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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 23 : Backfired plans
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A/N:- I kinda like this chapter because.....well you'll see

April let go of Castra and ran around the table to see her mum laying on the floor looking slightly surprised and shocked. April fell to her knees. Her mouth slightly open. Castra stood a little way off looking very depressed and upset.

“Castra.” April said shakily, “Where’s my dad?”

“He is in the bedroom April miss.” Castra said quietly. April felt a lump in her throat and she put her hand over her mum’s eyes and closed them. “Castra will make April miss a drink.” Castra said. April ignored him and felt her tears fall down her cheeks. April touched her mum’s cheek. It was so cold and it didn’t feel like skin. April had seen a lot of dead people in her training but nothing could have prepared her to find her parents dead. April bit her lip and stood up. She conjured a quill and some parchment.


I need you to come home as soon as possible. I'm almost scared to tell you that when I was coming to see them about moving out and finding my own place that I found something worse then a happy couple. I found them dead. Castra said they were attacked last night by some deatheaters. He tried to send us letters but they've also killed the owls so I'm sending this with Lily's owl. Please come home and help me if you can. I will handle everything that needs to be done but I’d feel a lot better if you were here

Your sister



April folded up the letter and magically sealed it.

“Castra, when you’ve finished go and tell Lily Potter to send this letter to Beccy” April said handing the house elf the letter.

“Yes April miss.” Castra said taking the letter and disappearing. April took one last look at her mum and started for the bedroom.

* * * *

April stood by the coffins, her eyes red and swollen. Her older sister had her arm linked through April’s arm. April’s sister had darker blonde hair and similar brown eyes but without the green flecks that April had. Rebecca put a hand on April’s head and gave her a hug.

“I have to go now.” Rebecca said, glancing at her husband who was standing a little way away, giving the sisters some space.

“Ok.” April said quietly. Rebecca looked at April with pity.

“Do you want to come back with us?” Rebecca asked April, holding her hand. April shook her head.

“I’ll go back with Sirius or Lily.” April said. Rebecca looked over April’s shoulder to where Lily and James Potter stood with Sirius and Remus. Rebecca nodded and pulled April into a tight hug. Rebecca let go and touched her sister’s cheek before leaving with her husband.

“I’m really sorry.” Lily said walking up next to April. Dumbledore had let Lily and James leave the house for this one day just for April. Harry was being looked after at the house by the Potter’s new house elf, the elf that had belonged to James’ parents and April’s newly acquired house elf for a few hours. Lily hugged April tightly.

“April.” Sirius said coming up with James and Remus. April turned to Sirius, tears in her eyes and hugged him tightly as well.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” April whispered to him. “I can’t go home.”

“Of course you can.” Sirius said holding her head tightly against him. April started crying again and just held Sirius.

“Well, it’s getting near our curfew.” James said looking at his watch. “We have to go April, but if you ever need anywhere to stay, you know where we live.” James said. April let go of Sirius slightly and nodded.

“Bye” Lily whispered. April couldn’t say anything. Lily and James looked at the coffins again and then both disappeared.

“I really don’t know what to say but I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.” Remus said giving April a quick hug. “I’m sorry I can’t stick around long, it’s full moon.” April nodded understandably. Remus gave her a sad smile and disappeared as well.

April had to wait around until the last of the guests had left. Sirius stayed with her the whole time and offered her his support. April felt a pang of sadness that they weren’t still engaged and that made her start crying again.

“Come on, I think we should get back to my place.” Sirius said quietly. April watched as the last of the dirt was put on top of the coffins. April sighed and nodded.

“Ok, I’ll meet you there in a few seconds.” April said. She conjured a small flower and Sirius nodded. He disappeared and April crouched down and put the rose on the coffin before getting up and apparating to Sirius’ flat. He was just taking his coat off when April arrived. He threw his coat on the sofa and went to help April.

“Do you want the bed tonight?” Sirius asked her.

“If you don’t mind.” April said quietly. Sirius gave her a smile that showed he really didn’t mind. He took April’s coat and threw it carefully over his coat.

“Can I get you anything?” Sirius asked. April shook her head.

“Not unless you can bring my parents back.” She said.

