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Behind These Cold Blue Eyes by Fiyeros_Secret_Lover
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4-All Alone
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Chapter 4-All Alone

Hermione couldnít sleep, she was wide awake even though it was three in the morning. To many things were irking her; everything seemed to be happening all at once; Zacarius, then her parents, and the most resent was Harry and Ron leaving her all on her own to cope with it all.


The news about her parents had gotten around. As she walked up the stairs people moved out of her way whispering to their friends, sometimes she felt a Gyrffindors comforting hand on her shoulder. Hermione walked into the common room throughly soaked. She looked around for Harry and Ron. There. She watched in horror as her two best friends bolted up the to the boys dorm she watched the chairs they were in seconds before fall to the ground she walked over to see what they had been doing. She found their half finished game of chess, they were avoiding her.

End Flashback

Hermione walked silently, she stopped, foot steps she estinguished the light at the end of her wand she was up by the astronomy tower there were no windows she took a step forward then another hoping not to get caught by Filch. Hermione took another step bad choice she tripped on the stairs she didnít scream she just closed her eyes waitig for the uneven ground of the stairs to catch her but the stairs didnít catch her someones arms did. She opened her eyes she still couldnít see their arms hold her close ďHermione you known not to go into dark places aloneď said the cold steely voice, the one that made her shiver, the voice she hated and loved Dracoís voice. He moved swiftly along the corridors with her until he found what he was looking for, the Room of Requirments.

In side were fluffy couches, Draco flopped down onto one as Hermione sat next to his head. Draco felt something in Mioneís pocket, grabbing it he saw her neat script, Hermioneís Diary.

Dear Diary,

If there's one thing I just can't seem to understand, which is saying a lot seeing as I am the smartest sixth year student at Hogwarts, is the male species. I mean, honestly, though their brains, if they even have any, are miniscule, they are terribly confusing. It's like some kind of known code they have between all of them. Of course, I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm a girl. You ask why I'm obsessive over figuring this out? Well, I ought to know when my two best friends are boys.

I don't know exactly why I'm even friends with them. I mean, Harry and Ron, well...they're not the brightest bulbs around. In fact, I'm sure if I wasn't friends with them, they would have no clue how to run their own lives. I'm not a control freak, I just enjoy having things done properly, which is my way. Not only are they dim-witted, they can be selfish and haven't a clue on how to act around as they say "Pretty Girls." But they have no problem talking to me. So basically, they just called me ugly in front of my face. I didn't mention it. Instead, I stuck my nose back in my book like the good girl I am.

That's who, or in this case, what, I turn to when I can't talk to Harry and Ron. So that explains why I base all of my trust on a little book like yourself. In fact, it's been getting harder to talk to them, now that they both have a love life. It's quite disturbing to see Harry with Ginny. I mean, they seem more like brother and sister then boyfriend and girlfriend.

Well Iím not sure if putting this in here is a good idea but the other night, as I was sittting in the library, alone as usual, I sensed that I was being watched so I looked up and Smith was staring at me. I could have sworn I saw a flush creep up his neck as he put his head down. I just stared at him in shock. He wasn't looking at me badly, just looking and he seemd to enjoy every second. No, I'm not flattering myself. Of course I would never like him in a million years. But when I was in the Gryffindor hall he grabbed me from ehind knocking me out! the next thing I knew I was lying on the floor of an old classroom with my pants off and shirt thrown over my head I was freaking out how could this happen. I sat up the rest of the night in the hall but half way throught the night Malfoy showed up I thought I was done for but he wasnít there to taunt me, he was nice, sensitive and caring he let his facade fall to the ground as he held me. It was kind of odd it was almost like he was begging me to see that this was the real him and the rest of the way he acted was fake.

Anyways, I like my men who are smart, strong, sensitive and...alright Handsome. Draco is somewhat near all of those okay he is all of those. Except heís not handsome heís GORGEOUS his beautiful eyes, and that smile and..... I could continue, but I wonít for your own sanity.

Yours Truly,

Hermione Granger

Draco smiled as he read it he couldnít help it, he started kissing her gently, lovingly, he held her like you would and ancient china doll afraid that if your to rough with them theyíll break he wanted nothing more than to make her feel safe and secure someone was there for her. His hand tangled in her hair as he held her to him. her small hands grasping his bicepts and she had to admit that there really was a reason she could like Quidditch now. When they finally parted that night, all that were left was Dracoís kiss of faith on Hermioneís soul.

But they didnít part for long they both just went back to their rooms to get dressed for the day then come back down stairs. Draco walked up from the dungeons justy as Hermione stepped into view at the top of the stairs. she walked carefully down the stairs being sure to miss the trick step. Then continuing on Draco stood in the shadows. Whenever he watched her he smiled. But in public he had to force himself not to which was pretty damn hard sometimes.

Hermione sat at the breakfast table alone. Draco snuck up behind her encircling her waist with him long arms, kissing her right behind her ear. She gaspped spinning to face him, a warm smile spread across her face. No one else was up yet thank god. They would have a hell of a time explaining their actions to them. But as they started to hear the slow footsteps of the drowsy students making their way to the Great Hall so Draco dashed across the room to his table.

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