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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 25 : the new secret keeper
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A/N:- Ok, penultimate chapter, i'm so nervous and i'm writing the damned story. Oooooo.....i feel so bad but i have to. The next chapter might be a bit short but it is the finale so i promise that it'll be good. (well i hope it'll be good) I already have the last paragraphs written.....o, i'm so sorry i have to do this. I will be writing a book 6 where Sirius will still be alive, i thought he deserved a better death then he got in OoTP.

“I can’t be your secret keeper.” Sirius told James and Lily a few days later. He had been meaning to tell them earlier but freaked out every time it came to it. He didn’t want to do this. Today was the day Lily and James wanted to make him the secret keeper but when he turned up with Peter they got suspicious.

“Why?” Lily asked in surprise.

“Well, for a number of reasons really, no just one actually. Well, I keep getting attacked” Sirius said uncomfortably, “And I don’t know how much longer I can keep avoiding the curses and sooner or later they’re going to kill me.” Sirius looked at James. James looked slightly angry but he didn’t look surprised. Sirius was almost too scared to look at Lily. When he did he cringed. Her eyes were livid and Sirius could have sworn he saw an emerald fire burning in them.

“Who are we going to use instead?”

“We only have one choice.” Peter said loudly enough for them to all hear. Lily and James looked at him.

“You’d be our secret keeper?” James asked.

“Of course, anything to protect you two and Harry from V-Voldemort” Peter said. Lily frowned slightly.

“But-” she couldn’t think of anything to protest about. At first she wanted April to be the secret keeper and then had reluctantly agreed to letting Sirius be the secret keeper and now she had to let Peter be the secret keeper. Lily bit her lip nervously.

“Ok, well we should get the spell done quickly then shouldn’t we?” James said.

“As soon as April’s here to look after Harry while I do it.” Lily said.

“I’ll look after him.” Sirius said.

“No, it’s too late, she thinks you’re going to be secret keeper.”

“We have to keep this secret, even from April.” James said, “Everyone knows Sirius is the secret keeper so we have to let everyone think he’s still the secret keeper.”

“You want me to be a decoy?” Sirius asked.

“If you don’t mind.” James asked.

“Of course not.” Sirius said proudly, “I’d die in the line of duty.”

“Glad to hear it.” April said apparating into the room.

“Well I have to go.” Peter said. Lily and James nodded and he disapparated out.

“Harry’s upstairs.” Lily said to April. “I think he’s watching the snitch.”

“Ok. Good luck” April said to them before leaving the room. The door closed and Peter apparated back into the room.

“Is she gone?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, lets get this over with.” Lily said getting out her wand and picking up the potion. “James, some hair please.” Lily said dropping a small dark hair into the potion making the potion go a maroon colour.

“Why do we need hair?” Peter asked uncertainly.

“It’s so that the potion knows who specifically you’re protecting so that it can protect the house, it’s complicated and the theory is really deep but we just need to put hair in. I’ve already put Harry’s hair in.” James pulled a strand of hair out, he winced as he did so, and handed it to Lily. She dropped it into the potion. Finally Lily pulled a long strand of her hair out and dropped it into the potion. The potion smoked slightly and a golden mist formed over it. Peter looked at it apprehensively and took it from Lily.

“Drink it when I tell you to drink it.” Lily said. She closed her eyes and held her wand out then started the long and complicated spell.

* * * *

Voldemort sat impatiently in his manor while Peter was becoming the Potter’s secret keeper. He flicked through some ancient scrolls and traced a line through the generations that were displayed on these scrolls. The Scrolls showed hundreds of timelines that branched off from one another and no matter how many times he tried to change it he traced the family line back to Godric Gryffindor. He followed the line he had drawn on the timelines to the last name.


Voldemort shouted in anger and then put the scrolls together. He picked up another pile and looked at a line that he had created when he was a mere fifteen year old. The line went from the name TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE to the name SALAZAR SLYTHERIN. Voldemort shook with anger, it couldn’t be that this boy, the one destined to bring him down was the descendent of Godric Gryffindor. Slytherin’s most hated enemy, and now Voldemort’s most hated enemy.

“No matter.” Voldemort said to himself, “He will be dead soon and the Gryffindor line will be dead.” Voldemort flicked his wand and the scrolls tidied themselves into a box.

