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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 22 : I've been found out
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A/N:- not a very long chapter but i'm building up to the finale now, well to April's crowning moment anyway.

Sirius apparated into the Potter’s household completely out of breath. Lily was standing over a small cauldron that was on the stove and she turned as Sirius apparated in.

“Sirius?” Lily asked surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Unsafe at my house…safe here…being chased” Sirius said between breathes. Lily nodded and turned back to the potion, which was a vile green colour.

“Why are you being chased?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know. It’s just that recently I’ve been the target of lots of deatheater attacks.” Sirius said. Lily frowned as she stirred the potion anti-clockwise four times then added a bit of powdered Boomslang. She looked at the parchment on the work top next to it.

“Leave to simmer for three days.” Lily whispered to herself. She set a magical timer to go off in exactly three days then turned to Sirius. “Do you think someone knows you’re our secret keeper?” Lily asked worriedly.

“The only people who know are us, April, Remus and Peter.” Sirius said, referring to himself, Lily and James when he said ‘us’. Lily frowned.

“And Dumbledore.” Lily added.

“I could just be a random target like you were.” Sirius said.

“I had the baby who is destined to bring down Voldemort, I think that makes me a high priority target for Voldemort, not just a random target.” Lily said washing her hands.

“I meant before you got married to James.” Sirius looked at the potion simmering on the stove, “What are you doing?” Sirius scratched his head slightly and looked at Lily as she sighed.

“James wants me to brew the potion needed for the fidelius charm and as I got an O in my Potions owl and he got an E he wants me to do it.” Lily said.

“So you’re going to do it soon?” Sirius asked. Lily nodded.

“I really don’t want to do it soon but James wants to get it done before Halloween.” Lily said, “And because I have no will of my own when I’m around him-” Lily left it for Sirius to think of the rest.

“That’s not true. If anything it’s the other way round. James is dying, not letting you go out. Seriously you should hear hi-” there was a crack and April apparated in, she stumbled slightly and looked at Lily then at Sirius.

“Thank god you’re ok. There’s been an alert at work. You’re a wanted target amongst Voldemort’s ranks.” April said giving Sirius a tight hug. Sirius hesitantly put his arms around April. She held him tighter and smiled to herself.

“I’ll leave you two then, shall I?” Lily said with a cheeky smile. She didn’t know why but recently she’d been feeling quite happy.

“No,” April said, letting go of Sirius. “The Ministry has also been alerted to the fact that Voldemort may want you. They’ll be posting guards around your house in a few weeks.”

“A few weeks?” Lily asked, “I could be dead by then.” April squirmed uneasily.

“We’ve just lost another five aurors this week.” April said uncertainly. “There’s very few of us and we’re really stretched thin.”

“Us? You aren’t even a qualified Auror yet.” Sirius said to April.

“I’m only three weeks away from my final assessment. I think I qualify as an Auror.” April said to him slightly annoyed.

“Yeah, but are you so confident in yourself that you think you’re going to pass your assessment?” Sirius asked April. April put her fists on her hips and looked at Sirius slightly annoyed.

“You don’t think that I’ll be able to pass?” She asked.

“Well to be honest, I’m surprised you even got into auror training.” Sirius teased. April opened her mouth in annoyance. Lily rolled her eyes and went to get a drink of water.

“Why? Because I didn’t work at school?” April asked.

“Yeah, that and because you just weren’t really the type to go into auror training” Sirius said smiling.

“Ok, well lets talk about a more pressing issue.” Lily said before Sirius and April could start bickering properly “What are we going to do about the secret keeper thing?” Lily said.

“What do you mean?” April asked.

“Well, we think that Voldemort has found out that I’m the secret keeper” Sirius said to April.

“How?” April asked.

“We don’t know.” Lily said, “And now we might need to find a new secret keeper”

“That’s what they’ll want you to do” April said. “They might be trying to chase Sirius to try and convince you to change secret keeper to someone, who is obviously a spy. If they kill Sirius then you’ll be forced to change secret keeper.” April said. Sirius and Lily looked at her surprised. She shrugged. “Well, I thought that would sound like something Voldemort would do.” April said feeling their gaze on her and getting uncomfortable.

