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And He Was Gone by Padfoot
Chapter 1 : And He Was Gone
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Disclaimer: This does not belong to me. The Characters belong to the almighty J.K.Rowling. The poem belongs to the show "As Told By Ginger." on nickelodian. I just tweaked it a bit to make it more compatible. There! so dont sue me!

~He chose to walk alone though others wondered why~

"Hermione, Ron this is something I have to do alone."
"But Harry-"
"No Ron."
"We want to help!"
"No. I have to do this alone, don't you understand! This is my battle and I don't want to put you in any danger!
"Harry let us help!"
"No Hermione, thats final! I have to go"
Harry turned on his heel and left though the portriat.

~Refused to look before him; Kept eyes cast upwards toward the sky~

Harry opened the front doors to Hogwarts and immeadiatly regretted it. The bodies of Aurors and teachers alike littered the school grounds.
Between the choice of staring at countless dead bodies or at the disgusting Dark Mark hovering in the sky, he'd chose the Dark Mark.

~He took with him no companions, no need for earthly things; Only wanted freedom from he felt were puppet strings~

"Oh, look! It's wee baby Potter!" cooed a mock baby voice. Harry knew that voice instantly, it had plagued his nightmares for over two years.
It was Bellatrix Lestrenge.
"You killed Sirius, you bitch, and now you'll pay!" said Harry in an ice cold voice that made her shiver, though she didn't show it.
"Really, Potter?" she flicked out her wand and pointed it at Harry. He felt himself being lifted. Invisible ropes were holding up his arms, head and legs.
She swang him around making him dizzy. He was basicly her puppet and she was the puppet master.
"Language, languge, Potter. I should teach you a lesson."
"No! I won't go down like this!" yelled Harry, his brow furrowed in concentration.
Suddenly the bonds broke, freeing him from her torture. Harry whipped out his wand on her.
"Petrificus Totalus!"
Imediatly her hands snapped to her side and her legs sprang together. She toppled to the side.
" I'll make sure you get the Dementors Kiss, I'll promise you that, Bellatrix."
He turned on his heel and went in search of the Dark Lord.

~He longed to be a bird, so he could fly away, pitied every blade of grass for planted they would stay~

An eeire sound filled the air: unearthly and beautiful at the same time. Harry recognized it immeadiatly: Phoenix song.
And he was willing to bet anyhting that it was Fawkes emmiting the music. The music was the only thing keeping him going, giving him the strenght to fight the death eaters and make his way toward Voldemort, to forfill the Prophecy.
He looked up at Fawkes following the bird. When he looked down again he was lost in a sea of emotions.
Dumbledore and Voldemort were locked in a ferocious battle of wits, word and curses.
Suddenly a Green light flashed and Dumbledore fell.
It seemed like slow motion to Harry, watching Dumbledore fall. He was in to much shock to make any noise.
His mentor, his guide was dead. Dead at the hands of Lord Voldemort.
No use now though. Now it was time.

~He longed to be a flame, how it brightly danced alone. Felt jealous of the steam that made the air its only home~

"Potter, so we met again." a cold voice drawled in a bored voice. It sent shivers down his spine.
Voldemort, the prophecy, his destiny.
His scar was burning but Harry wasn't going to give Voldemort the satisfaction of his pain.
"Riddle, a pleasure." Harry shot back cooly. The smirk vanished from Voldemorts face.
"Now we duel to the finish as it was predicted almost 17 years ago. This time I shall prevail!'

~Some say he wished to long, some say he wished to hard, But we awoke one summer day to find that he was gone~

He was too busy gloating and jeering to notice Harry lunge at him. They fell to the ground and Harry grabbed Voldemort's wand.
"Lets see what you do without this!"Harry snapped Voldemort's wand in half. Immidiately, screams of pain were emmited from the wand. Smokey figures flew out and toward the Heavens. he threw the pieces down.
Voldemort let out a roar of fustration. He tackled Harry to the ground. He had his hands around Harry's throat.
"Explairiamus!" Harry cried.
Voldemort was blasted backwards. As he fell, he grabbed Harry's wand out of his hand.
"Who has the uper hand now, Potter?! Avada Kedavera!"
Harry heard the sound of rushing death speeding his way. Voldemort was blasted off his feet as the spell rebounded.
There was a thud, But Harry didn't dwell on it.
Harry's mind slipped into darkness.

~The trees they say, stood witness; The sky refused to tell. But someone who had seen it said the story played out well~

Snape was fighting in the battle quite far away.
"Snape!" a tree called. (Work with me people! Its Hogwarts! anyhting could happen!)"The Boy! Go get the Boy!"
Snape did a double-take. The tree. It talked. He thought better of it. Then his mind immeadiatly flashed to Potter.
He petrified the Death Eater he was dueling and leapt across the grounds.
As he reached his destination a strange scene met his eyes. He saw two forms lying on the ground.
Voldemort lay dead, he was sure of that. His face was frozen in shock and his eyes were open and glassy.
Potter lay opposite on his back. His eyes were closed and he was deathly pale. Snape checked him for a pulse. He found a very faint pulse.
"What happened?" He asked a tree hesitantly as though doubting it could talk. It could.
"They were hit with the green death." it simply stated and then it went silent.
Snape picked up Harry, His left forearm under his neck and his right under his knees. he was momentarily stunned at how light the boy was.
He ran toward the castle. As he passed he saw that the dark was falling to the light. They were winning!
Minutes later he burst into the Hospital Wing. There he met up with Ron and Hermione as though they knew he would some how make his way in there somehow.
"Poppy!!" he called laying Harry on a spare bed. "Come quick!"
''Oh, Merlin! What. . . I mean. . . Snape. . . " She was in a loss of words. She recomposed herself. "What happened?"
"They got hit with the killing curse."
'' And he survived?! And what do you mean they?"
'' Barely and when I say 'they' i mean the Dark Lord and Potter.''
"Oh, Merlin" she repeated and got to work on Harry.
"Harry, please wake up!" pleaded Hermione. Harry lay silent. Hermione held his left hand while Ron gripped his right.
"C'mon, Harry. Magicly recover like you always do!" Ron weakly joked. No response.
They stood by his side all through the night.
Snape went back to the fight which was finished by the time the first rays of dawn had reached the tree tops.
The Light had prevailed. The Darkness was gone, just another part of history.

~He spread his arms out wide, breathed in the break of dawn. He just let go of all he held and then . . . he was gone~

Hours later, Harry slowly opened his eyes. They felt like lead.
He saw Hermione at his left her face in her hands. Ron was at his right, lightly asleep in the chair. They both still had his hand embraced in theirs. He coughed. They were instantly alert.
"Harry!" cried Hermione.
Harry took a deep breath. He looked out the window. Dawn. It was over. Voldemort was dead. It was over. His destiny was forfilled.
"Harry?" said Ron hesitantly.
"Take care of Hermione for me Ron." Harry whispered.
"Harry, no!"
They felt his grip slacked and they saw his eyelids droop.
"Harry, please!" pleaded Hermione, tears flowing freely down her face. Ron too had tears on his face.
But they knew the inevitable had happened. He was gone.

A/N: Hello again. Yes! My family decided not to go to El Salvador like we planned. Please Review the story.
I just want to see if my writing has improved or not. Also should I write a sequal? You tell me. Thanks a million!
Truly Yours,

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And He Was Gone: And He Was Gone


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