would do. After struggling to latch his trunk shut, he grabbed Hedwig's cage, complete with owl, and headed back downstairs, only after checking to make sure nothing was left behind. This would probably be the last time he saw this room.
  When he got to the hallway, his aunt and uncle were waiting on him. Where Dudley was, he had no clue. ' Probably off sniffing crack with those messed up friends of his.' Harry thought. His uncle looked at him with an expressionless face, or was that just happiness gleaming in his eyes, waiting for the moment Harry left. His aunt came up to him and hugged him. 
" Remember what I said last night, you will always have a home here, with someone to talk to when you need it. Just remember everything we discussed last night, because I might not ever say it again."

" Yes, aunt Petunia. Hold on just a minute. Could I maybe take a quick picture? Just for something to remember everyone by. "

" Of course. Vernon, stand up straight. And get that look off your face. This will only take a minute. And don't move."
  Harry took out his wand, which sent a shiver down his uncle's spine. Harry saw the look that came across his face. His uncle did not like this. But something stopped him from yelling at Harry. Maybe aunt Petunia had said something. Harry had no clue.
" OK. 1, 2, 3, documenta." A picture appeared above Harrys head and he reached up and caught it. "Thanks. I guess this is good-bye, then."

" Take care Harry. Just remember what I said. Good luck. The world's a dangerous place, which I think you've figured out. I love you."

" Bye, aunt Petunia. And uncle Vernon, I'm honestly suprised you stood up to me having my wand out. It takes a strong muggle to do that, if they know magic."
  At this his uncles face gained a dignified look, just what Harry had been looking for. He didn't really want to leave his uncle in a state of discomfort, but a few years ago it wouldn't have mattered. Harry guessed he had matured. With one last look around him he walked out the door, into a whole different world. He was on his own. 
  He walked down to the end of the drive and held out his right hand. A second later there was a purple triple-decker bus standing inches away from Harry's face. Seeing as Stan Shunpike was in Azkaban, Harry let himself on the bus and found a seat. Seconds later, he was in Diagon Alley to withdraw some money from his vault and get a few things. Later, his business done, he headed to the burrow.

A/N: I hope my story is going good. The only way I'll know is if you review. You can waste 3 seconds, can't you? That's all it takes. Just say ' Good story' or ' bad story' or send a rating. Anything. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Even though I call it advice. Sorry this took so long to get up. I had the flu. Thanx to my wonderful peoples who review! You are deeply appreciated!

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