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Unexpected by PrincessInge
Chapter 13 : Getting back for the last time
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helloww my dearest readers. i'm thinking some of you lost your interest in my story.. but i just like to thank the ones who haven't.. you rock :D:P.. anyway.. new chappie.. don't forget to leave a review!

The train ride went over way to fast, they were all having so much fun. Soon they we’re all changed and entering the castle for their last year.

‘This is it guys, our last year’ Remus smiled, when they entered the Great Hall.

‘It feels weird’ Sirius stated, putting his arm around Mary.

‘Mr sentimental’ James said, patting his friend on the back.

The others laughed and took their seats.

‘It seems so short ago’ Mary said, looking at the new first-years entering the Great Hall, all looking really scared. Mary looked at them and remembered her first time in the castle. She could still remember all the feeling that went through her when she entered the castle, when she went to the Great Hall for the first time, when she had put up the Sorting hat, it felt like yesterday


Mary-Ann looked around, she had heard about how big the castle was, but she never imagined it to look like this. She was so excited to finally going to Hogwarts, she had been dreaming about going since like forever. She was so busy thinking, she didn’t notice the other kids were moving.

‘Euhm, hello’ a girl with red hair said, waving her hand before her head, ‘we have to follow her’

‘Ow yeah, right, follow McGonagall’ Mary-Ann said, quickly following the other kids.

‘You know her already?’ the other girl stated, looking sad, ‘I’m so not going to fit in’

‘You’ll be fine’ Mary reassured her, ‘My name is Mary-Ann Anymoire by the way’, she said while pulling out her hand.

The girl shook it and smiled, ‘I’m Lily Evans’

Mary looked around, everyone was standing there, not knowing what to expect. Some looked like they were going to be sick, and other were busy introducing themselves. You could see some groups were already being formed. There were two black-haired guys on the side, who were busy chatting, not even noticing that some girls were looking at them. Oh, wait, Mary corrected herself, they had noticed now, they were smiling very cheeky toward the girls.

Mary didn’t get any time observing the others, since Professor McGonagall got back and leaded everyone into the Great Hall. Lily walked next to her and Mary felt as she was about to faint. She had read about the different Houses, and she knew she could get into Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Before she could even think any more, she heard her name being called by Professor McGonagall. Lily patted her on the back, and she walked towards the hat, who McGonagall put on her head.
‘Difficult, very difficult. I didn’t have that much trouble with the rest of your family, but you’re something else, aren’t you. I see you have a lot of ambition, and you’re very smart too, and I see you’re diligent too. Merlin, you’ve got something of every House. I guess we can expect a lot from you. So which house to choose, Slyterin could make you great, but you’re more a fair girl, aren’t you. I think Ravenclaw would do you good’, the Hat continued, and Mary grinned, Ravenclaw was a good House. ‘But wait, what do I see there, that changes everything. You’ve hid that courage well, but it will come out, I’m sure, and I’ll just help you a little by placing you in GRYFFINDOR’ .
(End of Flashback)

“Mary!’ Lily said.

‘What?’ she said back, noticing everyone was sorted and eating.

‘You kind off zoned out there’ Peter explained, while putting some more potatoes on his plate.

‘I was just thinking about my own sorting’ Mary said, thinking back to the words the hat had said. She had never understood what he had meant by the courage. Mary wasn’t brave. Sure, she was glad she ended up in the same house as Lily, but she still thought she should’ve been placed in Ravenclaw.

‘Here, eat something’ Lily said, while handing her some bread.
Mary smiled and looked at the new kids that were now spread over the four tables.

‘I swear, they get smaller every year’ Sirius stated, while he and Mary walked back to the common room.

‘You just grow every year’ Mary pointed out.

Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘you really have an explanation for everything’

They were interrupted by a first year, bumping into them. ‘Sorry’ he muttered, but then he just stared.

‘What’s your problem?’ Sirius said.

‘Sirius’ Mary said, while hitting him, ‘don’t be mean, it’s probably a fan of yours’

‘Well, I don’t do autographs’ Sirius stated.

