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Cultures Collide by Demonic Angel
Chapter 12 : Loincloths and Prophecy
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Chapter 12 - Loincloths and Prophecys

I don't believe it. Mum and Snape? For some reason it makes some sense but I don't know. The person she talks about doesn't seem at all like the Professor Snape that we know now. On the other hand he was more, more human over the summer. I want to ask Hermione about it but if I know her she'll go investigating and no matter what she finds out she will nag me to death with it. I could talk to Bria but she has a lot to deal with as it is. Why in the hell did that damn hat put her into Ravenclaw of all houses. She has to not only deal with Cho but also if I remember right then Cedric's sister, Chloe, is a fourth year. Ok ok, just one more entry tonight and then off to sleep. Besides looks like everyone is up to exploring anyway.


9 May 1981

UUUGGGHHH!!! They are so going to pay. Who am I talking about? Who else but those fools that go around calling themselves the Marauders. Those jerks, I cannot believe they did that to me but trust me. This is now war and I'll get even.

I woke up this morning completely covered in honey and powdered sugar. I looked like a friggin ghost. What was worse is that I had to go down to breakfast like that since I was running late. I don't know what is worse. The snide comments or the laughing. I actually had to scrub down 5 times to get all of the goo off and then underneath it all my hair was purple! Now my skin is all red and raw from washing so much it hurts. Oh trust me. Paybacks are a bitch and they are in for an all out battle.

On the lighter side. Every time I had potions class this past week there have been night lilies sitting at my desk. It was so sweet of Sev. I didn't have the heart to let him know I knew it was him. The one he left yesterday was asking me to meet him at our spot tonight so that he could return something. When I got there he was actually wearing the mask from last week. I tried removing it from his face but at first he refused. I didn't quite understand why he was hiding until I noticed that Malfoy was roaming around the courtyard looking for something. I was glad that Patty swiped the map from Siri that shows all the secret passageways that the boys use. Well we escaped to one and that was when I finally let Sev know I knew it was him. At first he seemed disappointed but then relieved. We really didn't have anything to talk about that we haven't said before aside from our feelings for each other. I actually found out that he has like me for as long as I have liked him. Other than that we just spent half the night sitting there in each other's arms. No we didn't do anything, I'm not ready for that yet. Unfortunately though it looks like because of who is parents and roommates are, these passageways will be the only places we can be together. At least we will be able to spend the summer together. Oh shit, I wonder how Mr. and Mrs. P. are going to feel about this. At least I know Patty is ok with it cause in a way it gives her ammo against him.

Well I had better get going, it's almost daybreak and I have to go wake up the boys. (HEHEHEHE)

Love Lily.


"Hey Harry, did you take care of what you needed to?" Ron asked as he, Neville and Dean walked in.

"Pretty much. How are the girls getting along?"

"They are getting along pretty good. At least Mione and Ann Marie are. As for Lavender, well her and Dean pretty much kept themselves occupied the whole time." Ron replied.

"How do you know? You two weren't even there."

"We were until we decided that we had seen enough. How long until you realized we weren't there?"

"Erm, about five minutes before you walked in." Dean said as he blushed.

"That's what I thought" Ron turned out the lanterns and the boys went to sleep.

~Next Morning~

"So roomie, I hear I missed all the excitement last night. So are the rumors true?" the girl asked.

"I don't know. What rumors are you talking about? The ones about who my father is or the ones about who I'm seeing?"

"Well my parents and I were pulled into Dumbledore's office last night because he wanted to ensure us that even though you are Professor Lupin's daughter, you don't become dangerous during the full moon. I'm talking about the ones saying that you are dating Harry."

"Well I can tell you that yes Harry and I are seeing one another. Why do you ask?"

"Well curiosity really. I can't say that I completely agree with how Cho says Harry was responsible for my brother's death. Of coarse I can't tell you that I disagree with her either. I really have no idea how or why he actually died but he's gone and I have to move on." Chloe stated. "I will warn you though, most of the people here think that what Cho says is gospel and follow her completely."

"And you don't?"

"I never did. I didn't get along with her while she was dating Cedric and I like her even less now."

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Well because we are room-mates for the next 3 years and we might as well set the boundaries now."

"Well I appreciate that."

"Not only that but it could also piss off the high and almighty bitch if we got along and didn't try to kill one another."

"Well, this may not be as bad as I was afraid of afterall. So are you ready for breakfast?"

"Sure am." And the girls left the dorm for breakfast. As they entered the Great Hall Chloe asked. "Question for you. What are the teachers like outside the school year?"

"Will I really don't know how they act during the school year so I'm not sure if it's any different or not. I guess you cold say they are like any normal person."

"Even Snape acts like a normal person? He's the toughest teacher we have. But be careful because he will take off points from us if we even look cross-eyed at one another."

