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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 20 : Disagreements all around
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A/N:-i don't think this story is going to be as long as my last one but i'm trying to put as much in without it getting boring, tedious or predictable. Well, thank you for all the reveiws....keep it up, i'm so proud of you all.

By the way, I just want to say hey to my friend minji....April is so you so this is for you.

As Dumbledore had advised James had quit his job at the ministry and became a full time dad. A prospect that delighted baby Harry. Lily was also a bit happier with it but she was still concerned about James. He had become slightly withdrawn. Sirius often visited to tell them the latest news and updates from the order. April visited when she could but she was still incredibly busy with her Final auror training. The last part of her training was to use her new found knowledge in the field. This was a year’s worth of assessing but the ministry had shrunken it to six months in their deperation. She also still occasionally saw Sirius but she still felt uncomfortable around Sirius and tried to stay out of his way.

Remus and Peter were rarely around. Remus was constantly going on missions for the order so was rarely around but when he did visit he came back with some present for Harry. Peter only saw his friends at the Order meetings and visited James and Lily about once a month. Each time he went he had to make a special effort not to curse them. His hatred for Muggle borns had increased so much over the few months leading up to Harry’s first birthday that he thought it would be better if he stayed away from Lily and James.

“Lily, we have to decide on a secret keeper.” James said following Lily from the bedroom into the bathroom one day.

“I don’t want to spend more time inside the house. If we select a secret keeper it means that we won’t be able to leave the house. I wasn’t brought up to stay in the same place for years on end.” Lily said stubbornly to James. She started to run a bath and headed back out of the bathroom.

“It won’t be permanent.” James said, “It’s for our own safety, for Harry’s safety.” Lily stopped for a moment before carrying on into Harry’s room. He was standing in his cot hitting the side with a toy dragon that was giving out feeble roars.

“We’re safe enough already. We haven’t been attacked at home for a year now, I call that safe.” Lily said.

“But you agreed to do it.” James said. Lily turned to face James.

“I did agree to do it but I don’t want to.” Lily said. “I know it’s for our safety but being cooped up in a house for over a year, I’d be happy just to walk into the garden for a few minutes but I’m not even allowed to do that.” Lily said heatedly before turning to pick up Harry.

“I know how you feel and I get that you hate it-”

“You don’t know how I feel because you haven’t been stuck in the house for a year. Also, do you know what it’s like seeing all the other mothers and children out in the streets playing happily in the sun and I’m not even allowed to take Harry out into the garden or the park, like my mum used to do. Just to see the grass, feel the sun on his face. Has it occurred to you how this is affecting our son?” Lily asked. A few tears fell from her eyes. “It’s really difficult, James. Add to that the fact that I’m only twenty.” Lily shuddered slightly and stormed out of the room to the bathroom.

“Lily-” James pleaded as he followed her but she slammed the bathroom door in his face and locked it.

“No luck?” Sirius asked from behind James. James turned.

“When did you come?” James asked.

“Just now, I heard the end bit of your argument.” Sirius said. “She has a point you know.”

“I know, she always has a point.” James said. “And I want to let her do what she wants but it’s killing me forcing her to stay here.”

“Yeah, Free spirit like April.” Sirius’ eye had a slightly glazed look. James sighed and went past Sirius and down the stairs. “Well on the bright side you’re sleeping with each other,” Sirius said.

“Just because you can’t make your relationships work doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t” James said to Sirius. Sirius gave him a smirk and went into the Living room while James got a few bottles of butterbeer. He picked up the remote control for the TV and looked at it curiously. He still didn’t understand how the thing worked. James came in and pointed his wand at the TV. It switched on and a video started playing.

“No.” James said flicking his wand and stopping the video from playing. He flicked his wand a few times and with each flick the channel changed then finally it switched off. “Nothing on TV.” James said.

“I thought you were supposed to use this?” Sirius said holding up the remote.

“You are but when you become lazy, like me, then you find a few shortcuts to do things.” James said falling into the sofa. He handed Sirius a bottle of his drink and started drinking the butter beer.

“If it helps, I’ll be your Secret keeper if you’re still looking for one.” Sirius said. “I heard from April and she’s more then happy to be a secret keeper.”

“Lily’s already ruled out April. With her being an auror it’s more likely she’ll die then the rest of us.” James said.

“Did Lily rule her out or did you?” Sirius asked susupiciously.

“Ok, it was me but Lily agreed in the end.” James said.

“Just like she agreed to stay inside?” Sirius asked with a smile. James looked at him coldly and drank the rest of his butterbeer.

