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choosing from whats right, and whats easy. by Hillary
Chapter 5 : Books and Cleverness
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Books and Cleverness


            “Hang on guys” Harry began. “Let me go owl Ron and the others.” “Alright Harry but hurry up.” She said giving him a wink. Harry ran to his room, jumping every couple steps, grabbed some parchments and wrote a quick note to Ron.

Ron and Ginny,

How are you? Guess what. I am head boy. Hermione is Head Girl as well but that’s not a surprise. She is making a big deal out of but I’m just like…woooo…you know? Just gives me some more responsibility. But it could be fun I suppose. I can always dock points from the Slytherins. So we are getting ready to leave for Diagon Alley. Send a not to Luna and Draco. Meet us at Florean Fortesque’s at about 1. See you then!!


“Come here Hedwig. Are you up for a journey?” she gave him a nip on the finger and stuck her leg out. Harry took that as a yes and tied the letter around her leg. He watched her soar into the horizon and then walked downstairs. “Geeze what took you so long? Its about time!” Sirius barked. “Alright Harry, we’ll apparate to the Leaky Cauldron and grab a bite to eat and then go get your books” His mother said lightly. “Alright see you in a bit.” He said and gave Hermione a kiss on the cheek before apparating out with a pop. 

            After eating a quick meal at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry parted way with the group and went over to Quality Qudditch Supplies. Lily and Hermione needed to got to Flourish and Blotts, while James and Sirius said something about gringotts and the apothecary. Harry didn’t let Hermione in on it but he wanted to buy the team some new equipment and he wanted to buy Hermione the broom that she was gawking at the last time they were here. He walked into the store and Peter looked up and grinned. “Hiya Harry, what brings you here?” “Well Pete, I would like to get some new equipment for my team. I’m thinking the works. New brooms, new robes, everything.” “Alright, but can you afford that?” “Peter, I get about 100,000 galleons a day from fans all over the world and supporters sending money in thanks for getting rid of Voldemort.” Harry said calmly. He noticed that Peter winced at the name but he didn’t bother saying anything. He knew it would do no good. “Well let me show you the best brooms. So you’ll be needing three brooms for chasers. Let’s see…ah..alright. Expensive, but the very best for that position. The Firebolt Elite would be the best for a chaser and for a beater. We just got a new prototype broom for just a keeper. I haven’t set it out yet but I would be willing to sell it to you. What do you think?” Peter asked. “Yeah that sounds great! Can I see it?” Harry asked enthusiastically. “Yeah sure, come on back. Here it is.” Peter showed him. It was absolutely shocking. The Tail thin and flat like a paddle and the handle was thin and finished with a grip on it. “It has special charms on it to where the you think about the direction you should go and it takes you there. You don’t have to direct it with your hands. And it has the best breaking system of any broom, so your keeper doesn’t sail right by it. It has the same speed as the Firebolt Elite, just better qualities for a keeper.” Peter said admiring the broom. “Excellent. I’ll take it. Also I will take six Firebolt Elites. Also I want all the brooms painted in crimson, as well as mine, with the Gryffindor emblem on them. Now I need some Keeping gloves, chaser gloves, beaters gloves, goggles, beaters bats, 21 Robes, 7 sets of Game Robes, and boots for every player. I would also like the boots to be red with everyone’s number as well as on the robes. I want the bats to have a mahogany finish with a Gryffindor emblem on them and charmed so they don’t get scratched up. ” Harry stated whilst looking around the store. “You got it.” Peter chimed. Peter gathered everything up and Harry had it all shipped to dobby and asked if he could put them in his captains office. Then Harry headed over to meet the girls at the book store and to get his books for Hogwarts.

            “Hey Mum, hey Hermione!” Harry smiled. Hermione walked over and gave him a hug. “We got all your books for you so now we can just go do some shopping.” Hermione whispered in his ear. “Yeah I need some new clothes.” Harry said while pointing at the track jacket he bought before his third year. “Too right you do.” His mom said, poking her head shelf. “I say we go to the new store in hogsmeade after you meet the rest for ice cream.” “Yeah that’s a good idea. Oh they’re here Hermione. They are waving us over.” He said. They said their goodbyes to Lily and said they would meet in Hogsmeade in 45 minutes and left to see the rest. They talked nonchalantly abut this and that, talked about their relationships, and about Hogwarts. They parted ways and agreed to meet on the train tomorrow after the prefects meeting. Harry and Hermione met James, Sirius, and Lily in Hogsmeade and Harry got tons of new clothes. As fun as the day had been, all too soon it was over and they needed to get back to pack for Hogwarts.

            “HARRY! HERMIONE! GET UP! MEET US OVER AT OUR HOUSE FOR BREAKFAST!” Lily’s voice rang through the mirror. “WE’RE ALREADY UP!! For heavens sakes.” “I HEARD THAT!!! NOW COME ON!” Harry shook his head and him and Hermione gathered up everything and apparated to his Parents’ house. After eating breakfast and trying to worm out the surprise that James and Sirius said would await them, they headed to Kings Cross. They said goodbye and with a final attempt to figure out what the surprise was they left his parents’ and Sirius at platform 9 ¾.


Alright…good, bad, horrible?? Let me know. Next chapter..we find out what James and Sirius were letting on about annnnnd quidditch! Yay. Alright review!! Criticism welcome. Just don’t be too harsh. ;-) P.s the next chapter is nice and long.


- Hill

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