‘Actually… euhm.. are… you.. Mary-Ann Anymoire?’ the first year muttered.

Mary’s mouth fell open, ‘You know me?’

‘Well, you were the one who fought with Death Eaters, right?’ the first year stated.

‘Just keep walking, shorty’ Sirius said, pushing the first-year into the opening, before following himself, with his arm around Mary, who’d gotten a little quiet.

Walking in, they both got a surprise. For the first time ever, Mary got more attention then Sirius. Of course people still greeted him, but most of the students just started talking and pointing.

‘Everybody knows my name’ Mary muttered, while they sat down.

‘Mary, you rock!’ a girl interrupted them, getting a glare of Sirius.

‘Were people also doing this in de Great Hall?’ Mary suddenly asked.

Sirius nodded, ‘guess they read the prophet’ he said, while putting his arm around her.

Mary closed her eyes and snuggled into the embrace. Life was going to be hard this year, especially if people were going to act like that. She was just glad she had Sirius.

A few weeks later Mary wished she still had Sirius, but she was feeling like she hadn’t seen him in days. He was very busy with his NEWT’s, and she was also getting a lot on her plate with her upper-level. Of course she loved it, but still she was very busy with her study. On the other hand, when she and Sirius were having some alone-time, they never seemed to be alone. The other students were still amazed about her duel, and she just wasn’t able to be alone.

‘Siri’ Mary asked, while walking into the boys dorm. Sirius didn’t answer, but she noticed him lying in his bed, so she walked towards his bed. Mary saw him sleeping, and wanted to turn around, when she felt a hand pulling her into the bed.

‘Stay’ Sirius muttered.

Mary smiled and snuggled close, ‘only for a few minutes, though’ she whispered.

The next morning, they both heard a big noise, waking them up.

‘What’s that’ Mary said, looking for the fire

‘It’s my alarm clock’ Sirius said while standing up, ‘I need to get to class’

‘Too bad, I was just dreaming’ Mary smiled.

‘I’ll make it up to you’ Sirius said, ‘be ready tonight’

Mary smiled, ‘we’ll see’ she said before walking out.

‘You forgot my kiss’ he shouted after her, but she didn’t turn back. Suddenly he felt a pair of lips against his cheek.
He turned around, seeing James walking into the bathroom.

‘Why did you do that?’ Sirius growled, wiping his cheek.

‘You said you wanted a kiss’ James stated with a big grin on his face.

‘Good morning’ Mary said, while sitting down next to Lily, who was already having breakfast in the Great Hall.

‘Don’t good morning me’ Lily smiled, ‘spill’

‘Spill what?’ Mary said, while putting some food on her plate.

‘You and Sirius’ Lily said, still smiling.

‘O, that.. well nothing major’ Mary said, ‘we just slept together’

‘Excuse me’ Lily gasped, ‘nothing major?? You slept.’

‘Don’t scream’ Mary said, hitting Lily.

‘Together’ Lily whispered, finishing her sentence.

‘Yes, as in sleeping while being together’ Mary stated.

‘O’ Lily said, ‘I just thought’

‘I know what you thought, you perv’ Mary smiled, ‘you hang out to much with James’
‘Well, you did went over there in the middle of the night’ Lily said.

‘Firstly, it wasn’t in the middle of the night’ Mary stated, ‘and secondly, we had a date planned’

‘Yeah, at 8’ Lily said, spotting the Marauders entering the Great Hall.

‘Can I help it we are both so busy’ Mary said.

Lily nodded, ‘I know what you mean’

‘Good Morning ladies’ James said, while sitting down next to the girls, ‘so you slept fine, Mary?’

Mary rolled her eyes, ‘Yes I slept fine, thank you very much’

Peter and James grinned while Mary rolled her eyes once more. ‘You’re such children’

‘So what do you have planned today?’ Mary asked.

‘Potions’ everyone growled.

‘What about you?’ Remus said.

‘Individual class’ Mary said.

‘Now I know why we don’t do upper NEWTS’ Peter said, ‘you have to have some discipline for that’

‘No, you don’t do that because you’re too stupid’ Sirius joked.