“Trust me when I say that if I could, I would bring back your parents, James’ parents and Lily’s parents.” Sirius said, “but I can’t. I’m sorry.” April nodded.

“I thought as much.” She said. “I’ll be in the bedroom.” April said quietly. She went into the bedroom and Sirius looked sadly after her. He went to his kitchen and quickly made a hot chocolate for April before going into the bedroom. She was lying in the bed staring at the wall.

“April.” Sirius said gently. April turned slightly and looked at Sirius. “I made you a hot chocolate.” He looked at her slightly nervously. April gave him a smile and indicated for him to sit next to her on the bed.

“Thanks.” She said taking the hot chocolate.

“No problem.” Sirius said. “I want you to know I still love you.” He said. He wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to say but it brought a smile to April’s face. She put the hot chocolate down on the table next to the bed and pulled Sirius closer to her.

“Can you just stay here with me?” She asked him.

“Of course.” Sirius said. “Anything.” April smiled sadly as Sirius slipped under the covers with her. April put her arms around Sirius and kissed his cheek. Sirius felt the usual tingle shoot through his body and looked at April surprised.

“I thought that-”

“I don’t care right now. My world has been falling apart bit by bit and it’s what I want right now.” April said, “It’s what I need.” She looked pleadingly at Sirius. Sirius couldn’t stand seeing April so upset, he had the power to make her happy even if it was for a while but it would be something but would things be weird between them after? He gave April a smile and pulled her up so that he could kiss her. She returned the kiss with a fiery passion and a wanting that Sirius had never felt in her kisses before. Sirius wrapped his arms around April as she started to lift his robes up and over his head.

“Are you sure? You are upset.” Sirius said as April threw his robes on the floor. Her reply was a kiss that Sirius couldn’t resist. April could drive him crazy, it didn’t matter what she did.

* * * *

Lily ran to the bathroom at break neck speed. The sun was just breaking through the early morning clouds.

Oh no, oh no, please anything but- she didn’t get to finish her thought as she fell to the floor and just managed to throw up in the loo. James wandered into the look after her, fastening his trousers.

“Lily are you alright?” He asked tiredly. Lily nodded and slowly began to get up.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She said taking a deep breath. James looked at her doubtfully and pulled her into a hug. “Just feeling a bit ill”

“It’s because of April’s parents isn’t it?” James asked. Lily nodded but she had a feeling it was so much more then her emotions causing her to feel ill. She’d been through one pregnancy and she felt sure she could recognise the signs of another. Her face went pale at the thought of it. Another baby! Lily didn’t think she could handle another child.

* * * *

Sirius stroked April’s hair lovingly. She was fast asleep with her face against his bare chest. He felt sorry her. She had just lost her parents, something he had learned to deal with towards his last years of Hogwarts when Sirius’ parents disowned him, something Lily and James had both dealt with. In a way, Sirius was scared to think about it, April had just joined the club or people who had been orphaned by Voldemort.

So many families had been torn apart by Voldemort and his followers. The only thing that made April different to Lily, James or Sirius was that April had an older sibling who was willing to look after her and support her. Lily and Sirius weren’t that lucky, with Sirius’ brother dying and Lily’s pretending she didn’t exist. April stirred and put her arm further around Sirius. He pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head.

At least she was sleeping. Sirius thought to himself as he watch April sleeping. Her face was troubled and she was frowning in her sleep. Sirius closed his eyes and was about to go back to sleep when April started awake and sat up. She breathing quickly and her eyes wide with fear.

“April.” Sirius said calmly putting his arms around her. She turned to him quickly.

“What am I-” April remembered why she was in the bed with Sirius before she finished the sentence. She stared at Sirius for a while then calmed down and lay back down with Sirius.

“It’s alright, you’re safe with me.” Sirius whispered to her. April nodded and rested her head back on his chest but she couldn’t get back to sleep. Not after the nightmare she had just had of her parent’s murder. But as least now she had an idea of who she wanted to kill in revenge for her parents.

A/N:- has anyone noticed how Voldemort’s plan has backfired on him? hehe. I know i'm being a bit of a bitch with Lily but it'll give Harry even more reason to hate Voldemort, won't it?

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