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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 3 : Changing For The Worst
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A long silence had filled the room. One could hear a pin drop, it was that quiet. Hannah felt like the world had stopped. Everything she saw was slowly fading. Becoming out of focus. “Sister?” She blinked, shaking her head, as everything slowly arched its way back into focus. Suddenly, she wished she didn’t want to see where she was. She blinked again. Her deep green eyes slowly shifted from Bellatrix to Voldemort. She didn’t have a sister. Did she? “I don’t have a sister.” she said slowly. Voldemort curled an upper lip.

” Are you quite sure of that my dear?” he asked. He drew out his wand.  

“Yes” she said confidently. “I know I don’t.” She shifted uncomfortably. “I would know if I did.” Voldemort chuckled knowingly, stepping a tad closer.

“Ah, but my dear, you do. Her name is Hermione Granger; she is sixteen, just like you.” Hannah blinked, utterly confused. How in the world would he know that and she wouldn’t? It was too suspicious. So, she decided to ask.

“How would you know about this? And not me?” she questioned raising her eyes to his. 

“Dear, Innocent, child. You’re not very smart are you?” he paused. “Have you ever felt like you were being watched, only to turn around to find no one there?” Hannah nodded slowly, remembering all the times she had felt like she was being watched.

“How do you think I know about Hermione,” he asked, his smile growing. Hannah gasped in fright. Bellatrix glanced at Voldemort.” You’ve been watching her?” she asked, shocked. Voldemort shook his head. “No, not me.” He paused. ”Wormtail has."

Hannah's eyes winded, she swallowed. "But..why..did you follow me in the first place?" she asked, confused.  Voldemort ignored her and turned to Bellatrix. 

“Why do you think I sent you there to go meet last night?” he raised a brow. Bellatrix eyes winded. 
“This was a set up?! You’d knew she be there?!” she screeched, not pleased. 

“Of course! If I would have simply told you to kidnap her, you would not have. Don’t you see? I planned everything. You, being at the park the time she was there. I knew you would want to mess with her.” he said calmly. He looked at Hannah, before continuing. “Am I right Bellatrix?”

"Yes” she said coldly, glaring at Hannah, who just grinned back.

“Exactly! See, Bellatrix, Hannah is not just a witch.” He shook his head. “Oh no, she is much more.” His cold eyes fell on Hannah. “Aren’t you?” Hannah’s eyes winded. How could he possibly know? No one knew besides her.

Twins. They can be differerent, they can be the same. They could be the same, yes. But, they could be very different. Hannah and Hermione, for example were very different. Hermione had received her brown hair and eyes from their father. Hannah had received her red hair and green eyes from their mother. Yet, they looked exactly the same. Hermione was bright, funny and serious. Hannah was sarcastic, brilliant and loved to disobey the rules. But, the biggest difference that set them apart was incredible. See, Hannah had Legilimency. She had discovered it when she was about twelve or so. She had been very scared at first, but soon, loved it. She would have a blast reading her peer’s minds. Finding out their darkest, deepest secrets. Not only did she have Legilimency, but she was also psychic. Yes, psychic. You read that correctly. I know what some of you are thinking,” Psychic? Uh-huh, .Legilimency. Sure, but psychic?” Well, that its out there. Hannah had discovered she was psychic, by just the tinest feeling something bad was going to happen.  She had just one day got this horrible feeling her friends father, would get into a car accident. She had called her friend, told her to warn her dad. But, sadly, she did not listen. Her dad went out, and ten minutes later, he was in a car accident. That’s just a coincidence right? Wrong. That’s what she thought. Little incidents here and there, proved her wrong. Like knowing when she was going to have a pop quiz, or knowing who was calling every time the damn phone rang. Gradually, it got stronger and stronger. These two powers fused together, made her very special indeed. She had kept them from everyone, even her friends. So, did she ever get a shock when she heard Voldermort knew. 

"How could he have known? No one knows. Not even my family. Oh this is bad. This is very bad. The Darkest wizard of all time knows my deepest secret. What is he going to do to me?! Oh, this is horrid. And what about my sister? Hermione, he said her name was. Do I really have one or is he just bluffing? Oh god, oh god, what if ---"

“Hannah!!” Voldemort snapped his voice cold with venom. Hannah was snapped back into reality by his cold voice. “What!?” she snapped back. “I asked you a question dear child.” he said, getting irritated.  “Oh…er…what was it?” she asked, smiling weakly. He sighed, annoyed. “I asked you if it was true, that you are in fact, different.” Hannah sighed, giving up. “Yes.” she said flatly. Bellatrix looked between Voldemort to Hannah.

