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Thrown Into the Past by secret_witch
Chapter 7 : The Transformation
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A/N Thanks for all your reviews they've been a great support and I appreciate each and every one. It's Lupa Mannera's idea to use asterixes to seperate the past from the present


Remus frowned not ready to be woken up.

“Moony,” said the persistent voice more urgently this time. Remus rolled on to his side away from the annoying voice.

“Moony,” said a different voice that was now shaking his arm. 

This was very frustrating now, he only wanted a few more minutes of peace.

“Leave him James just a bit longer,” said a quiet voice. 

Remus agreed with this voice completely, leave him alone sounded great.

He settled himself back down into the land of nod for what could have only been a second when somebody was shaking urgently again.

“What?” he growled, eyes still firmly shut.

“Moony, we have something we need to sort out remember?…”

Remus grudgingly opened his eyes and glared at the face of Sirius hovering above him.

“What?” he asked more despairingly now looking at his friend as he pushed himself up into a sitting position.

“Erm…tonight is a full moon…” reminded James fumbling with his hands a bit. Remus stared as if wanting more information

“And...” he probed. James raised his eyebrows at him.

“And…you know how you get,” he said carefully not wanting to spit out the nature of the problem literally. 

Remus rolled his eyes, much to the displeasure of Lily, Sirius, James and Harry. It was like he didn’t care.

“I sorted that out,” he said lazily rubbing his eyes. The group in front of him gawped at him.

“You s..sorted that out,” repeated Sirius bewildered. Remus looked up at him and nodded.

“How?” spluttered Sirius. Remus smiled at him.

“Just did. Ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies,”

Remus was thoroughly enjoying every moment of this and although he did want to tell them, he had realised as he drifted off to sleep last night that he couldn’t. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would find out from them.


Remus had just reached the bottom of the stairs that led into the reception area of the hotel. 

Fumbling around in his pocket he pulled out a few coins and made his way over to the phone that was at the far end of the reception. 

Looking up he stopped dead and swallowed quickly. A very familiar blonde haired boy was already on the phone, dressed in muggle clothing he looked quite ordinary. Remus edged forward trying to catch some of the conversation. 

Draco started and looked over his shoulder quickly and ended the conversation hurriedly Remus only managed to catch the last sentence.

“I’ll meet you there then, I’ve got to go get ready.” 

With that Malfoy turned slamming down the phone and greeted Remus with a small smile. 

Remus struggled to return it and quickly picked up the phone. Staring intently at the numbers in the book he began punching them in slowly. 

He listened…nothing happened he frowned at the phone…the small panel was blinking at him ‘insert coins’ he read. 

He looked at the coins in his hand and thrust them all into the small slot, he glared at the panel again ‘£8.45’ it blinked at him. 

He waited not sure what else he had to do and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard a ringing noise. 

Now an answer would be nice.

Ring Ring - answer Remus thought.

Ring Ring - Come on

Ring Ring - For the love of….

“Hello?” said a quiet voice on the other end. Remus took a deep breath.

“Anya?” he asked trying to hide his desperation.

“Yes?” she replied uncertainly.

“Thank Merlin…it’s Remus Lupin,”

Silence on the other end, Remus needed her to remember him.

“You, Sky and Shaun helped hide me last year when Greyback came. I’m a werewolf. You’ve got to remember.” he said as quietly as possible completely forgetting about hiding his desperation.

“Remus…of course I know you, how are you?” 

Remus couldn’t help holding on to the wall as relief swept through him like wildfire.

“I need your help,” he answered shortly.

Ten minutes later and Remus replaced the receiver. He hadn’t seen Malfoy come back downstairs and it wasn’t like he hadn’t been checking. He raced upstairs to get Tonks.

Reaching the doorway he thrust it open and stood gasping for air. Tonks walked casually in from the bathroom her hair twisted up behind her head. Remus stared at her, she was wearing tight grey jeans and dusky pink top that cut low down her back.

“We…have…to…go,” he wheezed at her. She stared at him completely lost for second before nodding shortly and retrieving her wand, a bag and about 12 bottles of shrunken polyjuice potion. 

Remus watched her carefully as she tucked her wand inside her top and deposited each bottle with a soft clink inside her bag.

“Ok,” she said airily grasping Remus’ hand and dragging him out.

For an hour they stood outside Bagdale Hall under a disillusionment charm. Malfoy certainly liked to take his time. Remus stared at his watch irritably…it was only 8.30.

“Did you get hold of your friends?” whispered Tonks.

