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Adrenaline Rushes by VampireSheep
Chapter 1 : Adrenaline Rushes
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Adrenaline Rushes

AN: I haven’t actually read the books and I didn’t really pay much attention in the films ... but all who read say this is rather good. But see for yourselves.

Hermione comes back after summer, perfect and gorgeous.

Draco is instantly smitten and his spine turns to gloop.

Well sort of, we’ll be having no spine gloop in this story because I know I’d be the one cleaning it up.

Also, about my pen name ... anyone who knows me or my sister will know exactly what I mean *snigger*

Chapter One : Lord Nelson and Bloody Noses

Hermione wandered along the platform lost in the pages of the book she was reading. Over the summer she‘d discovered Lord Nelson, and like any other poor soul who’d read a decent biography of him, had fallen head-over-heels in love with the man. The fact that he’d been dead for nearly 200 years didn’t bother her at all.

Ignoring all the frantic first years and blissfully unaware of all the admiring glances, envious glares and lustful stares being sent in her direction, which was just as well really, since if she had of known, she’d of turned as red as her friend, Ron Weasley’s hair.

She hadn’t really changed that much over the last year, her 17 year old figure was the same, her face was the same and so was her hair. Yes her teeth had been sorted out, but that had been years ago. All that had changed was the clothes she wore and how she wore her make-up. The thing was, her cousin Della from Leeds had visited her over the summer months and well ... she’d shown Hermione a thing or two.

So here she was, the cause for the platform steadily beginning to flood with all the drooling going on. She wasn’t even wearing anything revealing either, just dirty denim jeans with a dark red jumper. Her hair was in two low bunches and she wore a Manchester Utd baseball cap with the words ‘Red Devil’s’ written across it. Teenage boys, they'll drool over anything with breasts and a pulse.

Without taking her eyes from the page she got on the train, found the usual compartment and sat down. A brief nod of the head to Harry and Ron was the only recognition they got before her nose headed for the book again.

The train ride was completely uneventful, Harry and Ron fielded many unsuccessful attempts to get a word out of her at the beginning but gave up after an hour. She even missed a particularly eventful encounter with Malfoy which left Harry with broken glasses and a black eye, Ron with a bloody nose and Malfoy, well, with messed up hair I think. He‘s faster than he looks.

The only sound from Hermione during the 'scuffle' was the occasional giggle or a page turning.

Therefore she did not notice that Malfoy had somehow managed to get more shagadelic than the year before, and, because of her face being hidden by both a book and a cap, he did not notice her either

Hermione did eventually return to the land of the living when the train stopped, placing a piece of paper in her page, she put the book down, yawned, stretched and went to say something to Harry and Ron, but ended up having to do a double take.

They were sat, looking very dishevelled, Harry's hair was even more messed up than usual and was sticking up in places, his glasses were bent and half falling off and he had the makings of a black eye just beginning to show. Ron sat with his shoulders hunched, sniffing as a result of a nose bleed with a red face and a scowl. Neither looked very happy.

"What the fuck happened? Did a hurricane blow past and happen to miss me?" she asked in disbelief.

"No." said a very nasal Ron. "Dat fuddink idiot, Malfoy haddend, dats whad."

Hermione looked puzzled, "And what? He gave you a cold?"

They didn’t get a chance to reply because she was outta the compartment, off the train and heading for the school before either of them could say; *scowl*


Ok, that kinda sucked and was short, I know. But I have the next chapter ready an’ waiting and I swear I’ll do good. Just wait ‘till I get to Malfoy ... hehehe *evil grin*

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Adrenaline Rushes: Adrenaline Rushes


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