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Harry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords. by _Harry_Potter_
Chapter 9 : Booze, Fights and Drunken Generals.
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Harry clicked on London, on his satellite navigation system and then he found the nightclub they were supposed to be attending.

Once they got out of the main gates, they were instantly sent flying from the north to the south. They appeared on a bright street.

It was a dark night, but the street was illuminated with bright colours, spinning around the place. Harry could see several nightclubs down the street; all had lines of people outside.

“This is a magical nightclub hotspot. My father wrote an article about these places.” said Luna brightly, recognising several nightclubs.

“Well, we’re at the one on the end. It has its own beach, which joins onto the actual dance floor. We should have a good time. I believe we’re the prime guests, so we will get the best time from all around.” said Harry simply, driving down the street and receiving turned heads at his vehicle.

Harry pulled up outside a large nightclub. He could see two big men stood outside, the bouncers. Harry parked his car in a clear space and the four of them walked over to the entrance of the nightclub.

“Names?” said one of the bouncers sternly.

“Harry Potter and these are my friends.” said Harry calmly, already walking through the entrance.

Once the four of them had entered the nightclub, they were instantly hounded with the sound of their favourite genre of music. There was hip hop, R n B and dance blaring out of the DJ system on stage.

When Harry entered, he could see hundreds of people. A large variety of races were in here. Auror graduates of this year were here.

Harry could also see Quidditch teams scattered around. One person Harry hoped he didn’t see was Viktor Krum, the only person he thought a threat of losing Hermione.

In Harry’s seventh year, he heard about Viktor Krum applying for Auror training. Viktor Krum would have done the full three years of the Academy and if he graduated, he would have graduated around now.

“Harry, so glad you could make it.” said a fellow Auror graduate, clamping a hand on Harry’s shoulder. “I have reserved you a space in the Quidditch section.”

Harry allowed himself to be steered towards a corner. In the corner of the nightclub, there were a square of seats, around a table.

Harry shook the Auror graduates hand and sat at the far end of the seats, so that Hermione, Ron and Luna would box him in, this meant no one could sit beside him.

Harry looked to his left and watched as the England Squad sat down. Harry shook hands with them and began talking about how they felt about the World Cup.

Harry was silenced when a barmaid walked over to them. Harry smiled and ordered a large bottle of Vodka and several bottles of coke.

“Yes, sir. Is that all?” asked the barmaid softly, writing something down.

“It is for me, for now. What’re you three having?” said Harry calmly, sitting back and placing his arm around Hermione.

“Are you having a large bottle of Vodka to yourself?” asked Hermione, raising her eyebrows slightly.

“Sure am. I think I deserve to get pissed. What’re you three having then?” said Harry simply, pointing his hand at the waiting barmaid.

“Well, I’ll have a steady flow of Bacardi Breezer, one every ten minutes or so.” replied Hermione calmly, not wanting too much alcohol at once.

“I’ll have the same.” said Luna gently, taking off her small jacket and placing it at the back of the seats.

“Erm … I’ll have a large bottle of Martini.” said Ron, racking his brain for something that would get him pissed, but not be too much.

“Are you alright to drink?” asked Hermione curiously, taking off her own jacket and placing it on Luna’s.

“Yeah. Harry knows.” said Ron, glancing about slightly.

“So, how long have you two been together?” asked Harry, wanting some information on his friend’s new relationship.

“We aren’t together. We’re just really close friends.” said Luna quickly, blushing slightly and receiving her drink from the hurried barmaid.

“Oh, okay. Sorry.” said Harry, looking at Ron, who raised his eyebrows and signalled to step over to the bar.

Harry nodded and got out of his seat. He walked with Ron, across the dance floor and into the direction of the bar. Harry shook seven people’s hands and hugged three girls before he finally got there.

“I have a strong feeling about me and Luna. Tonight will settle it all. She has admitted she has feelings for me, we just don’t know how to progress. So in a way, we are together, just not officially as of yet.” explained Ron calmly, watching as the barmaid just got ready to head over to their table.

She saw them and smiled. She handed Harry a tray with a large bottle of Vodka on ice and five bottles of coke surrounding it. On top of the Vodka bottle, sat a glass firmly.

She also handed Ron a tray, with a large bottle of Martini on ice. There was a glass on the bottle top and several bottles of mixtures of drinks.