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing, now shush Belly” Hannah replied, and was surprised when Voldemort gave a small chuckle. “Yes, I have Legilimency and I’m psychic.” she said, gazing at the floor. Voldemort sneered in mock delight. “Bellatrix, you may leave now.” he said, simply.

“What? Why?” she questioned.

“GO!!” he snapped, rounding on her. Bellatrix glared at Voldemort. Bellatrix looked at the young witch, once more. Hate clearly shown in her eyes She mouthed,” I will kill you” before turning, and leaving the room. Hannah swallowed, hard. She knew, if Voldemort had not come in when he did, Bellatrix would have killed her. She looked at Voldemort, with fear in her eyes, as she pressed her back into the wall, watching him anxiously. Voldemort smiled at her, showing his foul teeth. Hannah gagged, just wishing she could go home. “So, Hannah. You are quite the unique little witch; you would make a lovely addition. What will it be?” Hannah thought for a moment. Suddenly, she realized he wasn’t bluffing. She felt it, she knew he wasn’t. Even though Hannah had never met Hermione, she still couldn’t let Voldemort hurt her. She took a deep, shaky breath. Never would she have thought she would have to utter the following words. She sniffled, as a single tear fell down her cheek. She looked up at Voldemort, knowing the second she said it, her life would change forever

“I-I-I’ll joi-join yo-you.” she stammered, her voice crackling.

Voldemort smiled sinisterly. “Wise decision, now step forward, girl.” Hannah didn’t move. “I SAID STEP FORWARD!!” he snarled. Hannah still didn’t move. Voldemort angrily reached out, grabbed her by her shirt and yanked her forward. Hannah winced from slight pain. He stepped up right up to her, their noses not even an inch apart. “From now on you will do as I say!!” he screamed. “Or I swear I will kill you and your dope sister, is that understood!?” he spat right in her face. Hannah flinched, angry at him for insulting Hermione, but terrified. She nodded weakly.”Ye-yes” she stammered, shivering.

“Good!!” he snapped and shoved back her sleeve of her left arm. Hannah trembled in pure fright from her head to her toes. “Run!!” Hannah struggled. Voldermort ran his wand down her arm. Hannah shuddered, feeling the cold tip on her warm skin. She suddenly squeezed her eyes shut, tensing her body. Preparing. Waiting. Voldemort sneered at her, muttered a spell, and tapped her arm about halfway up. Suddenly, her arm felt as if it were on blazing fire. She screamed and tore her arm back, clutching it, gasping from the intense pain.


In another part of the city, a girl of the age sixteen, was wandering the mall with her friend. Her name? Hermione Granger.

“Alright, what do you think of this?” said her friend, Isabelle, holding up an outfit. 

Hermione studied it and took a sip of her smoothie. Well, I--” she begin, but suddenly yelped and clutched her left arm in pain, dropping her smoothie. The strawberry-banana beverage fell the floor, going everywhere.. . “Oww!” she cried. Her arm had suddenly felt as if it were on fire.

 Isabelle’s eyes winded in alarm.” What!? What is it?!” she asked, running over to her.“My arm! It feels like its on fire!” she grabbed her arm and blew on it, as if trying to blow out the imaginary flames. “Ow! It hurts’, she wailed. She had no idea what was happening.

Voldemort flicked his wand. Slowly, the pain subsided, until it was gone. Hannah closed her eyes tight once more. Voldemort stood there.” Open your eyes.” he said, without emotion. She did as she was told, and slowly opened them. She cried out by what she saw. Her left arm was a bit red. Parts of her skin were flaky. The dark mark was there. Clear as day. She reached out slowly and touched it with her right index finger, flinching form the pain. It was done. There was no going back. Hannah Granger at age sixteen, was a Deatheater.

Voldemort smiled cruelly. “It is done.” Hannah turned and glared at him, hard.

“No really? I haven’t noticed.” she snapped, terrified of had just occurred. 

Hermione, suddenly stopped clutching her arm. The pain as quickly as it was there, had vanished. “That’s odd. It suddenly stopped.” she said, voice filled with confusion.