"Oh so you mean to say Snape doesn't run around the forest in the mornings wearing only a loincloth hunting bunny rabbits yelling 'Oogie Woogie'?" Bria asked as they sat down at the table.

A second year, Chad that was sitting across from Bria happened to over hear the girls as he took a drink of his juice. Unfortunately he tried to keep from laughing and his juice shot out his nose towards the girls. "EEEW!!!" they screamed.

"Eeew? At least your not the one with a pumpkin seed stuck in your nose." Cried Chad.

Then Chloe realized what Bria had said as the image flashed in her mind. "Eeew! Girl that just. That is just flat out sick!"

Harry then walked up to the girls and sat down. "Morning hon. How did it go." noticing Chad playing with his nose, "Um, last night?"

Bria leaned over and kissed Harry good morning. "A bit rough last night but so far it's better this morning."

"Good I was worried." Harry said before they kissed again.

"Mr. Potter, Miss. Lightpaws, minus ten points each for public display of affection." Snape stated as he was walking by.

"But.." Bria started as Harry put his hand over her mouth.

Snape immediately turned around and faced the children again but caught Chad sill messing with his nose. "Um, do you want to make it 20?" Chad realized he was there and put his hands down.

Harry replied "No thank you Professor."

Snape nodded and continued onto the head table and poor Chad tried taking a drink of his juice again. Just when Bria thought no one else could hear she quietly said to Chloe "Oogie Woogie" and once again Chad's juice was all over the place while the girls laughed hysterically.

"Hey it came out!" Chad cheered.

"Come on girls we have to get cleaned up." Harry said as he pulled something out of Bria's hair, "I believe this is yours?" and placed a pumpkinseed down on the table infront of the poor boy.

As Bria, Harry, and Chloe were leaving Ann Marie came walking in with rainbow colored hair while Draco and Jamie burst out laughing then Jamie yelled across the room "Nice hair sis!"

Ann Marie walked up to her brother. "Thank you Bro. You should remember mom never let me do this to my hair before. Thank you for taking care of it for me." She then kissed him on the cheek and joined her friends at their table.

Remus joined the rest of the teachers at the head table. "Looks like we really have our hands full this year. Makes you feel almost sorry for what we did to our teachers."

"Come on now we weren't that bad were we?" Sirius asked.

"At least we weren't pathetic with pranks like Jamie is but, Ann Marie acts like she could give even her mom a good run after what she did yesterday." Remus said. "Has anyone seen Bria or Harry this morning?"

Snape replied "I believe they went to go get cleaned up. For some reason Mr. Peters had some problems with his juice and his nose and they were the targets along with Miss. Diggory."

"What would cause Mr. Peters to have problems with juice and his nose I wonder." Remus stated.

"Oh I think it had something to do with something your daughter said about our good old friend here in front of him and Miss Diggory."

"What did she say?" the two men asked in unison.

"I don't quite remember it all but I did hear something about Severus, loincloth, and bunnies." Sirius replied with a straight face.

Remus immediately excused himself as he went into the corridor to laugh while poor Severus just buried his head in his hands. "How many people heard this?"

"Well if I know Bria, I'm sure Harry has heard about this by now but I believe noone else." Sirius then looked at the headmaster who was chuckling, "Well, sorry guess I had better take that back."

Severus then looked towards Dumbledore who held up his glass towards him. "Oh Merlin, Just kill me now!"


"Come on Bria, we're going to be late" Chloe shouted.

:"I'm coming" Bria yelled back as she ran out of their dorm throwing on a clean robe.

Harry had been waiting in the common room for Bria. "So what's your schedule like before lunch?"

"We have Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, and then I have Care of Magical Creatures while Chloe has Muggle Studies."

"Good I'll walk with you two since Charms is right across the hall."

"Are you two coming or will we have to run to class today?" Chloe asked.

Harry took Bria's hand and the three of them left. Just a few minutes later they arrived at their classrooms and quickly let go of each other's hand when they noticed the professors talking in the corridor. Remus approached the three of them. "Oh no, what now?" Bria sighed

"Harry, Gabriella, " 'great he's using my full name what did I do now?' she thought. "Could you come by my office during lunch? I need to talk to the two of you."

"Yes professor." They said in unison.

"Good I'll see you at 11:40 then." As Remus turned away Harry and Bria had stolen a quick kiss before they went into their separate classrooms.

As Bria and Chloe entered her class she noticed Ginny sitting towards the front of the class so they went up and joined her at the table. "Hi Ginny, how's it going?"

"Ok I guess. So what happened last night after we left?"

"Um, nothing that much. Cho started her shit again but after mom's warning I decided to just go onto bed."

