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Small Steps by emerald_princess92
Chapter 2 : Alyssa's Plan
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything except the plot and Alyssa!


Chapter 2: Alyssa’s plan


Summary: Alyssa has a plan…Read and Review


“Hey, Potter,” Lily said smiling happily as she entered the Head compartment.


James turned toward her in horror before he asked, “Please, tell me you’re not the Head Girl”


“Afraid so, Potter,” Lily said smirking


James growled in anger before he began the meeting.






“I don’t get it, I’m sexy and witty, why doesn’t he want to go out with me,” Lily asked angrily as she made her way out of the train and into an empty carriage


“I think it because you’re so conceited” Alyssa said entering the carriage


“Well, it’s not my fault” Lily mumbled


“Lily, for once, listen to me. He won’t date you until he know you've changed and until you’ve changed he won’t even look at you” Alyssa said


“What am I to do, Lyssa, I can’t change, this is the way I am!” Lily exclaimed as the carriage began to move


“First, don’t ask him out every opportunity you have. Second, stop being so conceited. Third, instead of being his girlfriend start being his friend only” Alyssa said all of this slowly


Lily groaned. She knew it’ll take all year for James to like her but she knew it’ll all be worth it in end.


Lily sighed, “I’ll do it”


Alyssa smiled and said, “Great!” before the carriage stopped and she jumped out, Lily closely following behind





“You see that, bitch,” Lily hissed as she glanced toward James and say that he was talking Melissa Hart. She glared at Melissa as she began to giggle.


“Lily, act like you don’t care” Alyssa said trying to calm her redheaded friend


“I can’t ignore that” was the only reply Alyssa received before Lily got up and marched toward James and Melissa. Alyssa immediately rose from her seat and began to follow her infuriated friend.


“Hey, bitch, back off!” Lily yelled as she neared James and his friends


James groaned. ‘Couldn’t Evans get a hint’ James thought furiously as he watch Melissa scamper away. He got up from his seat and turned toward Lily.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” James hissed furiously


Lily just lifted an elegant eyebrow and responded coolly, “Well, that bitch was all over you, I couldn’t let her get close to you while I can’t even talk to you,”


“You know really want to know, why I won’t talk to you, because you’re so conceited” James said glaring at Lily


“I am not conceited” Lily snapped before she turned around


“Keep thinking that and maybe it’ll come true” came the reply.


Lily, having no reply, just glared at James before she marched back to her seat.


“That went well and what exactly happened when I told you how to get James. Ugh you’re impossible, Lily Evans ,completely and utterly impossible” Alyssa said angrily before she got up from her seat and left her friend behind


Lily put her head into her hands and sighed. ‘Can anything get worse?’ She thought




‘Apparently so’ Lily thought as she followed Dumbledore and James to the Heads Common Room. ‘I’m going to share a bathroom and a common room with James Potter’ Lily thought and she smiled maybe, just maybe, James will start liking her. 


“Alright Evans don’t talk to me and I’ll be happy” James said as soon as Dumbledore left, leaving the two teens in the common room. ‘The common room so beautiful’ Lily thought as she looked around. The Heads Common Room was decorated gold and red with three comfy couches near the fireplace. There were two desks in the far end. 
And a perfect view of the Quidditch field outside the window.

Lily was about to respond to James statement but James was already out sight in his own room. Lily sighed and trudged up the stairs to her own room. When she finally she changed into her pajamas and slipped in bed. A lone tear fell from eyes as she drifted off to sleep thinking, ‘Why don’t you love me?’


End of Chapter


A/n: Aww….poor Lily. The next chapter will be up not so fast as this one. I was totally shock when I found so many reviews for the first chapter only! Thank you all for reviewing! I hope you liked this!


Next Chapter: James and Lily past. Were they friends and something happened or were they always enemies?




“You never cared, Lily, you only thought of yourself” James yelled at the crying redhead


“I did James I really did and I’m sorry” Lily screamed back


“Sorry won’t heal the pain, Lily,” James said softly before he left a crying girl behind


“I didn’t mean to hurt you” Lily said softly still crying

A/n: What was that about? You'll just have to wait! Read and Review!

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