Isabelle raised a brow.” Really? That is odd. Are you ok?” she asked, concerned. Hermione nodded. “Good.” said Isabelle, smiling. 

“Wonder what in the heck that was all about though.” Hermione frowned, thinking. Isabelle shrugged and titled her head.

“Hey! Maybe you have some twin somewhere and you two freakishly, like, bonded.” she said jokingly. Hermione laughed and bent down to clean up her smoothie. 

” Doubt it.” she responded, while cleaning. Isabelle bent down to help her.

“But, wouldn’t that be sooo cool!?” she questioned in excitement. Hermione giggled and nodded. 

“Yes, too bad I don’t.” The two girls finished up cleaning the spilled beverage and stood up. They exited the store, laughing. Too bad , Hermione didn’t know that right that very second, her twin was slowly about to change. For the worst.

Hannah’s eyes shifted down to her arm again. She didn’t want to believe it, she wouldn’t believe it. How could this have had happened? Her life had changed completely, within a matter of hours. Yesterday, she was with her friends, laughing, joking and having a good time. She didn’t have to worry about anything. She was happy with her life and her foster parents meant the world to her. Now, she was a Deatheater, probably never going to see her friends and family again. She let out a choked sob. “My parents! Oh, god, they must be so worried!!” Her eyes snapped back up to Voldermort. “I-I’ll get to see my parents again, right?” she asked, hesitantly. Voldemort studied her for a second.” No” he answered, curtly. “You’re going to Hogwarts now.”

Hannah glared at him. “Why can‘t I--what?! I don’t want to go to Hogwarts! All of my friends are at Woodbine!!” she said, furious. Voldemort simply shrugged.

“Oh, well. That’s the way it is now.” Hannah narrowed her dark green eyes at him, and blew a loose strand of red hair out her face, angrily . “Fucking Bastard!!” she muttered under her breath. 

"What was that?!” he asked, sharply.

“I said you were a fucking bastard! Get a damn hearing aid!” she snapped. Voldemort glared at her, with his emotionless eyes. !“How dare she!! Stupid girl he thought to himself.Hannah flinched. “I’m not stupid !!” she shouted. Voldermort blinked, shocked.

“I never sa--” he began, but Hannah interrupted him. “Bullshit!! I know you did!!” Hannah blinked suddenly, sensing he was going to strike. She ducked, just barely missing his fist.

“Damn girl!” he hissed. Hannah ran behind him. She snickered. “What? Can’t hit a teenage girl? Oh, that’s right, you can’t even kill a little baby!” she smirked. Hannah ducked once more, as he whirled around, cursing out a hex. The blue light flew over her head and right into the only light bulb. The light shattered and they were plunged into darkness. Hannah rolled her eyes.” Way to bust the only light bulb, Voldes!”

“DO NOT CALL ME THAT!! YOU WILL RESPECT ME!!!” he shouted, enraged. He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her up the stairs. Hannah screamed in pain.

“Let go!!!” she shouted, desperately trying to free herself. 

Voldemort ignored her and continued up the stairs. He walked out of the kitchen and down the dark, narrow hallway. He grumbled. “Pathetic, stupid girl!!” I have the right mind to kill you!!” he screamed, while dragging her. He stopped at the end of the hallway and kicked open a door. He threw her on the floor and walked in slamming the door. Hannah cried out in pain as she was slammed into the floor. She felt a bruise forming on her arm, as she slowly stood up. She realized she was, once again, surrounded by Deatheaters. Voldermort glared at her. 

“We have a new little member, to our family.” he sneered, shoving her towards them. “Miss Hannah Granger, is psychic and has Legilimency, she is quite the addition.

“Granger? As in the mudblood’s sister?’ asked a Deatheater.

“No, I’m her mother. Yes, her sister!! You stupid git!” Hannah snapped. 

The Deatheater’s eyes narrowed as he took a menacing step towards her. “Why you good for nothing, little b--” Voldemort interrupted him. “Leave it be!” he snapped. The Deatheater slowly stepped back, still glaring. Bellatrix was also in the room, she wanted nothing more than to kill the young witch. “Fucking little bitch!! As soon as I’m alone with her, I swear she’s dead.” 

“Now, Belly, its not nice to call someone a fucking bitch.” She shrugged. “I don’t think Voldemort will like it too much if you kill me.”