"I don't blame you there. We just hung out in the common room last night. Mione and Ann Marie thought that Dean and Lavender needed to be alone."

"Ok, I don't thing I've met them yet." Bria said "How rude of me, do you know Chloe?"

"No, I've seen her in classes though. Hi, I'm Ginny." She said as she waved her hand at the girl on the other side of her friend.

"Sssh, here comes the professor." Chloe stated.

Sirius walked into the room, pushed some books to the side of his desk and just sat on top of it with his feet dangling down. All the fourth years just stared at him waiting silently. "Wow this is so cool." He said. "First things first. I am not the drill sergeant type like some of my fellow professors are. I know you not only have a lot of friends whose parents sent them onto other schools due to last year's incident. If you have friends in this class that reside in the other houses then that is great. I don't expect you to stick with only your housemates. We are all here to learn together how to defend ourselves and our classmates from the dark arts. Finally I know you have never had a teacher last more than one year so I am curious on how you guys would handle yourselves in a duel. If you would all push the tables to the sides of the room we can set up and arena."

The students quickly moved the tables out of the way and sat back down waiting patiently for their turn while watching their classmates duel one another.


The three girls left their Herbology class that met in the greenhouse. "I wish I could have taken Care of Magical Creatures with you guys. I'd love to stay outside."

"Well we'll be sure to think of you while we're out here working on our tans." Bria said.

"What do you mean tan? All I wind up doing in burning." Ginny said. "We'll see you later Chloe."

"See you" Chloe replied as she headed back towards the castle.

As the girls reached Hagrid's hut a voice came up from behind. "Well if it isn't the runt of the Weasel litter."

"Bria, have you met our friendly little ferret. He is the outcome of what happens when the only female a wanna-be man can mate with is a rat."

"So you're the new Ravenclaw that has completely pissed off Cho. I have heard a lot about you."

"I'm sure not half as much as I've heard about you." Bria replied

Draco smiled at Ginny "Shall I feel honored that my reputation proceeds me?"

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ann Marie walked up from behind Draco and Jamie "That depends purely on who warned her about you." Harry said as he placed his arm around Bria.


"Nice to see you too Malfoy."

Bria crossed her arms and glared at Harry. "And why didn't you tell me you would be in this class?"

"I wanted to see how you were with surprises."

"They are ok I suppose depending on what they are and they don't happen too often."

"So you forgive me?"

"Let me think about it for a bit."

"Hey Harry. How was your summer?"

"Hi Hagrid. It was the usual until I got here. I'm surprised I didn't see you this past week." Harry replied as he went to shake hands with his old friend.

"What's this? You think since yer 15 now your too old for a hug?" Hagrid said as he pulled Harry into a bear hug.


"So sorry. Hello Miss Bria, good to see you again."

"You too sir. How was your trip?"

"It was good. I was able to pickup what I needed for class this term. Besides how many times have I told you to call me Hagrid." Hagrid turned to Harry and continued. "Sirius brought her by a few times while he was showing her around the forest. Had some real nice visits with her parents too before the accident. I'm sorry I didnt get to stay to see you got better."

"That's alright, Harry showed up the next day."

"Well I'm glad to see you two have become friends. I hope your keeping him out of trouble with the professors."

"I'm trying but we do have to keep them on their toes a little."

"Just don't you be to hard on them."

"Excuse me. Are we going to spend our whole class time just listening to all of you just chit chat?" Jamie asked.

"You come visit me for tea later" Hagrid told Harry and his friends then started with the class. "Ok today we are going to learn about Knarls. Who can tell me what they are?" Hermione and Jamie show up their hands immediately


"It's a small rodent that looks exactly like a hedgehog but."

"Although some Muggles leave food out for hedgehogs, a knarl will see it as a trap and then destroy that person's garden" Jamie interrupted.

Hermione glared at him and then continued. "A lot of the destruction they cause is."

"Usually blamed on the children." Jamie finished as he smiled at Hermione.

"Now which one of ye can tell me where tey can be found?"

"America" "Northern Europe" Jamie replied at the same time.

"Ok, 10 points to each of your houses."

Hermione was once again angered by the boy's completion of her answers. This was something that Jamie kept doing all day. "Girl, I told you not to let that bother you." Ann Marie stated.

"I am not letting it bother me. I just can't believe that he never learned it is impolite to interrupt someone."

"And I can't believe that you can't tell when someone is just trying to get your attention."

"I highly doubt he would be interested in someone like me when he hangs out with Malfoy."

"My brother never does what he's expected to. Trust me I know when he's got a thing for someone. Besides, by looking at Malfoy, he seems to be more fascinated with Ginny than with what my brother does."

"No way! You cannot be serious."

"Just look" Ann Marie said as she pointed out that Draco had been starring at Ginny. "You know they would make a cute couple."

