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His Real Father by almost_witch
Chapter 1 : Becoming of it all
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Author: This is acually the sequal to one of my stories. After We've Said Goodbye is a very angsty fic for where Ron acually dies. Just to let you know it's not very random that Fred pops out and offers basically his life to this child, in the other story he spends most the time comforting Hermione. I hope you enjoy the prologue.

The young figure of a pregnant women was curled under the wide branches of a willow tree, tears rolled down her cheeks a she sobbed uncontrollably. The moon barely cast enough light for her to find her way back to the house she lived in.

She often contemplated on leaving the house. The only link that kept her staying at the Burrow used to be her husband. But Ronald Weasley died only weeks ago. He left the world as a savoir. While Hermione Granger-Weasley was holding their child inside her and was made to stay behind to pray for the best.

But the best never returned, the Weasley family were all affected when the great Harry Potter walked to the front door with his lifeless best friend in his arms. He collapsed at Hermione’s feet, sobbing and trying to say how sorry he really was.

It was Fred Weasley that came to her aid. He held her as she called for her lost husband, and helped her through the week until the funeral came, and he demanded that she was able to say goodbye.

But now Ronald was dead. Dead. Never to return. Ever. Why should she stay at the house that his family lived in if she was no longer part of the family?

“Hermione? Please tell me you aren’t still out here,” It was Fred; his wand was held out in front of him as he walked over to the willow tree.

Since his youngest brother’s death, neither George nor Fred could manage the amount of humour they used to. Sometimes they tried, but grief was taking hold of everyone.

He sat down beside her. “What is it?” He asked, trying to find careful words.

She lifted her face from her knees, her tear stained face stared at his. “The baby is due in a fortnight,” she said through her sobs.

Fred nodded. Anyone that saw Hermione all agreed she looked as though she was about to pop.

“And when it’s here, it won’t have a father. How can a child grow up without a father?” She cried out, burying her face in her thin hands.

Fred held his breath before saying what he had been thinking over for several days. “The baby doesn’t need to,” he said , pulling an arm around Hermione and scooping her to his chest.

He was so used to comforting her since her husband’s death; he was the only one she would go to when she needed help.

She raised her head again; her brown eyes were painfully red. “What do you mean? The baby’s father is d-… gone.”

“I am a Weasley; your child will hold the Weasley name. I can be its dad… without being its father. You are right, your child needs a dad, I can fill in that hole. I can’t be Ron, but I can be the dad it needs.” Fred spoke the words as carefully as he could, waiting her response.

Her eyes darted from Fred to her round belly. She opened her mouth and closed it several times. “You would do that…” she stammered, “…. You would do that for Ron?”


Three weeks had passed before the child arrived, it was in the very early hours of the morning when Hermione woke up and kicked Fred who slept on the floor for emergencies.

“What?” He groaned, sitting up quickly, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s coming, that’s what,” she spat at him.

The Weasley household all were up within minute, and within four hours Hermione sat in the hospital bed, waiting for the Healer to bring her baby over.

Mrs Weasley’s eyes stung with tears, “such a beautiful child!” She cried as she followed the Healer from the cradle to Hermione’s bed.

Sweat was still rolling off Hermione’s fore head when the Healer handed her the bundle.

“Wh-what is it?” She whispered, still trying to catch her breath.

“A boy, a very big boy,” the Healer said, smiling down at the mother and newly born child.

Hermione couldn’t help but let tears roll from her eyes. The little boy in her arms already had visible ginger hair. Everything from the general face shape to its nose was spitting image of Ron.

“I should get everyone,” Mrs Weasley said, wiping away tears as she walked to the door.

The only had to twist the door handle for the Weasley family to come barging through with Remus and Harry amongst them.

“Is it a boy?” Ginny said, pushing through Bill and Charlie.

Hermione nodded, her fingers running down the baby’s cheek.

“I knew it!” Ginny announced, grinning proudly to herself.

Of course she knew, she was the first girl for many, many generations. Ginny was a once off before the family could go back to having red-haired boys again.

Fred nervously got to the front of everyone and walked over, his shoulders thrown back.

From the second he got a good look at the child he was soon to be fathering, he could see Ron. He clasped his hand onto Hermione’s shoulder.

“What do you want to name him?” He said kindly as the room suddenly when silent.

Hermione looked up for the first time, her eyes still glistening with tears.

“Ronald,” she said, choking on her words. “Ronald Elijah Weasley.”

Fred bowed his head forward in agreement and looked at the rest of his family who all darted forward to get the best look of the sleeping child.

“Welcome to the world of motherhood,” he whispered cheekily into her ear.

“Welcome to the world of fatherhood,” she whispered in return.


More than a week had passed and Hermione had been allowed to go back home. With Fred carrying all her bags, and Hermione holding onto her baby boy they entered the house with a large greeting.

Finally when they had a moment alone Fred asked the burning question. Is Ronald going to grow up knowing that Fred isn’t really his father, or will they wait for a few years?

“You are his father now;” Hermione replied plainly, “let’s keep it that way for the time being.”


More than 10 years passed and Ronald Elijah Weasley had grown up believing that Fred was his father. Hermione had hidden every trace of his real father, and the family never spoke of Ron while Ronald or Hermione were present.

Maybe it was Hermione’s threatening stare or that she knew nearly every spell and curse known to wizard-kind that they all kept the secret to themselves. Each and every one of them wanted to tell the child about the real father. The memory of Ron was still stuck inside all of them. But they all knew that if they were to speak out, Hermione would leave with the 10 year old and she would never return to them.

They all needed Hermione, but most of all they needed Ronald. Anyone could see the exact resemblance young wizard who fought until his death to the young child. Ron wasn’t replaced but it was like part of him was still there. Still alive with them.

Author: What do you think? What needs to be fixed? Do you like the way it's going? Let me know, otherwise it will continue on like this!

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His Real Father: Becoming of it all


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