Bellatrix’s mouth hung open, as well as twelve other Deatheaters. “I didn’--Dammit, stupid girl.” she mumbled. Hannah smirked in amusement. Voldemort grinned curtly. 

“You see?” he whispered. He walked up behind her.” She is going to go to Hogwarts now, and report back to us with any kind of information we can use.” he sneered. Hannah sighed. “But, first..” he smiled evilly. “Let’s she if she has the guts to kill.” Hannah gasped. “What!?” He snapped his fingers. Immediately the door flung open and in walked two Deatheaters, dragging a struggling girl into the room. Hannah’s eyes winded as she recognized her. The girl they were dragging was one of her muggle friends from back home, Caitlyn. 

“Oh, no!” she whispered. The Deatheaters dragged Caitlyn in front of her, whose eyes winded. 

“Hannah? W-what are you doing here? What’s going on? Who are these people?” the girl asked frantically, scared out of her mind. Hannah swallowed hard. “Hannah?!” she repeated. 

“Do it now or I will!!” screamed Voldemort.

“Do it? Do what? What will he do?!” she asked, scared. Voldemort bent down and whispered in Hannah’s ear.

“Now, you don’t want your dear sister dead do you?” he asked, coldly. “Do it.” he said again, harshly. Hannah gulped.

“I…Can’t! She’s my f-friend.” she choked out. Voldemort grunted. “ Then Hermione dies.” he said simply.  Caitlyn swallowed. Watching them. “H.-.annah, what is he talking about? What is this?”  Hannah, very slowly, pulled out her wand. Her arm was shaking.

“What’s with the stick?” Caitlyn gulped, having no idea what was going on, yet she was completely terrified. Hannah took a deep, shaky breath. Not believing she was about to do this. She raised her wand, so it was in level with Caitlyn’s chest. “I’m so sorry.” she whispered. 

“Hannah?’ Caitlyn asked, shifting her weight from side to side, nervously. She glanced around her, people in dark cloaks looked back at her, faces hidden. She looked at Hannah, who was shaking from her head to her toes. What was going on? She opened her mouth to speak, but stopped when she saw Hannah raising her arm in the air. "W---"

Hannah raised her wand. “Avada Kedavra!” she screamed. The jet of green light flew from her wand and hit Caitlyn directly in the chest. Her mouth formed an O of shock and her body crumpled to the floor. She was dead. Silence. Dead silence. Hannah swallowed hard, her entire body shaking, not wanting to look down.

“It is done. Hannah is officially one of us."Voldemort said, from behind her. Voice without emotion. She snorted."Great to know all I had to do  to join this little festivity of fun, was to kill someone!" she snapped, voice shaking. Hannah dropped her eyes to the ground. Caitlyn was dead. Her friend, who she had shopped with, hung out with, giggled with at some boy, was dead. Hannah was the cause of this. An electrical surge shot throughout her body, tingling down her spine. What was this? Did she enjoy what had just happened? Hannah blinked.

"What have I done?” she whispered, her wand still raised. The thing that scared her the most, was not that she killed, not that it was friend, but the fact that, she loved it. The power. The feeling. The intensity. She was shocked. “I just killed one of my best friends and I don’t care. What is happening to me?!” Suddenly, as if someone had flipped a switch inside of her, she changed. She studied the body. Lifeless. She grinned. That grin was different. No longer her sparkling, charming grin. But a darker one. Deeper. Madder. Terrifying. She had murdered. And yet, she liked it. 

“There’s no going back now.” she whispered. She slowly lowered her arm and turned around. Looking up at Voldemort, she said, in the most chilling, cold voice he had ever heard. “Whose next?” she grinned, loving this new feeling of power. Voldemort smiled. Voldemort flicked his wand. Caitlyn’s body disappeared. “I believe it is now time for you go to Hogwarts.” he said walking out, motioning for Hannah to follow. She did. 

“Now?” she wrinkled her nose. ‘But, the term hasn’t started yet and I don’t have my stuff. And what about Woodbine and my parents?” she questioned. Voldemort simply shook his head. 

“Dear child, must you forget who I am?” he led her into a room. In the middle of it, was everything. Her suitcases, her trunk, her owl. Everything. Her jaw dropped. 

“How in the hell did you get my stuff?” her head snapped back to him. 