“Well, good luck with it, mate. Let’s get back to those two, before they get pissed without us.” said Harry, turning around and looking over at the table Hermione and Luna were stood at.

Harry’s face felt heated and he felt a slight urge to pounce. He could feel his inner power instantly coming out to help him, instantly ready for a fight.

Harry strolled over to the table and looked at no other than Viktor Krum and the Bulgarian team. Harry barged through them and stood in front of Hermione, so that Krum couldn’t see her.

“Get stepping!” said Harry nastily, glaring Krum directly in the eye.

Krum opened his mouth to say something, but was pulled away by his team. Harry turned to Hermione and concentrated on her for several moments, before passing away any bad thoughts he had.

He climbed back in his seat and the four of them immediately began drinking. Within half an hour, the four of them were tipsy. Within an hour and half, the four of them were pissed.

They were laughing and joking at anything. They would dance around stupidly, falling slightly. Harry, who had become a direct interest as soon as he entered, began to entertain people around him.

They were all sat or stood around him, listening to some of his stories. Some of his adventures and accomplishments. Ron and Luna had trailed off somewhere and Hermione was sat with Harry.

“So, me and Hermione freed Buckbeak the Hippogriff and were flown away on it. The entire way up to the tower, Hermione was screaming down my ear hole. She was absolutely terrified of flying.” said Harry, telling his story of third year, whilst half standing on the table. “In the end, Sirius escaped and was saved that day. Sadly, he was taken away from me and everyone else several years ago.”

Harry flopped into his seat and began kissing Hermione. People around admired Harry more than anyone else. He entertained them and he was their main focus of attention.

“So, Harry, what’s it like facing You-Know-Who?” asked one of the admiring crowd members.

Harry looked up slowly. His eyes met several members of the crowd and they instantly knew it was a fairly rude question to ask. Though Harry bit his lip and answered truthfully, but briefly.

“The first couple of times, it’s absolutely horrifying. As soon as I was made the King of Earth and powerful, I began fearing Voldemort less and less. I never really feared him, but I doubted that I could beat him. When it came to the final battle, it was either me or him. I had learnt that Hermione was pregnant, so I was fighting to look after my children. I beat him fairly easy, thinking about it.” said Harry honestly, looking into every eye he found.

“You’re now the most powerful wizard in the world, but do you think that there is anyone who can defeat you?” asked another member of the crowd.

“I don’t know. There are some people who I suppose believe they can beat me. There is one person who I believe I will be fighting any day soon. However, I don’t know any person who I actually think will defeat me. That isn’t being bigheaded or anything, that’s just being honest.” said Harry seriously. “Anyway, bugger off, you’re ruining my piss up.”

The crowd laughed and dispersed. They all returned to what they were doing before they found Harry was actually the fun type of celebrity and not the snobbish kind.

A song came on that Harry really liked. He turned away from kissing Hermione’s neck and looked at her directly in the eyes.

“Are you going to dance for me?” he asked softly, kissing her tenderly.

Hermione grinned cheekily and stood in front of the table. She softly danced to the music, swaying her hips at the right moments and teasing Harry.

Harry smiled after five minutes and approached her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and slowly pulled her towards him. She bit her lip seductively.

Harry went into her, heading for his usual spot on her neck. Just before he began kissing her neck, he looked beyond them and through the dancing crowd.

He watched as a red haired male jumped forward, anger stretched over his face. Harry watched as several people jumped on him, pushing him to the floor, where they began kicking him.

Harry jumped up, slightly pushing Hermione away from him. Harry’s inner power reacted instantly, knowing something was wrong.

Harry strength was tripled, so that his force would be a lot more powerful. Harry pushed his way roughly through the surrounding crowd, which was building up to watch the fight.

When Harry got through the crowd, he could see Draco Malfoy idly turning his hand into a ball of fire and lazily making it vanish.

Draco watched Harry approach and could see the faint glow of white under his eyes, the glow that Harry had been able to fade as he got more in control.

“You guys, I suggest you run.” said Draco simply, looking around at a small crowd of ex-Slytherin friends.

Harry charged forward and punched one of the ex-Slytherin students right in the face, knocking him off his feet and slamming into a seat.

