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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 24 : Pregnant again
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A/N:- I hate this part, it's coming slowly up to the grand finale, well for this generation anyway.

Lily couldn’t sleep. She lay awake in the bed huddled next to James’ sleeping body. The potion was now finished and ready to use. There was no excuse now not to perform the Fidelius charm other then the fact that Lily just didn’t want to perform the charm. She got out of bed and went to the window where the early rays of the sun broke through the early morning mist. Lily pressed a few fingers against the cold glass and watched as it steamed up around her fingers. She moved them away and the shapes of her fingers were still there. She didn’t want to go into hiding. At least now she could get out a few times. She hadn’t been attacked when she had gone to April’s parents’ funeral. She stared just beyond her neglected garden to where a large park stretched out. She could see a small playground just beyond a row of trees. How she wished she could take Harry there just for a few moments, to play with the other young children his age. Lily wanted Harry to attend a muggle school, just like she had, so at least he had an understanding of what it was like to be muggle and so that he could have an understanding of the basics of maths, science and English before he went to Hogwarts. That would be impossible if they went into hiding.

“Is miss wanting any breakfast?” asked a squeaky voice behind her. Lily looked down sadly and saw her new house elf. Lily looked back up through the window.

“Not yet Shoner” Lily said. “When James is awake maybe.” The house elf nodded and padded out of the room to see if there was anything that needed doing. Lily looked at the bed where James lay. He looked so peaceful sleeping, exactly like their son in the other room. Lily didn’t know how to tell him about their second child. It had been one thing telling him about Harry, they had all been happy then and they weren’t in this sort of mess but now. Lily just didn’t want the child to be born into hiding and having to stay in hiding for the whole of it’s life. She would consult April about it first, before telling James. Lily felt a sob rise in her throat but fought it down. She picked up her white dressing gown and put it on before going to the living room. There was no way she was going to be able to sleep now.

She went down the stairs and heard the sound of food being cooked in the kitchen and the potions that she was brewing bubbling away. Lily was brewing a quick potion so that James couldn’t tell she was pregnant either. She went into the living room and stood still. On the fireplace she could see the pensieve shimmering and to the side of it a few books. She went to pick up a book when a small window appeared in the pensieve. Lily glanced at it and saw the dark grounds of Hogwarts. From it she could see herself and another boy, someone older, walking hand in hand.

“Oh, he’s going to pay.” Came a very high-pitched voice. Lily didn’t remember this. She looked at it and soon found herself standing near a bush.

James, Sirius, Remus and Peter crouched under the invisibility cloak. They were all in their sixth year and were absolutely freezing under the invisibility cloak.

“I hate him so much” James sneered. Lily couldn’t see anyone but there was a rustling in a nearby bush and suddenly the Marauders all appeared. Lily turned to see herself laughing with the boy in the year above.

“Why? Because he beat you in quidditch or because he beat you to Evans?” Sirius laughed at him. James glared at him and got his wand out.

“I think I’ll make her wish she’d never kissed him.” James said.

“Honestly, Prongs, do you think that’s the best way to win over Lily’s heart?” Remus asked James.

“I don’t know what she wants and how to win her heart. April and Jenny won’t give me any help.”

“Maybe that’s because you cursed their books and made all their text books fly into the fire?” Peter asked. A smile played on his lips.

“That was funny.” He said. Sirius grinned.

“I’ve never seen Lily so angry.” Sirius said, “She looked ready to blow her top.”

“Well she got me into detention.” James said, he watched Lily carefully and aimed his wand. He muttered a spell and it hit the boy the teen Lily was with. The boy stumbled slightly and Lily looked at him concerned as the boy stood up and his face was covered in spots and his body had huge boils over them. The marauders all started laughing and Lily heard. She looked sharply at the bush.

“Obliviate!” she shouted. The leaves on the bush all fell off and the Marauders were revealed. “POTTER!”

Lily sighed and thought about how immature they had been.

“I really was a prick wasn’t I?” asked James from behind her. Lily spun quickly to see a grown up James standing behind her.

“You were.” Lily said.

“Couldn’t sleep?” He asked Lily. She shook her head. “Well lets get out and talk about it.” He said with a smile. Soon Lily and James were standing in the Living room. The house elf looking at them expectantly.

“Make us a good breakfast.” James said to him.

“No, I don’t want anything too heavy, just a bit of toast or something please Shoner.” The house elf bowed and went to the kitchen. “Are you sure we have to do the Fidelius charm soon?” Lily asked.

