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Birthday? Hmm...Sounds Like Fun by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 5 : Laugh Time
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Remus and Jasmine were in the kitchen setting the table and listening to the noise coming from upstairs. They decided it would be simpler - and safer - to stay down there.

The doorbell rang and Jasmine went to go see who it was.

"Hi, Jasmine!" Peter Pettigrew squeaked excitedly. He didn't come over very often, but he did always seem to enjoy himself on those occasions, like now for Harry's birthday party.

She looked at him quizzically. "Long sleeves in July, Wormtail?"

Peter looked taken aback by the question and glanced at his sleeves. "Yeah, well, I, uh, I haven't been feeling too good. Didn't want to get sick."

"Too well?" Jasmine corrected, but shrugged all the same. The second after, a high pitched girly scream and a loud THUMP! were heard from upstairs.

"I guess she caught him," Jasmine muttered. "Ah, well, best not waste the day. C'mon, Moony and I setting up in the kitchen."

"Oh, ok," Peter said, casting a nervous glance up the stairs.

Sirius clutched his right eye and staggered excessively - not really - as the attempted to follow Lily, who had just cornered him, made him shriek, popped him one, took Harry back, and was now marching with Harry held close and head held high - probably in victory - back down the one-entrance-only corridor, as Sirius figured out.

He quickly lost sight of Lily, and James, who was dragging himself with one arm - his other hand being the one Sirius stomped on, accidentally, of course - in search of something to dull the pain running feet could give, turned just in time to watch in horror as Sirius tripped over his own two feet...

"Sirius, no!" he weakly voiced.

...and fell flat on top of him.

"Lily, help!" James managed to force out of his crushed lungs before passing out with Sirius.

Remus, Jasmine, and Peter had finished setting up downstairs, and came upstairs to find where their friends had gotten off to.

When they reached the top of the stairs, they saw Sirius and James passed out in a misshapen 'X' formation. Harry was sitting on top using his little hands to give James a huge smile or open an eye saying, "Daddy, wakey up!" Lily was leaning against the wall, watching and bitting a nail.

"They're out cold, and I have no idea what to do with them," confessed Lily.

Harry looked over at his mother.

'What?!' he though, horrified. 'Mummy always knows what to do! She knows everything! And why doesn't Daddy wake up? It's not nap time, I've already had that, he shouldn't be falling alseep all over the place just because he missed out!'

"The excitement must have gotten to the poor little tykes," Jasmine said, an evil smirk barely traceable on her lips.

She went over and handed Harry to his Mum.

"Now, let's see." An eye twinkle identical to her smirk became present.

Remus and Peter exchanged looks of amusement, they knew what that face meant.

"Hmm, this goes here, put that foot there... his hand's gotta go move here, oh, and that hand definitely there."

With every limb she moved, the conscious Marauders laughed harder and harder until they were doubled over on the floor. Even Lily snickered at how... unique the duo looked while knocked out in the corridor, like some weirdo exotic dancers who didn't have even half an idea as to what they were doing.

??? thought Harry.

Jasmine then whipped out the camera and stepped back to snap a few more photos, causing Remus to cry, Lily to actually laugh, and Peter to pee his pants and have to excuse himself.

"Ya know," Remus said between laughs, wiping his eyes, "ya know - ha - if - haha - if Harry ever - haha - ever sees these pictures - hahaha - he's gonna die of shame."

"Well that's why I'm not planning on showing him."

"No, wait!" Lily said. "I know what to do!"

'Oh thank diapers!' Harry thought. His mother not knowing something for any length of time scared the diaper off of him.

Lily pulled out her wand and Jasmine and Remus watched in awe as she stuck the camera up on the wall and placed a quick charm on it.

"Now it'll take a picture when they wake up!" she said proudly.

"HAHAHAHA!" erupted all around her.

'My ears! They're so tiny! They can't take it anymore!'

A/N: Sorry I haven't posted this til now! I know I should have sooner! But if you care to read any of my other fics, please do so.

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