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Loving you, Hating you by dragonlovesh2o4eva
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: All places and characters you recognize belong to the, lets face it extremely talented! JKR, the creator of the HP universe! The plot, and all original characters, including Diana, Matt and Jasmine, belongs to me.

Authors Note: first of all HPB did happen in this story, Malfoy did become a deatheater and Snape did kill Dumbledore. If you have not read that book yet I would suggest not reading this story! Though considering this is a site dedicated to HP, I would have to say that is very unlikely!

On another note, this story has recently undergone MAJOR changes to the first 5 chapters! If you have read this story before please re-read chapters 1-5 or the story will not make sense! Also completely disregard the previous chapters; I have decided to change something’s. Think of this story as new and improved! 

Hermione was sobbing hysterically, tears streaming down her cheeks she could hardly see. Letting out another sob she continued to pack stuffing clothes and other necessities into her bag. 

“I hate him!” she muttered to herself “I absolutely hate him!” she grabbed the last pile of clothes from her dresser and through them into her bag. She grabbed the lid and slammed it shut. It wouldn’t close, it was to full. She screamed in frustration, her throat raw.

“What are you doing” a soft, surprisingly calm voice asked from behind her.

Hermione whipped round in surprise, but when she saw who it was she turned back round and continued packing “Get away from me!” she hissed.

She could hear him moving into the room but she didn’t turn around “ I asked what the hell your doing!” Draco yelled, from beside her, this time he was angry. 

Hermione jumped and tried to move away, but Draco grabbed her arm and pulled her back “What the hell Hermione!” he shouted annoyed as he looked around at the half packed trunk, and clothes scattered on the floor.

Hermione let out a half sob “I’m leaving” she whispered softly. She felt him stiffen and his eyes widened in shock.

“What?” he asked confused. He stepped back and let go of her arm, Hermione took the opportunity to rub it, he had hurt her when he grabbed her. She looked up into his eyes and swallowed nervously, he looked shocked but there was no telling what he would do, she knew that she had hurt him badly.

“ I’m sorry” she muttered looking down at the floor.

Draco shook his head, trying to think, “What, Why?” he asked his voice cracking. He saw Hermione shake her head and when she looked up at him he saw a single tear fall onto her rosy cheeks.

“ I can’t do this anymore!” she choked out, it looked as though she was fighting for control.

Draco hesitated and then he took another step closer “Why?” he whispered “What’s wrong, what have I done?” he asked painfully.

Hermione let out another sob “We’re always fighting!” she screamed“ I can’t deal with this anymore! I just can’t stand it!” she screamed

Draco felt his chest tighten and he found it hard to breath “ Do you think I like this!” he asked defensively “ Do you think I want to fight!” He shouted

“No” she sobbed hysterically “But I just can’t do this!” her knees started to shake and she lowered herself to the floor sob racking her tiny body “ I can’t, I just can’t” she whispered not looking up

Draco was angry “ Fine!” he yelled “ Get out of here then! I never wanted to marry you in the first place,” he shouted

Hermione looked up from her place on the floor and wiped her tears away “ Don’t you ever say that!” She yelled, “ I know you loved me!”

Draco glared at her angrily “ Get out Hermione” he hissed “ I never want to see you again”

Hermione stood rooted to the spot too shocked to move. He hated her, all she had wanted was for them to get along! Then her eyes hardened “ I hate you! You know that! I hate you!” she screamed, the tears again falling to her cheeks. Blinded she grabbed her case and heaved it off the bed; Draco made no move to help her.

“Diana” Hermione screamed “Diana, come here now!” a little girl in fairy pajamas burst through the door, she looked scared and she was holding a bear.

“ What mummy” she whispered.

“ Get to the front door now! Hermione yelled angrily, dragging the trunk along behind her.

“ Why” asked the little girl “ Where are we going?”

Hermione was puffing hard and stopped at the front door to get her breath back, she looked up and noticed Draco was watching her struggle his arms crossed across his chest and his eyes hard. 

Hermione turned to the little girl “ Away” she answered dismissively.

The little girl’s eyes widened “Is daddy coming?” she asked

“No” answered Hermione “ Daddy’s not coming” she glanced at Draco.

The little girls eyes teared up and she started crying “ Why? Why not! I want daddy I want daddy!” she screamed.

Hermione sighed and knelt besides her daughter, “ Hey, hey it’s ok” she whispered.

The little girl continued to cry, “ I want daddy mummy!” she whispered in a small voice.
Hermione let out a sob “ I know honey I know” she pulled her daughter into a hug, holding her tight. She was crying silently looking over her daughters shoulder and looked Draco in the eye, a single tear fell down his cheek, and she felt a moment of surprise. She stood up and took her daughter by the hand “ Don’t let go of my hand honey she whispered.

The little girl looked over at Draco “ I want daddy mummy” she said again. 

Hermione looked Draco in the eye “ I know honey” and with that she disappeared with a small pop.

Draco was left standing all alone. He turned away and sat down on the bottom of the stairs, it was only then that he allowed himself to lose control, he let out a quiet sob and pulled his knees up to his chest at the tears started streaming down his face. “Oh what have I done…” he whispered. 

A/N: hey guys! Well what did you think? Is it better then before? Please review, so I know! I'm really trying my hardest with this fic so if you notice anything wrong, spelling errors or if you feel something needs explaining more please tell me! On that note i would just like to thank the wonderful Utopia who has pointed out a few places that i need to work on. Thanks hun *hugs*

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