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Starting Over by Lily_James4ever
Chapter 2 : Life Moved On
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Chapter 2: Life Moved On

The two women hugged each other and were sobbing uncontrollably. Harry smiled as he watched his wife and his best friend, even though tears were freely falling down his cheeks as well. Then he realized that his dreams for the past three years had become a reality; Hermione had come back home.

“Hermione I’m so glad your home!” cried a hysterical Ginny.

“Yeah Mione, we’ve missed you.”

“I missed you guys too.” Whispered Hermione.

“Well come on, let’s go inside! Mum will be absolutely thrilled to see you, and so will everyone else. Tonight everyone is coming over for dinner, because mum insists one seeing the WHOLE family at least once a week. Oh and there’s so much you’ve missed! I’ve got to tell you everything! First you have to come and meet the… “Harry cut her off.”Gin let her breathe! She just got here for Merlin’s sake.”

“Yeah, let’s just start by going inside.” sighed Hermione. Harry picked up her bags, and the trio went inside. The moment they got inside they could hear screaming and two little blurs, one with red hair and the other with black, running around the kitchen.

“Ron! James! You boys get over here this instant!” commanded Molly Weasley.

“You never catch us Gramma!” said the raven- haired boy.

“We go fass as daddy on iz boom! WHOOSH!” yelled the red- haired boy.

Molly was chasing the two boys who didn’t look to be any older then two. They had both taken off all of their clothes, and were running around the kitchen completely naked, and covered in spaghetti sauce.

“Need some help Mum?” called Ginny from the door. 

“No, Ginny I’m okay, but could you round them up for a bath because their covered in spaghetti." Molly stopped as soon as she saw Hermione. Both of the small boys stopped and turned and looked from their Grandmother to Hermione. Then they pointed at Hermione and said,” OOOOO, you in trouble!” Then the two boys looked at Harry and Ginny and grinned. At that moment, Harry and Ginny started laughing, and Molly moved from her place in the kitchen then came over and pulled Hermione into a hug. Molly and Hermione both had tears cascading down their cheeks.

“Hermione dear, it’s so wonderful to see you!” cried Molly.

“It’s great to see you too, Molly.”

“Looks like I’ve missed a lot.” said Hermione looking towards the two boys. “Care to introduce me?” Harry went over and picked up the two boys easily, earning a scowl from Molly, because she’d been trying to pick them up for the past 20 minutes.

“These are our twin three-year-old boys. This strikingly handsome young man over here who looks like his dad, but with his Mum’s eyes is James Sirius Potter. Then this little one who is almost exact replica of his uncle Ron, but with his dad’s brilliant green eyes, is Ronald Brian Potter.” Said Harry with a proud smile on his face. Hermione’s eyes were filling with tears.

“So I guess you found out you were pregnant pretty much right after I left?” Ginny nodded. “Wow, he looks so much like Ron it’s scary. Well, Ron over here got lucky with his uncles good looks, but poor little James got stuck with Harry’s impossible hair.” Hermione said smiling at Harry, while Ginny was shaking in silent laughter. “Just kidding Harry. They’re the most handsome little boys I’ve ever seen. They act so much like Ron and Harry it's unbelievable! They're so cute but they look like another pair of troublemakers.”

“Well they most certainly are! Okay, there will be time to admire my beautiful grandchildren later, but right now they need a bath, and you both need to show Hermione to her room." Molly said taking the boys from Harry and going upstairs.

“I don’t think we need to show you to your room, seeing as your practically used to live here during Hogwarts. There are three free rooms, take your pick.” Said Ginny.

“Don’t you mean four rooms?” asked Hermione. 

“Well I thought you wouldn’t want to stay in Ron’s room, you know?” said Ginny nervously.

“Well, would it be alright if I did stay in his room?” 

“It’s up to you” said Harry.

Hermione picked up her bags and began her walk up to the room at the top of the stairs. When she reached the door, she stood in front of it and stared at the door for a while. Harry and Ginny sensed she needed to be alone, so they walked back downstairs. Hermione grasped the doorknob and slowly opened the door. She walked into his room and smiled. I

t was still the same, they hadn’t touched it. The bright orange paint still covered the walls, the players on the Cannons posters smiled and waved at her, his clothes still covered the floor, and all of his pictures of his family and friends were everywhere. She walked around the room and looked at all of his pictures. Many of them were from back in Hogwarts, one from their graduation day, one picture by the lake when they first started dating, and many others. There were lots of pictures of the Weasleys, and pictures from Fleur and Bill’s wedding. “I’m handling this pretty well considering whenever I used to look at a picture of Ron I would burst into tears.” she said to herself, a little surprised. 

Hermione set her bags on the floor, and opened up the bag that held the ring. She slowly opened the black velvet ring box, and once again she saw the most beautiful ring she had ever laid eyes on. Now she looked at it and smiled, instead of crying. She now thought of Ron and all of the deceased with joy remembering all of the good times instead of the bad. It was then she realized she was ready to tell the Weasleys her secret that she had been keeping to herself for so long. She knew that they deserved to know, and that they would comfort her. She wanted them to understand why she had avoided them for so long. 

But she decided that she would never leave them for such a long time ever again. She was done running from her problems. She would take whatever life threw at her and confront it, and she would not run away anymore.

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