“I have my ways. And your parents and your other school..its been taken care of.” Hannah blinked.  “Are they dead?” she asked, a bit scared.

“No, its been taken care of. Leave it at that."

Hannah watched him carefully. He was lying. She knew it. She swallowed hard “But!!” she protested. 

"Leave it!” he snapped. She sighed, wanting to know, but let the matter drop. 

“Tomorrow is already September first?!?” she asked in bewilderment. He chuckled

“Time flies, doesn’t it?” he smirked down at her. “You better not betray us once school starts or at all.” he said in a warning tone. Hannah rolled her eyes. “Honestly. I just killed one of my best friends, I’m not going to turn on the git.”

“I won’t, chill Voldes.” she smirked. “I’ll call you that if I want too.”

“Don’t c--whatever.” he slammed the door and left. Hannah sighed and went through her things. She located her sleeping bag and pulled it out, finding a clean spot on the floor. She laid on the floor and got in, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts of what had occurred, images of her killing Caitlyn were buzzing around in her head. She slowly drifted into a troubled sleep, thinking of how her life was going to change.

( Okay ,blah I know you don’t want to sit through another train ride, so we’ll skip on to when she arrives too late for the sorting,)

-- Next Day at Hogwarts--

Hannah grumbled as she found out she had just missed the sorting. She was not having a good morning. She had to sneak back home and take a shower. Luckily, her parents weren’t home. Not that she cared if they were. She was a bit confused that the house was a complete mess, as it was always clean. She had to run to kings cross, Heaven knows how long that took. She left by eight am to get to her house and back on time. Only to find out that she missed the train. So she went back to her new “home” and used floo powder. She had stumbled out of some fire place, apparently in a classroom. Then she had ventured up some stairs, not surprised to found they to moved. She nearly fell of a damn flight. She raced down the hallway in search of someone to help her. “Fucking school!” she turned the corner and BAM!! She slammed right into someone. She flew backwards, landing on her side. ‘Oh my, I’m soo sorry!!” she scrambled to her feet and helped a girl with amazingly blonde hair and stunning blue/green eyes. The girl smiled, showing her white teeth. She was extremely beautiful. “Oh, tis alright, Hermione, happens all the time.” she said, mistaking Hannah for Hermione.

Hannah wrinkled her nose. “I’m not--.,” but Emma interrupted her.

Emma laughed. “Whoa. You certainly changed Mione.” Hannah blinked. 

“Er…my name is Hannah, not Hermione” she said, awkwardly.

Emma wrinkled her nose. “Since, when di--Oh my god, oh my god.” She started to jump up and down. You must be her sister!!!!” she said, excitedly. “No, her twin!! Oh My God!!” Hannah watched her jumped and down. “Who is this girl?”  “Hermione probably doesn’t even know about you!!! How did you get here?!! When did you get here!?! Do you know about her!?” she fired questions left and right. Hannah raised a brow. 

“I--” she was cut off by Emma. “My name’s Emma Grant by the way. I’m in Gryffindor! C’mon let’s go see Hermione!!” she grabbed Hannah’s arm and practically flew down the hall, before the red head could protest. (Emma Grant is based off my friend Emma

"Where are w--we go-oing?!” Hannah panted, trying to keep up. Emma grinned.

“To see your sister!! Duh!” she said as if it were the most natural thing in the world. She pulled her down the hall and kicked open a large set of doors. “Library” thought Hannah. Emma yanked her inside. Sure enough it was the library. Emma’s eyes scanned the rather luxurious library. Her face lit up when she spotted Hermione at a table in the back. She dragged a perplexed Hannah over there. 
“Hermione!! Look!! There’s two of you!!” Emma said, excitedly. Hermione chuckled.

“Two of me?” her eyes still on the book. “Don’t be silly, Emma.”

“But there is!! Just look!!” Hannah could only see her hair, which was straight and smooth. Hermione, sick of rude comments, had straightened it over the summer. Hermione rolled her eyes  “Alright, Alright.” she sighed and looked up. 

Cliffy!! Sorry if the spacing is weird! Wooohoo!  REVIEW PLEASE!!! REVIEW!!  I need reviews!! This chapter may be a bit confusing, but it will all make sense in the fourth chapter! Thank you all for reading! REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!     
Oh yes...and to those of you who are wondering, if Hermione has any powers, sadly she does not. : (  But Hannah does!! Awesomeness! :D



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