Harry turned to the rest, who had all stopped kicking Ron on the floor. Harry lifted Ron with one hand and stood him up. He looked around and found Hermione, who had a worried look over her face.

“Hermione, sort Ron out.” said Harry, his voice slightly harsher than usual.

Harry turned back to the ex-Slytherins and found them all stood in a line in front of him, Draco amongst them. Harry was as angry as he used to be at school, against the Slytherins.

Harry recognised several students from his own year at school, the others were older. Harry could see the ex-Slytherin team amongst them.

“You beat on a someone who is outnumbered twenty to one. He is obviously incapable of defeating twenty people against him. However, I am not.” said Harry sourly, pacing in front of them.

The crowd had filled with every guest of the party. They all wanted to see the power of the famous and all powerful Harry Potter.

Over the years of intense training at school and the Auror Academy, Harry’s reflexes and movement had been toned to the ultimate best.

Harry could move faster than any person. He could appear behind someone within seconds and they wouldn’t have time to realise he had moved.

“Come on then, Potter!” snapped Marcus Flint, the ex-Slytherin Captain. “You think you can take us all, prove it.”

“Very well.” said Harry simply, pouncing instantly.

With one step he jumped to the left and kicked off a wall. He was behind Marcus Flint in two seconds flat. Marcus looked at the spot Harry was and gaped.

With a couple more fast movements, Harry had kicked and broke Flint’s leg and then slammed his arm into his chest, breaking ribs and flattening him to the floor.

At that second, all the other nineteen Slytherins pounced. Harry jumped here and there, dodging the incoming attacks. Harry’s inner power told him where to go and what to do.

Harry wasn’t hit once, in the two minutes it took. In two minutes, Harry had severely injured and stopped the entire Slytherin gang.

Harry looked down at the either squirming Slytherins or the unconscious ones. Harry hadn’t even broken a sweat.

Harry turned around and looked at the gawping crowd. They had just watched Harry Potter take out twenty adults in two minutes, without being hit or even breaking a sweat. Their thoughts on Harry being the most powerful wizard were answered.

“Come on, we’re going. We’ll find a pub or something. Where’s Luna?” said Harry calmly, his inner power residing once again.

“She ran out crying earlier. Malfoy said something that insulted her and me. He said I had gone below lowlife, by choosing Luna as my new love. Me and her had just got together as well.” said Ron, rubbing his chest where he had been numerously kicked.

“It’s always Malfoy!” snapped Harry angrily, looking around for the blonde haired coward. “He’s gone, right before you told me I suppose.”

“Yeah. Well, come on, lets go, before we get escorted out.” said Hermione seriously, looking at the incoming bouncers.

Harry, Hermione and Ron all left the nightclub. Harry looked forward and a wall of fire. Beyond it, stood Draco and some people, some Harry had seen before, others he hadn’t.

Harry could see Luna being jinxed whilst being held in the air by some people’s wands. Harry felt Ron’s anger burst. Ron charged forward and withdrew his wand.

Once Ron cast a powerful spell, it vanished as soon as it hit the wall of fire. Harry could see Draco harnessing his powers and creating more fire.

“What do you think you’re doing, Malfoy?” snapped Harry, pacing along the wall of fire.

“I am now a General, Potter. I’m here taking you up on that offer of yours.” said Draco sourly, holding his wand in one hand and a ball of flame in the other.

“Do you seriously want to do that?” asked Harry seriously, looking directly into Draco’s grey eyes.

“More than anything in the world. I want to prove my power, to prove that I can rule and lead.” replied Draco quietly, his face full of excitement as he thought about the meaning behind those words.

“Do you know who you sound like?” asked Harry, stopping in the centre of the wall of fire, standing opposite Draco. “You sound like Voldemort. Are you planning on following in his footsteps?”

“In ways I know I can follow his life. I can lead and have followers. I will be able to gain things from my power. I won’t be all about this Mudblood stuff, just about being one of the most powerful beings in the world.” replied Draco honestly, pointing his wand in front of him, in the direction of Harry. “To start my new life as the new Lord, I need to defeat you. With you alive, I will have problems, as you’re going to become an Elite Auror any time soon.”

“You, just like Voldemort, really underestimate me. You believe that you will be able to defeat me so simply and so easily. I defeated Voldemort with no permanent injuries, I can defeat you without sweating.” said Harry, brandishing his wand from his ankle.

