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I Hate Valentines Day by Bitter_Sweet_Love62
Chapter 1 : I Hate Valentines Day
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hey everyone! this is in response to magiocguy93 Valentines Day Competition.
please read and reveiw!

disclaimer: I do not own any of j.k rowling characters. Lyrics found in story belong to dashboard confessional's As Lovers Go.

Hermione Granger hated Valentines Day.


Every year it was the same.

Boy likes girl.

Girl likes boy.

Boy sends girl a romantic card, roses and a box of chocolate in the shape of an annoying, cute, red heart.

Girl acts shocked, kisses the boy on the cheek and flutters away to tell her best friends that she scored the guy of her dreams.

Boy is relieved, stalks off proudly and brags to his friends how he is going to score on the night of there date.
Boy and Girl date for a while, boy gets bored and he breaks up with girl, who is devastated, thinking they would be together forever.

Girl runs off crying, boy pretends to be sorry, when really he is about to go “meet” Pug faced Parkinson behind the fourth floor painting of Merlin the Wizard.

Hermione sighed. She used to love Valentines Day.

She said, "I've got to be honest,
You're wasting your time if you're fishin' around here."
And I said, "You must be mistaken,
I'm not foolin', this feelin' is real."
She said, "You've gotta be crazy!
What do you take me for? Some kinda of easy mark?"

 Draco Malfoy, roses in hand and tiny balls of sweat sliding down his forehead, stalked as proud as he could down the corridor towards the Gryffindor common room. Under the current circumstances Draco Malfoy, King of Cool, was scared of giving a girl a Valentines Day present.

But this wasn’t just an ordinary girl, this was Hermione Granger, his ex girlfriend he dumped 5 months after Valentines Day last year. The relationship was extremely hush- hush, only the two of them knowing their secret.

Now in their last year of Hogwarts, Draco realized that Hermione Granger was not like any other girl and was the girl for him. At the time, he was clearly delusional, dumping the girl of his dreams for Pansy Parkinson.

 He had to win her back.

 Reaching the portrait of the Fat Lady, Draco waited for Hermione to come out. He had sent her an owl, asking her to meet outside her common room entrance at exactly 3:15 in the afternoon. Of course he did not sign his name. She would never have met him then.

He glanced at his clock, exactly 3:15.

Glancing back up at the portrait, it abruptly swung open, cloths lining Draco straight in the neck. His feet flipped up over his head, as his back slammed onto the marble floor. The roses, which were flung up into the air, came crashing down onto the unlucky person who opened the door. The roses hung over the persons head, enabling Draco to see who it was.

“Hermione?” he questioned, trying to pear through the mess of flowers.

 "No it is not bloody Hermione!” Ronald Weasley screamed hot headedly at Draco.

“Merlin, Weasley! You look extremely feminine from the floor.” Draco chuckled while picking himself off the floor.

“What did you bloody say Mal...” Ron started to scream, but was interrupted by Hermione coming running out of the common room.

“Ron! Get in the common room immediately!” She screeched.

Ron scared for his life, glared at the laughing Malfoy and angrily stalked through the portrait hole.

 “These were for you,” Draco mumbled feebly, indicating to the mess of rose petals covering the floor.

“No Draco! It wasn’t you who sent that note was it?” Hermione asked desperately, tears springing into her eyes.

“Please Hermione. I am still in love with you! Please believe me, please.” He replied frantically.

“Draco, you are wasting your time! Every year you do the same thing with a different girl! I am not falling for it again!” she answered angrily, through gritted teeth.

“Hermione, that’s the thing, I have changed. I am not doing this to a different girl! I am doing it to you,” he pleaded.

“Draco, you broke my heart! How do I know you aren’t fooling around?” She asked, “I don’t want my heart broken again.

 Draco took a large step towards her and held her head in his hands.

 “Hermione, that was a mistake, this feeling in here,” he said pointing to his heart, “is completely real!”

 Draco brought down his lips to hers pecking her ever so lightly on the lips.

 Hermione roughly pushed him away, “Do you think I am crazy! What do you take me for! I am not stupid! I know what you are like, I know what you do and I am not letting you to come here and charm your way back into my heart!”

 With that she left Draco standing there by himself.

 For once in his life Draco was rejected on Valentines Day.

Draco walked back down the corridor towards the dungeon, when a small hand rested upon his shoulder.

 Turning around he saw one of the most gorgeous girls he had ever seen.

“Excuse me, do you know the way to the Slytherin common room, I am new here and a bit lost,” she asked, her voice angelic to his ears.

Getting ready to show her some Malfoy charm, he buffed up his chest, stood up straight and offered his arm.

 “Most certainly milady,” he replied, with that gorgeous Malfoy smile.

 The girl giggled and looped her arm through his.

 Maybe this wasn’t going to be the worst Valentines Day ever.

 As they walked down the many stairs that led to the bottom floor, where the dungeons were found, Draco being the gentleman he was gave her a guided tour of the castle.

 Stopping at the Door of Professor Snape’s office, Draco leant over the girl who called herself Lola, one hand resting on the stone wall and the other resting on the small of her back.

 She smiled up at him as their eyes locked.

Slowly Draco moved his head closer to hers, smiling back at her.

Just as there lips where about to meet Professor Snape banged open his door.

“Lola Snape! Step away from Mr. Malfoy immediately!” he screeched angrily at his daughter.


Draco Malfoy hated Valentines Day.

he he he! i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did writing it!!
please r/r!
Zoe xx

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I Hate Valentines Day: I Hate Valentines Day


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