"Ron would kill Draco if he stepped one foot near Ginny. That is if Draco's dad didn't kill him first."

"Trust me. Parents don't always have to know what their kids do."

"As many howlers that I have seen come through here, they always have a way of finding out."

"We will see. Besides it's the challenge of them not finding out that makes it fun."

Hagrid continued on with the class and each student was assigned a Knarl to care for during the next few weeks but were to keep them at the class' facility.

When class was finally over the group was heading back to the castle when Bria asked "So what were you two talking about?"

"Oh Ann Marie thinks she knows which kids would make good couples" Hermione stated.

"Oh? And who would you fix up?" Ron asked.

"Thank I think will have to remain girl talk. I know how you guys would react if we said anything." Ann Marie replied.

"And trust me, you really don't want to know" Hermione added.

"Well we'll see you guys later. Bria and I have to go see Professor Lupin."

"Thanks for reminding me." Bria said And the group split and went their different ways.


Harry and Bria walked into Remus' office and noticed Sirius, Dannie, and Severus were all there waiting for them.

"Um, Professor Lupin, you wanted to see us?" Harry asked as he looked at the crowded room.

"Come on in and have a seat." Remus said and the two walked in feeling like they were stepping infront of a firing squad. "Unfortunately we have some bad news. Earlier we intercepted a letter written to Lucius Malfoy. We originally thought it was just Draco checking in but according to Professor Snape, Draco hasn't even tried to contact him."

"So what your saying is I pretty much have another year of no trips to Hogsmeade and tons of restrictions. Am I right?"

"At first we did consider that option but, we know the history of you and your friends when told you cannot do something." Severus said

"So what are my conditions this time and why did you insist that Bria join in on this meeting?"

"Well you are not the only one in danger this time. With this in mind we must ask that whenever you are away from the castle that you be in a group of no less than 3 others. Also on weekends and holidays you will be required to stay in the quarters that you were in over the summer. This way we are able to keep an eye on you easier." Sirius stated

"Why do I have a bad feeling that this is not everything?"

"Very perceptive. First I must ask. How much of your mums diary have you read so far?"

"Geesh! I guess I've finished her fifth year. Why do you keep pushing for me to read the damn diary everytime I ask a question?"

Severus walked over to the window then looked to Remus and Sirius "The Feast of Beltaine" he said.

"Remus, because of this we cannot wait much longer, he has to be told" Sirius stated and Remus nodded in agreement.

Harry and Bria looked at each other in confusion when Dannie walked over and knelt besides them. "Harry, would you join us for family dinner in Remus' quarters tomorrow night. They will be able to tell you everything at that time."

"You guys will finally answer all my questions?"

Remus sighed "Yes, but you must sit and listen. No matter how hard it gets."

"Fine then I will take you up on your invitation. Can we go eat now?"

"Yes you two go on. Oh and Harry, would you please bring the diary with you tomorrow?" Sirius asked.

"Yea sure. No problem." And the two left for the Great Hall.

Severus looked at his old classmates. "Are you sure we are ready to tell him now Remus? We all agreed a long time ago that we would abide Lily's wishes in letting her tell him."

"Yes Severus that was the original agreement but something has drastically changed."

"And what may I ask would that be?"

"Have a seat Sev, I have some bad news for you and Sirius." Severus sat down in a chair next to the window as Remus continued. "Unfortunately the twins will be receiving letters from the Ministry any moment now." Sirius buried his head into his hands. "Yes I'm sorry Siri, it's Patty. This morning there was a Death Eater attack and Sleepy Hollow was completely destroyed leaving no survivors."

"But they have nothing to do with the battles over here. That is why they all moved into that little commune," Sirius said.

"I know that but with Hallows Eve coming quick and the legend the town has with Muggles, Voldemort's followers believed it to be a prime target. Also that is not all of it." Remus unfolded a piece of parchment and handed it to Severus. "Dannie found this on the ground outside her class this morning." Severus read the letter.


The Great Battle will start to begin
When evil once lives again.
Half of the one will now be gone,
The Tower wards to be redone.
While the remaining three
Train the new to keep them free

Two will learn what was meant to be
Two more will come across the sea
When darkness starts to tear the night
One thought once evil will become light

Most are children of the remaining few
The ones they love will be the new
But, before the fight can be won
The eight must come to be one.
Lucius, It is starting now. They are all here.

Severus then looked at Remus. "Do we know who the eighth one is?" he asked as he handed the note to Sirius.

"Not yet but keep your eyes open. You are closer to the Death Eater's children than the rest of us."

"Did this come from one of the kids in your class?" Sirius asked

Dannie replied "That I'm not quite sure of. It may have blown across the grounds. There were too many children outside today to be able to tell who could have dropped it."
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