“Voldemort seriously underestimated you; therefore he didn’t prepare himself properly. I, on the other hand, know what you can do and I know how to fight back.” said Draco, getting into a duelling stance and conjuring fire in his palm.

“Let’s make this quick, I want to go to the pub for some more celebration.” said Harry lazily, getting into his own strong stance.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” roared Draco, swinging his arm down and creating a green flash of light.

The spell shot towards Harry, who waved his free hand, creating the killing curse to shoot skywards. By this time, all the people from the nightclubs were surrounded, looking at the duel between two drunken elemental Generals.

“How did you do that?” asked Draco, slightly in shock. “There is no defence against the Killing Curse.”

“You’re underestimating my powers, Malfoy. Besides, that wasn’t a truly formed Killing Curse. You performed it incorrectly. You need to mean it, to want to watch it. Your dear aunt taught me that. The aunt who should be dead anytime soon. CRUCIO!” said Harry quickly, swishing his wand and hitting Draco with the pain causing curse.

“You should have learnt all about the Unforgivable Curses at Hartwood, Malfoy. Part of your training was to know how to perfectly perform and block the three spells, on some exception of the Killing Curse.” said Harry, tutting in mock disappointment. “Someone hasn’t been paying attention at Auror Academy.”

“The pain is extremely powerful, isn’t it?” asked Harry, crouching low over the writhing Draco. “Come on, Malfoy. Use your training to fight off the curse; it’s what it’s there for. In the meantime, I think I’ll have Luna back safely.”

Harry waved his hand and the magic on Luna instantly vanished and Luna slowly and carefully soared down to ground level and besides Ron.

Ron hugged her instantly, whilst Hermione used several pain killing spells to help Luna. Harry’s eyes were faintly glowing white. A sickeningly evil and amused grin was on his face, as he watched Draco on the verge of losing consciousness.

“Whilst Draco is under a fairly weak Cruciatus curse, I want to know a bit about the people who decide to follow this embarrassment.” said Harry calmly, waving his hand once more.

Instantly the lights from the nightclubs changed direction and shone down on the people’s faces. Harry looked into the evil eyes of the many beginner dark wizards.

Harry recognised most as ex-Slytherins. Some ex-members of Durmstrang Institute were also in the group. Including Krum.

“Look who it is. If it isn’t our old friend Krum. How are things going?” asked Harry sarcastically, focusing on Krum as Draco still attempted to fight of the basic Cruciatus curse, that was in fact a very powerful one. “How’s the jaw?”

“Listen, I don’t vant any trouble with you. I’ve veen trying to talk to you ever since the moment at the Quidditch stadium. I don’t vant us to be enemies, I just vant us to be friends, seeing as me and Hermione are friends.” said Krum, in a slightly improved English accent.

Harry’s inner power wasn’t telling him Krum was lying. Harry turned to Hermione, who was nodding slightly. Harry nodded and allowed Krum and some of his friends to leave, willingly.

At that moment, Draco finally fought off the curse. Harry turned to him and pulled him up easily. He lifted him so that both their faces were level.

“Come back when you’re more trained. My kids are stronger than you and they don’t know any magic yet.” said Harry, letting Draco go, where he fell to the floor, pain still shooting through his body.

Harry opened his car and helped Luna, Ron and Hermione in. When they were all in the car, Harry turned on the engine, ready to drive away.

“Maybe we should think about where we’re going, seeing as we’re all drunk.” said Hermione, resting her hand on Harry’s hand, which was about to change gear.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” chuckled Harry, kissing Hermione softly. “Shall we just head home and watch a film or something?”

“Yeah, that will be a good end to the day. I stocked up on some alcohol, if we still fancy a bit more drinking.” said Hermione, putting on her seatbelt and typing in their home address on the sat nav.

Harry drove forward slightly, rather dangerously. Then they were shot from London to up North. They opened the gate and dangerously drove down the drive.

When they got to the end, Harry just left the car where it was and walked inside. When he got there, he watched Remus and Tonks sleepily walking downstairs, obviously awoken by Ron’s drunken singing.

“How’s it going, Remus?” asked Harry curiously, falling into the wall and sliding down it, his inner power disappearing and allowing his drunken buzz to come back properly.