“Dumbledore has also offered his service as Secret keeper. I really don’t know who to choose.” James said. “I really think Lily would only agree if we made April the secret keeper but I’m trying to persuade her to let you be the secret keeper” Sirius nodded happily.

“You want me to be your secret keeper?” Sirius asked. James nodded.

“You’re my brother.” James said, “we can trust you.”

“Too right.” Sirius said. “So how are things?”

“Other then the secret keeper business. Quite good. I’m getting used to life in hiding and without my parents. I’m surprised that Lily recovered so quickly.”

“It’s because we were around, mate.” Sirius said with a dashing smile. James smiled as well and shook his head slightly.

“Good times” James said.

“Deffinately.” Sirius said.

* * * *

April stayed quiet as she walked down Diagon Alley with Moody and another trainee Auror. The other auror was a boy called George Lansir, he had been in the same year as April at school but had been in a different house. As they walked down the half filled street April couldn’t resist the temptation to look for odd toys to buy Harry or for a birthday present for him. April thought that Harry was being spoiled more by herself and Sirius then Lily and James. But it was understandable when Lily and James couldn’t step into the outside world. She passed the quidditch shop and saw a small child sized quaffle.

“Oh, that would be good.” April muttered to herself. “Match his snitch.”

“Marsden.” Growled Moody. April looked at him.

“Yes.” She said.

“Please concentrate on what we’re here for.” April made a face and heard George laugh silently. They were only on a routine patrol. Soon they would go to the ice cream parlour to listen out for any news and then they’d go and check with the goblins at Gringotts to ask if there had been any suspicious transactions.

Of course, the goblins were very reluctant to tell them but they did after some bargaining. They headed towards the ice cream parlour and George wandered off to talk to some people there while Moody went to Florean Fortescue. April stood by the door slightly self conscious. She was receiving a few looks from slightly older wizards. April tucked her blond hair behind her ear and turned around.

“April!” said someone happily. April turned around and saw her worst enemy approaching her.

“What?” April asked Jessica.

“How are you?” Jessica asked. “Long time no see.”

“Get lost Jessica, before I hex you to oblivion.” April said turning.

“How’s Sirius?” Jessica asked, knowing that she’d hit a nerve. April stopped dead, “I heard he’s still really lonely, you remember Hilary? The Hufflepuff prefect in seventh year? Well she bumped into him the other day. Said he seemed quite good. How could you break up with such a sweet man?” April clenched her fists and tried not to reach for her wand. Slowly she turned to face Jessica.

“Because I care if my men are cheating on me and are already in a relationship, something you should feel as well. But wait you don’t because you’re a fucking whore.” April said loudly. A few people turned around to look. Moody turned to see what his apprentice was up to.

“Well, I was only giving him what you weren’t. You too busy with work.” Jessica said coolly. “You need a flexible work schedule like me or Lily.” Jessica said with a smile.

“The only reason you have a flexible work schedule is because you’re not woman enough to get a proper job and as for Lily, she has a son. She need to look after him.” April said. April got her wand out, her temper was rising and she was on the verge of cursing Jessica to oblivion “Now, if you mention any of my friends I will curse your ass to kingdom come.”

“Sound’s like something Sirius would say.” Jessica said smiling, moments later Jessica was in the middle of a pile of tables with Ice cream all over her. April’s breath was shaking with anger.

“Marsden!” Moody said taking April by her arm and dragging her out of the ice cream parlour. George followed them out giving the ladies he’d been talking to a pleasant smile. “What happened?” Moody growled at April as he pushed her into a corner. April watched a few people passed as they watched curiously.

“She was annoying me.” April told him. Unable to think of a better reason.

“Because she annoyed you?” George asked, “that’s a crap excuse.”

“Ok, you want a better one, she broke up me and my fiancé.” April said to George.

“Sirius?” George asked. April nodded.

“That’s still no excuse to curse her.” Moody said,

“It’s what I’m being trained for. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a deatheater.” April said. The first part was quite loud but the rest she muttered under her breath.

“Just because you don’t like someone you don’t go and accuse them of being deatheaters. I don’t like that Pettigrew boy all that much but you don’t see me cursing him every time I see him” George stood about casually making sure no one else was listening. “Now pull yourself together, we still have to visit the goblins. If you use magic with them they’re highly unlikely to want to cooperate and don’t go ranting on about your best friends’ baby, anyone could be listening. Remember-”

“Constant vigilance, I know.” April said straightening her robes and following Moody and George to Gringotts. She looked behind her and saw Jessica standing in the doorway to the ice cream parlour rubbing her forearm before disapparating. April frowned but did as she was told.

A/N:-i love the whole CONSTANT VIGILANCE thing. Moody is soo cool

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Death is the way: Disagreements all around


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