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A Tough Life by ginny
Chapter 1 : A Tough Life
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A Tough Life
Chapter One
The Letter

Hermione and Ron had bought thier own house after they left from Hogwarts.So did Harry and Ginny.They were all couples now, but not yet married.

Hermione walked downstairs into the kichten to find Ron sitting down.

"Ron? You working again?" She asked.

"Oh,morning 'Mione didn't hear you get up"

"Good morning Ron"

"Uh,yes I'm working again.This is hard stuff"

Ron and Harry were training to be aurors.Right now they were working in diagon alley,at the ice cream parlor.


"Yes 'Mione?"

"I got a letter from Draco Malfoy yesterday,when you were working"

"What! How'd he find out where you lived?"

"I dunno but,read it Ron"

She handed a small peice of paper to Ron.It read:

Dear Mudblood,I know where you live.
I've always wished you would die.
And since two years ago,
when that poor excuse for a wizard
saved you from me,I knew I had to kill you.
I will kill you.Watch your back Granger,I'm coming for you

Ron looked up at Hermione.

"That scum!" He said outraged. "He's blackmailing you!"

"He's after me Ron"

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A Tough Life: A Tough Life


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