“Yeah. They’re coming tomorrow about lunchtime. Told them I’d meet them at the bus station.” replied Remus quietly.

“How much longer do we…” Tonks drifted off as Malfoy descended the stairs followed by his three Death Eaters.

“Come on,” muttered Remus as he twitched his wand and lifted the charm. He could’ve sworn he saw Malfoy stop briefly as if checking something but shrugged it off as Malfoy continued almost instantly. 

After a few minutes they approached a grungy looking café. 
‘Bill’s Café’ read Remus and stepped inside following Malfoy. 

Malfoy had taken a seat close to the window and was talking with frustration to the man who had come to get his order. Remus watched him briefly before turning and taking a table with a perfect view of Malfoy’s table. Tonks sat opposite him and smiled at him.

“At least we get to have breakfast,” she said happily picking up the menu and staring at it. 

Remus continued to watch the blonde and quickly hid himself behind a menu when Malfoy looked over at him.

“…can I get you?” said the stout looking man with a thick Yorkshire accent.

“Can I have scrambled eggs on toast and a coffee,” said Tonks brightly and turned to Remus who was watching Malfoy avidly.

“Remus…”urged Tonks. Remus shook his head and looked up at the man.

“Sorry… same,” 

The man said something inaudible and walked off.

Both tables ate in silence and Remus kept looking up intermittently and stared as Malfoy got up and left quickly. Remus waited a few minutes before getting up as well and pulling an unwilling Tonks with him.

“I hadn’t finished,” she protested sulkily as Remus held her hand tightly and proceeded to follow Malfoy through the slowly filling street.

Half an hour later and Remus found himself in an odd looking shop. A few times he had had to dive behind walls, flower pots, bins or just casually try to stare out to sea when Malfoy had turned around abruptly.

“You are disguised you know.” muttered Tonks sullenly, since she was bored of being thrust behind the nearest thing every 5 minutes.

“I know…”Remus muttered sidling close to where Malfoy had busied himself with some odd looking pots.

“But I’m sure he suspects something. So if he sees us every time he turns round that will give it away.”

Tonks nodded slightly before jumping slightly and rummaging in her bag before pulling out a small black bottle and handing it to Remus. 

Remus accepted and tried as casually as possible to drink the substance inside.

Quickly placing the empty bottle back in Tonks’ bag he turned his attention back to Malfoy to find him still staring at the pots. 

He sighed slightly, unknowing that Malfoy had turned to face them at the point when Remus had taken his potion.

By the end of the day Remus and Tonks were exhausted, Malfoy hadn’t seemed to have stopped all day and as far as they could tell he hadn’t met anyone. 

Remus was however getting evermore edgy around Malfoy at one point he had inadvertently bumped into Malfoy who in response had pushed Remus off him and hissed,

“You always seem to be in my way,”

Remus wasn’t sure what to make of this, did Malfoy know they were following him? If he did they needed his werewolf friends more urgently than ever.

Crawling back to the hotel room at something close to 10pm Remus grudgingly started getting into his bed.

Tonks stared at him from her own comfortable position. She giggled slightly, Remus was kicking and pulling at each and everyone of his blankets as if each one had done him a personal injustice. He stared at her steadily when he heard her.

“What?” he asked.

“Didn’t you sleep well last night Remus?” she asked feigning interest. Remus shrugged in response.

“It’s just it’s more comfortable up here,” Tonks mumbled contentedly stretching out luxuriously under her dark blue cover. 

Remus glared at her.

“Don’t have to rub it in,” he murmured. 

Tonks sat up abruptly and stared at him. Could he really not figure out an invitation when he got one? She sighed she’d have to spell it out.

“I wasn’t rubbing it in Remus,” 

Remus glanced up at her from a strange position. 

Laid down and curled in a ball with a blanket wrapped completely round him and even covering his head. He resembled a dry white slug.

Tonks fought to not laugh and cleared her throat instead.

“What I meant was you could share with me tonight,” Remus gawped at her.

“I mean you don’t have to I just…” but Remus cut her off quickly almost ripping the blanket apart as he stood up. 

Tonks looked him up and down. He was wearing dark blue boxer shorts and a tight white shirt. Fighting to keep her mouth closed she admired his slightly tanned skin and observed his toned and muscular body that nobody knew existed.

“Erm yeah if that’s ok I could do with a good night’s sleep,” uttered Remus in, what he hoped was, a casual voice. 

Tonks grinned at him mischievously and shifted up patting the bed next to her. Remus smiled as well and slid in beside her. She cuddled up to him and rested her head on his chest. 

