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Will of the Sexes by Miss_Magic
Chapter 3 : Underground Wager
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Will of the Sexes
Chapter 3 – Underground Wager

*Discliamer - I do not own anything that looks familiar. It all belongs to the marvellous J.K.Rowling*

Harry and Ron were in the great hall the next day eating their dinner. Both were extremely tired looking and were feeling particularly grumpy. It had been over a week since the bet had begun now and they were beginning to feel worse off for it.

The girls had continued to tease the boys. The boys had been teasing the girls too but it seemed to have much less of an effect on them.The worst part of the teasing was that during the night when they’d be thinking of the girls after a long day of being tempted they couldn’t even relieve themselves.

‘What’s up with you two, you look like hell?’ a voice came. It was Seamus accompanied by Dean and Neville. They sat down opposite the two boys.

‘It’s nothing’ Ron said grumpily piling some mash into his mouth.
That’s when they saw the two girls approach them.

‘Hey boys’ they said smiling sweetly. They smiled back, a little less enthusiastically I might add.

‘We’re going to a potions study group tonight, do you two want to come with us?’ Hermione asked.

‘Does it sound like something we wanna do?’ Harry snapped back.

‘Alright, alright, geez Harry you’re a little testy’ Hermione remarked.

‘Yeah, you’d think you hadn’t gotten any in a week!’ Ginny added with a sly smile. Harry and Ron glared at the girls. They smiled sweetly back.

‘Well, we’re off’ Hermione said.

‘See you later’ Ginny added and they both walked away arm in arm, giggling a little.

The boys went back to wolfing down their food.

‘What was that about?’ Dean asked.

‘Nothing’ Harry said. There was silence.

‘Well… it’s just that…. Well we kind of made a bet with the girls’ Ron said slowly.

‘What kind of bet?’ Neville asked, looking up curiously to join in the conversation.

‘Who could last the longest without any sexual contact’ Harry said miserably.

‘Are you serious?’ Seamus asked incredulously ‘What would you do that for?’

‘Well we were trying to prove a point’ Harry stated ‘that men didn’t think about sex every 6 seconds’ he finished.

‘Yeah, the girls laughed and thought we couldn’t do it’ Ron added indignantly.

‘Well they’ve got a point’ Dean said ‘Look at the pair of you, you’d think you were deprived of food and water, not sex’ He pointed out.

‘We’re gonna lose’ Ron said miserably to his plate.

‘No you won’t, you have to beat the girls. Show them who’s boss’ Seamus said in a manly voice. Then they heard a snigger a little way down the table. The five boys gaze fell upon Parvati, Padma and Lavender.

‘What?’ the five of them asked at the same time.

‘Oh please,’ Parvati began. ‘There’s no way you guys will win. Girls aren’t as desperate for it as guys are’ the other two girls nodded in agreement.

‘They could too’ Seamus piped up.

‘Come on, it’s Hermione and Ginny.’ Lavender said as if stating the obvious ‘you’re gonna lose’.

‘I bet you they won’t’ Dean said.

‘I bet you 10 Galleons they will’ Padma said, her eyes twinkling.

’10 Galleons?’ they asked a little taken aback.

‘Ahhh, you scared you’ll lose then?’ Parvati taunted.

‘No’ Seamus said defiantly.

‘Er, guys-’ Ron tried to interrupt.

‘We’ll bet you 15 they’ll win’ Dean added.

’20 that the girls win’ Padma raised.

That’s when the Weasley twins arrived.

‘Hey hey people, who’s betting what now?’ Fred or George asked strolling over. (They had been at Hogwarts for some promotional work on their shop. Funny though, they didn’t really seem to do much work, more mucking around with the students.)

‘Fred it’s nothi-’ Ron started but was interrupted by Seamus.

‘The two pairs have made a bet to swear off any sexual contact to see who breaks first and we think the guys will win but they think the girls will win’ He blurted out.

The twins smiled at each other.

‘So what’s the bid at?’ George asked getting his money pouch out.

‘George’ Ron said ‘this is stupid’

‘Why is it stupid, you made the bet in the first place’ he continued getting his galleons out.

‘Yeah but you’re wasting money on it’ he added.

‘Not if we win’ he added grinning ’20 galleons on Hermione and Ginny to win’

‘George!’ Harry and Ron chorused.

‘What?’ he asked innocently ‘You don’t really expect to win, do you?’
‘Come on lads, you know you’re gonna lose’ Fred added whilst placing his bet on the girls.

‘Well, what we need is an official wager’ Fred began and he conjured a jar out of thin air as George conjured a clipboard.

‘So we’ll keep the bets and write them down and give the payouts when the game ends’ Fred said happily.

‘Oi this is not a game’ Ron started getting angry.

‘Yeah little bro, that’s exactly what it is’ He smiled mischievously whilst the others crammed around them to put in their bid.


Over the next couple of days there was this underground betting sensation that swept through Hogwarts. Everyone seemed to know about the ‘Two Pairs bet’. Harry and Ron were really angry about it because now everyone knew about their situation and there was much more pressure not to cave.

The girls were angry at first that everyone knew but they had started to use it against the guys. Making them aware of all the pressure, telling them how easy life could be again if they just gave in. All the girls in Hogwarts seemed to be on the girls’ side and as a matter of principal all the guys (apart from Fred and George) had sided with the guys.

It had become somewhat of an obsession with the students of Hogwarts. Boys passing Harry and Ron in the corridor would ask them how they were and give them words of encouragement. The girls of Hogwarts seemed so confident in Hermione and Ginny that they’d just walk past and smile, wave, wink or hi-five them.


It had now been several weeks since the bet began and Harry and Ron were sitting on their beds trying to sleep.

‘Harry I don’t think I can take this anymore’ Ron blurted.

‘Shut up Ron’ Harry said trying to force himself not to think about Ginny and just sleep.

‘Harry I have to do something’ Ron said.

‘Shut up Ron’ Harry repeated.

‘I don’t think little Ron’s ever felt this neglected’ He said.

‘SHUT UP RON’ came the four voices of Ron’s roommates. The room went silent.

‘I bet Hermione and Ginny aren’t having this hard a time’ Ron whispered.


Out in the common room, Hermione and Ginny were awake. Hermione sitting on the couch staring into the fire and Ginny, pacing in front of it.

‘Hermione, I’m really sick of this’ Ginny said continuing to pace in front of the fire. ‘I mean there’s only so long a girl can hold off. I mean I have needs Hermione’ she stopped and stared at her.

‘I know Gin, you don’t think I’m feeling this too?’ she asked Ginny.

‘Well you don’t seem to show it’ said Ginny beginning to pace again. ‘All the girls in Hogwarts think we’re going to win and I just don’t think I can keep it up for much longer. Every time I see Harry I wanna just throw him against a wall or push him to the floor and mount him’ she finished with a lust-filled gaze.

‘Ok, far too much information Ginny’ Hermione said with a frown on her face. ‘I know what you mean though. I haven’t kissed Ron in so long I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like’. Ginny slumped onto the couch next to Hermione.

‘I think theres a chance i could lose this Hermione’ Ginny said sadly. Hermione just looked miserably into the fire.


Ooh, so the whole of Hogwarts is in on it now. Just out of interest, who would you put your money on? Please leave a review and let me know :D

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