“Everything is fine. You have a good night then?” said Remus, looking down at the four drunken people from the stairs. “The kids have been no problem what so ever.”

“It was a good night actually. Besides the fact that we got into a fight and then I got into a duel, everything else was really good.” slurred Harry, dragging himself to his feet and holding himself stable by the banister.

“Who was you fighting with?” asked Tonks seriously, helping Harry into the living room, where he fell into a sofa and laughed loudly.

“Some old Slytherins it all started with. Then I duelled with Malfoy.” replied Harry simply, feeling Hermione collapse on top of him.

“But you’re alright, aren’t you?” asked Remus, looking over Harry, as though checking for injuries.

“I wasn’t touched once. Anyway, you two can go back to bed. We’re going to watch a film.” replied Harry, sitting upright and wrapping an arm around Hermione.

Remus and Tonks walked away, smiling in amusement at Harry fighting and not being touched once. They went back to bed, after checking on the kids.

“Right, put that new horror film on. Hills Have Eyes is it?” said Harry, standing up and walking over to a stack of films.

Harry withdrew a case and handed it Ron, who instantly placed it into the media system. Harry walked into the kitchen and grabbed a crate of Stella and a couple of large bottles of Bacardi Breezer.

He returned to the living room, swaying slightly. He placed the crate of Stella on the coffee table and handed the bottles out to the girls.

Harry cracked open a can, followed shortly by Ron. They all began watching the horror film. Harry and Ron laughed at the areas Hermione and Luna jumped at, they didn’t know why.

By the time the film had finished, all four of them had nodded off. Hermione was in Harry’s arms, whilst Luna was in Ron’s.


The next morning, Harry and Hermione were awoken by a pair of small hands. They both opened their eyes and found their two children beaming back at them, their hands squeezing Harry and Hermione’s cheeks.

Harry laughed and picked them both up. He carried them into the kitchen, where he made them their breakfast.

He was shortly joined by Hermione, Ron, Luna, Remus and Tonks. Harry and Hermione cooked for their guests, making them a full breakfast.

“I heard you two were good for Remus and Tonks. I’m proud of you. After my first training session of Quidditch, I’ll teach you both something.” said Harry happily, kissing his two children who were eating their Coco Pops silently.

“Does that mean you will show me how to play Quidditch?” asked Bradley excitedly.

“Sure does. I’ll see if I can get you your own broomstick.” replied Harry calmly, beaming at his son who instantly jumped down from the breakfast bar.

“I’m going to tell Granddad. He’ll be so excited.” said Bradley eagerly, racing off and running into a small portrait room just off the Hall.

As soon as Harry had settled into his house, he had moved his portraits into a portrait room. Harry was planning on getting other portraits, something he wanted to think about for the future.

“You aren’t getting him a broomstick.” said Hermione firmly, leaning on a counter, whilst looking at Harry sternly.

“Why not?” asked Harry sharply, shocked that Hermione was denying fun for their own child. “He’s got to get one sooner or later. He’s going to take after me that much is obvious.”

“I don’t care. I have to watch you flying around at ridiculous speeds. The threat that if you make one mistake, you will go crashing to your death. That’s bad enough. I won’t allow our child to do the same.” said Hermione stubbornly, glaring at Harry in a daring glare.

“I haven’t crashed once. I’ll get him a kid’s broomstick that will only allow him to go a certain speed and a certain height. He will stick with that until he can control a more difficult broom. We can’t just deny him Quidditch, not when he’s probably a natural, like his father and Grandfather, probably his great Grandfather as well and so on.”

“You get him a kid’s broomstick. If he can’t play Quidditch, you stop instantly. If he falls once, I swear you’ll have me to answer to.” said Hermione sternly, giving Harry her best McGonagall impression.

“Yeah, alright. Whatever.” said Harry simply, turning around and heading into the portrait room, to spend some time with his family.
Here is a little action. The next chapter will be "First Day of Work", which is sort of a filler, to introduce Ron, Hermione, Harry and Luna's jobs and what they involve. Hope it was alright for you and I hope you continue reading.

For all the readers who have read this. Once this is validated, chapter ten WILL be added straight away. So please don't review saying such things as "Finally you updated." or "Update as soon as possible." It gets annoying after the 100th time it is said.

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