* * * *

“Drink the potion quickly.” Lily said to Peter. He quickly downed it and felt a strange warm sensation fill his body. The world went slightly blurry and then suddenly came back into focus. Lily was staring at him expectantly and holding her breath. The smart emerald eyes wanting to know what had happened.

“Is everything supposed to go blurry?” Peter asked. Lily closed her eyes again and heled her wand at Peter with her arm rigid.

"Fidelius" A white light shot out of the end of Lily's wand and engulfed Peter for a few moments before fading away. Lily let out a sigh of relief and collapsed into the sofa completely drained of energy. James and Sirius looked from Peter to Lily.

“Is it done?” James asked. Lily nodded and put a hand to her abdomen. James smiled with relief.

“I’ll write you a note.” Peter said to Sirius. James handed Peter some parchment and a quill. Peter quickly wrote down the address, trying his best to copy Sirius’ handwriting. He handed it to Sirius and he read it.

“Thanks.” Sirius said. “April!” Sirius shouted. Peter Apparated away, not wanting April to get suspicious. There was the sound of someone walking down the landing and soon the door opened.

“Yes.” She said.

“Here.” Sirius said handing the note to April. She read it and then smiled.

“You did it?” She said happily.

“Yeah.” Lily said. “Shoner!” The house elf came in. “Rejuvenation potion?” she asked. The elf nodded and hurried out of the room.

“Well, at least if we want somewhere safe to hide now we have here.” Sirius said, “Expect me to hide out here a lot.” He said. Lily smiled, slightly relieved that she’d gotten every thing over and done with but also very sad that she could no longer leave the house. Shoner returned with a small cup and gave it to Lily. Lily drank it and felt her strength coming back.

“Sirius, could you go and find Peter and Dumbledore and give them the address” James asked Sirius. He nodded and apparated away. April looked at them relieved.

“At least you’re safe again.” She said happily.

“Yeah, where’s Harry?” Lily asked,

“He fell asleep about three hours ago.” April said. Lily frowned.

“How long did we take?” She asked.

“Five hours.” April said. “I don’t know how you did it. I could never do five hours continuous spell work.”

“She’s Lily Evans Potter. She can do anything” James said giving Lily a proud kiss. Lily smiled and blushed slightly.

“I needed a challenge after not using magic for ages.” She said shyly. “It was quite nice to use magic again.” James hugged her and Lily grinned and let out a relieved sigh.

* * * *

Peter had just met up with Sirius and had written him a note to give to Dumbledore. He appparated to a large empty, dark and cold mansion.

“Pettigrew.” Snarled someone behind him. Peter turned and saw a man standing behind him.

“Avery.” Peter said smugly. “I need to talk to the dark lord.”

“He’s busy.” Avery said,

“Tell them it involves the Potters, he’ll know what it means.” Peter said. Avery frowned and turned to another deatheater who was standing nearby.

“Crabbe, go and tell the dark lord Pettigrew has information on the Potters.” Crabbe looked at Peter suspiciously.

“How does he know. We’ve been searching for them for three months now.”

“I am one of James Potters best friends.” Peter said like it was common knowledge. Crabbe sneered and walked down the corridor.

“What are you doing here Pettigrew?” Spat Malfoy.

“I’m here on private business” Peter said. As much as he hated Lily, Lucious Malfoy and his cronies came very close to being the people Peter hated most.

“What kind of business.” Lucious asked. “I could always force it out of you.” He smirked at Peter and got his wand out.

“That is enough Malfoy.” Voldemort snapped as he returned with Crabbe. Malfoy looked at him slightly startled and nodded. Voldemort looked to Peter and stared into his eyes. “Have they made Black their secret keeper?” He asked

“Yes my lord.” Peter said. Peter knew that Voldemort was searching his mind and knew that Peter was in fact the secret keeper.

“Very well. Follow me Pettigrew.” Voldemort said. Peter followed Voldemort through the house to Voldemort’s office. Voldemort got some parchment and some quill and ink.

“Here.” Voldemort said handing them to Peter. Peter took them and was about to write when he hesitated. Did he really want to do this? He was betraying James. James Potter, one of the only people in Hogwarts who didn’t mind knowing Peter. He befriended Peter before Remus or Sirius had and had encouraged the other two to get to know Peter.

Shut up, of course I want to. I need to. Peter said to himself mentally. He quickly scrawled the address on the parchment and closed his eyes as he handed the parchment to Voldemort.

Forgive me James


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Death is the way: the new secret keeper


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