Remus sighed and closed his eyes wrapping his arms around her, this is what dreams were made of.


Night was approaching fast in the cell and Remus couldn’t ignore the worried looks from Harry, Lily, James and Sirius. 

“You’ve got it sorted?” said Sirius in a unnaturally high voice as he pulled his knees to his chest. 

“Yep no worries,” Remus replied confidently. 

He saw an unsure glance between his four friends. Before James raised his hand tentatively.

“J…just a few worries mate,” 

Remus raised his eyebrows at his obviously terrified friend.

“Why can’t you tell us how you’ve sorted it? It’d be more comforting you know.” mumbled James.

“Just relax and trust me,” Remus finished with a tone that signalled the end of this particular conversation.

Throughout the entire day they had received visits from various Death Eaters, all of which had some kind of sarcastic comment to make such as ‘have a nice night.’ 

Although these comments had instilled fear into his friends while Remus had stayed quite composed, very confident in what Peter and Severus had done for them.

Voldemort had paid no visit but Remus expected him tomorrow. No food arrived for them as darkness fell and Remus felt the familiar twinge of his transformation. 

Not too bad at the moment just a feeling of cold sweats and uncomfortable aches, causing him to shift a bit restlessly. 

He caught James’ and Sirius’ knowing glances.

When the moon had fully positioned itself in view of the little window he knew his transformation had begun.

He stood up quickly as, from previous experience, he found it was easier this way. He unbuttoned his robes quickly so that when the inevitable happened he would have something to wear afterwards.

James and Sirius had seen him do this many times before.
Then as he stood there quietly he gave a small smile to the four friends below him,

“Don’t worry,” he whispered.

Remus breathing became increasingly laboured and he shut his eyes tightly.
He felt as the adrenaline began to pulse heavily through his veins and his heart beat quickened considerably.

Remus grit his teeth as an almost unbearable pain hit him, making him feel as if his skull was splitting in half. 

Slowly he opened his eyes through the pain and glared at the full moon twinkling down at him innocently. 

His pupils changed from round to slit like changing colour rapidly also, from dark brown to something close to golden. 

He closed his eyes once more as his body shook uncontrollably, his every nerve seemed on fire. 

As soon as that had passed he felt his teeth growing, lengthening, sharpening. Groping with his hands he felt what had once been straight and fairly blunt, was now uneven and incredibly sharp and pointed.

Remus took a few deep breaths knowing the worst was to come, and come it did.

He let out a blood curdling yell as each and every one of his ribs cracked and re-set themselves in a more pronounced position, he took this opportunity to remove his robes not wanting to rip them. 

His skin turned a mottled black/grey colour and stretched painfully tight across his newly formed bones. 

His muscles grew and agonizingly stayed in place.

Fur sprouted up along his back and arms leaving him a few minutes to catch his breath and glance at his terrified friends who were unable to help him in any way.

He felt another pang of pain as he watched his hands elongate and long yellow claws pushed themselves out of the ends of his fingertips.

Almost done now he thought as he raised his hands to his head and felt his forehead and jaw grow and push out excruciatingly, while simultaneously his legs grew astonishingly fast bending forwards at knee point giving Remus an all-over hunched appearance.

Remus let out a bone chilling howl that echoed through the entire dungeon and leant back on all fours staring at the four in front of him.

His four friends were planted firmly against the wall and Sirius and James looked to be on the brink of changing in to animals themselves. 

He took a cautious step towards Harry and watched as Sirius turned into his black dog form growling fiercely.

He stared at it meaningfully for a moment, as if some connection had been made, the dog stopped growling and sat down wagging his tail happily.

Remus made another step closer to Harry, who seemed frozen to the spot. 

Last step and Remus was now nose to nose with Harry, he could hear James yelling in the background and Lily whimpering beside him. Thinking quickly he stared deeply into Harry’s eyes. 

Recognition reflected itself in Harry’s eyes and he lifted his hand up,

“Remus?” he choked stroking the werewolf’s back gently. 

Remus growled under his breath as if in confirmation and as an added bonus nuzzled against Harry’s cheek affectionately before licking his face thoroughly.

Looking around he found James and Sirius stood up smiling at him and Lily was breathing deeply with a hand over her heart. Remus looked at them all quickly before stalking back to his corner, curling up and falling asleep.

A/N thanks for reading and please review. Could you tell me what you think of the transformation, good or bad I don't mind. The next chapter is waiting to be validated so it shouldn't be too long. Thanks again.

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