“Are you still concerned about that?” James asked worriedly.

“I just don’t want to go into hiding. That wouldn’t be fair on Harry.” Lily said, “The most he’s seen of the outside is St. Mungo’s hospital.” James looked at Lily lovingly.

“I know it’s not fair but we have to.” James said. Lily felt a tear fall down her cheek. James wiped it away with his thumb, “It’ll be alright in the end.”

* * * *

“You called?” April said sulkily as she apparated into the house and finding Lily in Harry’s room, rolling the quaffle to him. Lily looked up and caught the quaffle.

“Pril!” Harry said happily. Lily didn’t look to happy about anything.

“Harry, go and play with your dragon” Lily said. Harry smiled and got up and walked slowly over to his toy box where all his toys were strewn across the floor.

“What’s wrong?” April asked.

“Can you close the door? I don’t want James to hear.” Lily said to April as she got up. April shut the door and went to Lily. They both sat on a fairly large cushion that Sirius had bought Harry on a strange whim. It was large enough for a fully grown adult to sleep on.

“What’s wrong?” April asked looking concerned.

“I think I’m pregnant again.” Lily said staring at her knees. April looked at her in surprise.

“And that’s bad?” April asked.

“Yes because we’re about to going to hiding and it will be even more unfair on the new baby if it’s born into hiding and has to stay here. I feel bad enough about not being able to take Harry out. It would be even more unfair on the new baby.” Lily said watching Harry. April stared at Lily in disbelief.

“But having another child would be good for Harry. Do you honestly think it will do Harry any good growing up around adults and not having much contact with other children?” April asked. Lily frowned. “Lily it’s good news that you’re having another child.”

“But I can’t have another baby” Lily said desperately. “I’m too young, way too young. I shouldn’t have had Harry but-”

“But you did. You’re the most responsible person amongst us and if you don’t think you can do anything there isn’t a hope for anyone.” April said. She pulled Lily into a hug.

“It isn’t just that that’s depressing me though.” Lily said. She let out everything that she had thought earlier leave her mind and told April all her worries about going into hiding.

“At least you’ll be safe.” April offered unhelpfully.

“I don’t want to be safe, I want to live. What kind of a life is staying in the same house all your life?” Lily asked.

“I know.” April said. “Well, think positively, a week and a half until Halloween. We can have a huge party. Get our house elves to cook up a big feast and then we’ll just eat.” April said. She smiled at this. She had needed a lot of cheering up and the new thought of having a party for Halloween made her happy.

“Yeah, we could.” Lily said, “I’ll tell everyone I’m pregnant then.” She said.

“Are you going to keep the baby then?” April asked.

“I suppose.” Lily said, “I can’t do anything about it anyway.” April smiled sadly.

“Yeah.” She turned to Harry who threw the dragon angrily at the wall and sucked his finger. “Harry!” April shouted. Harry turned and smiled and walked over to them.

“Pril!” He said.

“A-pril” April said slowly.

“Ay pril” Harry said.

“Good” April said smiling.

“Ay pril” He said. “Siri?” He looked at April and Lily hopefully.

“Every time he sees Sirius he asks for you.” Lily said. “I think he likes you two more then his own parents, don’t you?” Lily asked Harry. Harry looked at her confused and went to her and cuddled her tightly.

“Mum” He said quickly. “Ay pril” Harry sat in Lily’s lap and leaned against her and started sucking his thumb.

* * * *

Sirius ducked another curse and quickly apparated to his house. The first thing in the morning he was telling James and Lily he couldn’t be their secret keeper, it was just too dangerous. They would have to find someone else to be the secret keeper. As Remus was currently in an undisclosed location right now it would have to be Peter. Peter would die for James and Lily as well. Anyone of the group of two girls and four boys would die for each other and they would all die for Harry, who wouldn’t he was so sweet. Sirius put a spell on his front door and locked his windows.

He looked outside and saw two deatheaters staring up at his window. The October wind blew the hoods back and Sirius saw Jessica Lowe and Hillary Game standing below watching the street. They were deatheaters? Jessica, sensing his gaze looked up at him and blew him a kiss. Sirius pulled the curtains shut. She HAD put a spell on him, that meant that all this had been planned for a long time. His break up with April, Lily and James being forced into hiding, their attack at the theatre, everyone’s parent’s deaths. There was deffinately a mole in the order.

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