Peter wanted to give a reaction, but was interrupted by the morning post. An owl landed in front of Mary. Mary took the letter and opened it:

Dear Miss Anymoire,

I’d like to inform you that you’re expected to attend your Upper-NEWTS-class at 11 AM. It will be held in my personal office, but I’m sure Mr. Black or any other Marauder will be happy to show you where you can find me.

Sincerely yours,

Professor Dumbledore

‘Dumbie is going to teach you’ James gasped, when they all finished reading the letter.

Everyone was busy talking about the stuff Dumbledore was going to teach, when Sirius interrupted them.

‘You better go Moire’ he said, ‘it’s almost eleven’

‘Merlin’ Mary gasped, while stuffing her belongings in her bag, ‘I’m going to be late’

‘No, you’re not’ Sirius said, ‘I know a shortcut’

‘He is so going to be late himself’ Lily said, while Sirius and Mary left the Great Hall.

The other boys pulled their shoulders up, ‘he is always late’ Peter said.

‘Slughorn doesn’t like it when you’re late’ Lily explained, only to get a laugh as a reaction.

‘Sluggie already doesn’t like us’ James stated.

‘If I remember correctly, you were invited to his Slug Club’ Lily said.

‘After he humiliated Remus and Sirius in class’ James explained, ‘I never went there’

‘Come, let’s get to class’ Remus said, making everyone get up.

‘Here it is’ Sirius said, when he and Mary arrived at the statue of a gargoyle.

‘it’s here?’ Mary asked, looking at the statue.

‘Well, who has been here many times before?’ Sirius said, ‘just stand there and say the password’

Mary walked towards the statue and stood where Sirius had pointed her. ‘So what’s the password’

‘Chocoballs’ Sirius stated, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

‘What kind of password is that?’ Mary laughed, but then seeing the gargoyle beginning to move, ‘it works’

‘of course’ Sirius stated, ‘well, I better go to Potions, just walked on the stairs’

Mary walked over to the stairs that were now revealed, and followed them onto a door.

She knocked onto the door, waiting for a reaction, she didn’t want to barge in.

‘Come in’ she heard a voice saying, so she opened the door.

‘Ahh, Miss Anymoire’ Professor Dumbledore said, ‘glad you could find it’

‘Actually’ Mary said.

‘Yes, Mr. Black showed you of course’ Professor Dumbledore said, while his eyes twinkled, ‘he has been here several times before’

Mary smiled, although she still was very nervous. One of the greatest wizards ever was going to teach her after all.

‘Sit down, Miss Anymoire’ Professor Dumbledore said, while he walked over to a closet.
Mary didn’t respond, but sat down.

‘I bet you’re curious what I’m going to teach you?’ Professor Dumbledore said, while opening the closet, ‘you can take a lemon drop if you want’

Mary looked at a bowl on the professor’s desk and took one.

‘Anyway, what was I saying’ Professor Dumbledore started, while sitting down to, after getting a dusty book out of the closet. ‘Oh yeah, my lessons’

Mary looked at the book Dumbledore had put on the table. It was defiantly very old, probably very interesting too.

‘Some of the teacher’s found out that they are actually too busy to also teach the upper-level, and some are afraid they won’t do the classes justice, so that’s why I’ll be taking over some of your classes’ professor Dumbledore explained, ‘Defence against the Dark Arts and Charms to be exact’

‘Let’s start with your new schedule for this year’ Professor Dumbledore said, handing Mary a piece of parchment, ‘All the teachers will be trying to keep the schedule like that from now on, but if they can’t, they let you know’

Mary looked at her schedule. She saw that she now had classes in all the eleven courses she had passed her NEWT’s in. Before, she only had a few classes a week and was doing a lot of individual studying. Of course, because of the already busy schedules of the teachers most of the classes were in the evening. Actually only Defence against the Dark Arts and Charms were during the morning or afternoon.

that was it.. hope you liked it.. just let me know what you think! Love, Ingexx

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