“Maybe.” Lily said “But who’s the spy?”

“Remus and Peter would never betray us.” Sirius said.

“And Dumbledore, why would he want to tell Voldemort, they’re like mortal enemies.” April said. Lily and April turned to look at Sirius. Sirius was a bit slow but when he realised why they were looking at him.

“You think I’m the spy?” Sirius asked putting his hands to his chest, “If I was why would they be trying to kill me?” April nodded.

“Well for now just keep Sirius as secret keeper.” Lily said “But we still have a month until James’ newly set deadline.” Lily finished her glass of water and put it on the work top. The door opened and Harry stumbled in, rolling the quaffle April had got him, in front of him. He fell to his knees and started trying to get back up again. April got to Harry before Lily and picked him up.

“Oh, Harry.” April said happily. “You have grown up so much.”

“Pril.” Harry said happily. April looked at him surprised.

“He said my name, well, part of my name.” April said happily. Lily grinned.

“He said mum a few weeks ago and dad a few days ago.”

“He’s a bit young to be talking isn’t he?” Sirius asked tickling Harry’s belly. Lily shrugged.

“Well, I don’t really care, at least his first word was mum.” Lily said smiling.

“Mum!” Harry shouted holding his arms out for her. Lily took him and rocked him slightly as he began to play hide and seek with April. Harry hid behind Lily’s hair and screamed with laughter every time April saw him. Lily winced as Harry screamed in her ear again

“Please can you not do that?” She asked April.

“Sorry.” April said, grinning in spite of herself. Harry laughed and hugged Lily tightly.

* * * *

“Well, I have to go and see my parents.” April said standing up from the Potter’s sofa, “They want to talk to me about moving out completely and it’s getting a bit late”

“What? Haven’t you moved out yet?” Sirius asked incredulously.

“Well, I did live with you until we broke up.” April said bitterly.

“I’m sorry.” Sirius said sincerely.

“Well, you have to come back soon. I don’t think I can cope with only seeing boys all the time.” Lily said hugging April. James looked at her slightly offended.

“I’m a boy now am I?” He asked Lily. Lily stuck her tongue out.

“Ok, don’t worry.” April said. “As I said my assessment is in three weeks” Lily smiled.

“Good luck.” April grinned. She got out her wand and flicked it. She appeared in a fairly dark hallway. The sky outside was an inky black and there were no lights on in the house. April frowned and held her wand tightly.

“Lumos” she said. A small circle of light appeared on the floor. April moved the light around and found the light switch. She flicked it on but nothing happened. She flicked it a few times but the light refused to come on. April went down the hallway to the living room and tried the light in that room. The light didn’t come on either, making April worry.

The light from her wand danced across the many photos of April and her sister. There were a few of Lily and Jenny as well but they were all looking at April with smiling faces. It didn’t matter who they were of, they were strewn on the floor with the glass smashed and scattered everywhere. April spun around.

"Mum! Dad!" she called out. April heard someone creeping about in the room.

“It is about time you came. April miss” Came a tiny voice behind April. She turned to see her house elf staring at her. He came to her knees and he wore a cloth around his waist, it was quite clean as April’s parents had always ordered the house elf to wash it once it became to dirty.

“Castra, where’s my parents?” April asked.

“It was horrible April miss.” He squeaked. “They just came and they-” the house elf started crying and clutched April’s leg. April put a hand on the elf’s head.

“When did they come?” April asked him.

“Last night April miss,” He said. “I tried to find you but we house elves is not allowed in the ministry.” April frowned. “I is trying to send you and Rebecca miss letters but they killed the owls and I haven’t enough strength to go to New York miss,” April looked at him curiously and noticed that there was a large gash in his leg and his arms were badly bruised.

“Where are my parents?” April asked. She was fearing the worst but she didn’t want to think about it. Castra took April’s hand and she had to bend over so as not to lift him off the ground. He took her to the kitchen where April saw two feet poking out from behind the table.

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Death is the way: I've been found out


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