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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 16 : September 3, 1983
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Disclaimer: You know who/what belongs to me and what doesn't-what you already know of.

Jasmine had a fulfilling day. She annoyed the newest DADA teacher - who looked worthy of murder - snuck to the kitchens and reunited with the house-elves like every year past, and successfully made McGonagall crack during class like she hadn't been able to do since the time of the Marauders, and was sent to Dumbledore's office because of it.

Once there, she helped herself to the Headmaster's lemon drop supply like she usually did when she was in trouble, as the old man said, there was no better time for a lemon drop than when one was in trouble or upset.

The first thing Dumbledore said after spotting her was, "Do I want to know, Miss Black?"

"No, sir," came the response. So she spent about half an hour telling him why she should be able to get back from Filch everything he had taken from the Marauders when they were at school. She about had the Professor convinced when he asked what Filch took. Instead of giving a specific answer, Jasmine told him it was in a drawer labeled 'Confiscated and Highly Dangerous'.

Dumbledore actually told her to, "Get out."

So Jasmine went down to Hagrid's hut to visit with him and Fang, something the Marauders had done and she hadn't for a while.

Now, she was in her classroom setting up. Again, Jasmine set out fifteen of everything, but this time, eight of everything was used and had an owner.

Jasmine sat on her desk and checked her watch; it was halfway through the last hour of classes for the day.

The door opened, and Jasmine looked up as Steven came in.

"You skipping? Good man."

"No, free period."

"Damn you."

Steven chuckled as he sat on his desk from last year.

"Hey, Jas?"


"I gotta talk to you about something."


"I, um, I'm graduating this year, and I'm gonna need a job."

"Oh think not of bad times, but remember the good," Jasmine said as she fell on her back atop the desk with her hands over her heart.

"No, really, all joking aside. I've had that career discussion thing with McGonagall and all, but I don't have any idea what I want to do."

Jasmine sat up, thinking. "You ever consider a Ministry career?"

"Working for you?"

"Well, when you put it like that-- of course working for me! Would I suggest it otherwise? I'm one of the few, very few, people there who don't f-- eff up the place," Jasmine caught and corrected herself, the 'f-bomb' being the only word she didn't allow because of the younger students. "Actually, my intern just got a job in the US, so the position's open."

"Yeah, sure! What'd I do?"

"Whatever I tell you."

"Like a secretary." His voice fell.

"With benefits, and you aren't considered one. Plus you'll probably get advancement options."

"Benefits like what? And how do you mean 'probably'?"

"Well, what d'ya say we go into details later. Oh, but how much do you like sleep?"

Steven stared at her.

"Don't worry, you'll learn to love the job and hate the sleep."

"Well as long as you say so. After all, it's the first job I've even thought I might be interested in. But I suppose I'll need to take the N.E.W.T.s now, huh?"

Jasmine laughed. "Well at least the pay is good, and I'll make sure you don't have to pass."

When the bell rang, seven students walked in.

"Where's Nymphadora?" Jasmine asked.

No one knew.

"All right, just a minute." Jasmine walked out the door and down a few corridors to a small chip in the wall. She stuck her wand to it and said, "Magical Mischief Making Marauder."

The cracks in the wall formed a small door, and Jasmine's wand stuck to become the handle. she pulled the door open and slipped inside, withdrawing her wand and closing the door behind her.

Jasmine took a deep breath and smiled as she looked st her surroundings, the Marauder Head Quarters, MHQ. There were five cushy armchairs placed in a row facing a podium, on top of which was a gavel and a bowl. Each chair was made of a burgundy velvet and furnished with mahogany; and the end of each arm rest was carved into the animal head of its owner, identified by the elegant initials carved on top: MW, MM, MP, MP, MW, corresponding with the Marauders' dormitory arrangement, the beds' owners from window to wall.

There was a large table behind the chairs where any major prank planning took place, and a slightly smaller table where an everlasting supply of snacks and beverages were kept. The two tales were divided by five swivel stools for easy access to both tables.

On the wall next to the chairs and larger table, opposite the door, was a large fireplace with 'MARAUDERS' carved into the mantle edge. On the mantle was a poster by the Marauders reading 'Marauders - Pranks From Us' that they would hang on the door of whichever train compartment they ended up in; at the end of seventh year, the Marauders decided to leave it in the MHQ so it wouldn't get lost if they ended up having to live far away from each other.

In the back half of the room, hugging the walls, were enormous filing cabinets. In them, was an account for each and every prank the Marauders had ever pulled or thought of - Filch's cabinets were nothing compared to this - as well as the results of the pranks. Also residing in the cabinets were reports on everything the Marauders did for a good time that broke a notable school rule, and there was also a place for every device they had used to help them succeed Marauder style - i.e. the Marauders' Map, invisibility cloak, dung bombs.

But what Jasmine was focused on, as she walked across the room to touch her old seat, was what was on the wall behind the podium; the original Marauders' Map, and it was bigger than her. The Marauders had made this one first, before the smaller version, to be certain it would work correctly before creating one they would carry around and rely on.

She went up to the large map and located the dot label 'Nymphadora Tonks' - no easy feat - wondering by the trophy room. Using some secret short cuts, Jasmine managed to get there in under fifteen minutes, but they had to go back to long way.

Jasmine and Nymphadora got back to the classroom and found a zoo. The amount of commotion going on, courtesy of the party animals, was worse than any house party Jasmine had ever been to.

Jasmine walked straight up to the blackboard and ran her fingernails down it.

Everyone immediately shut up in haste to cover their ears.

Getting rid of what wouldn't be needed, Jasmine said, "Ok, same as last year, start with whatever and use targets, not each other. Steven, you're the oldest and according to the law of something I don't know 'cause I'm too lazy to think of it, you should be the most maturest, wait, that doesn't make sense, ah, oh well, so make sure no one gets killed. I'll help if you do need help though, or if someone gets hit with something sharp."

"Is this punishment for having fun?" Alec asked. "Making do what we should be?"

"Consider it so. I should put you all in detention. But I'm not gonna do that, you know too much about my teaching habit." Jasmine smiled and winked as she resumed her sitting position atop her desk, and the 'class' laughed.

For the next, almost, two hours, Jasmine coached the students who had all lined up and were trying to hit a bull's eye painted on the wall.

When the 'class' was over, Jasmine headed back to MHQ. She was about to pull out her wand when she spotted the lamp like eyes of Mrs. Norris, caretaker's cat.

"Oh, haven't choked to death on a mangy hair ball, yet, ya p.o.s.? Don't worry, you will in time. Now get lost, I'm not a student and I'm well within my limits, so Filch doesn't have anything to hold over my head."

Mrs. Norris continued to stare up at her in a way that, over the years - or rather days - the Marauders came to know meant 'You're in trouble now'.

"Go on, git." Jasmine swung a foot in Mrs. Norris's face as if to kick her, but the scrawny cat just hissed.

"Wait, I'm not a student anymore," Jasmine said more to herself than the cat as an old grin crept onto her face accompanied by her infamous eye twinkle.

She pulled out her wand and pointed it at Mrs. Norris.

"Now, let's see. Ah, I know; Phanteemo."

Jasmine stepped back and took a minute to admire her handiwork. "There," she said with a smirk. "Instant phantom."

Mrs. Norris had turned pearly white and transparent, and was hovering a few inches off the ground.

Jasmine laughed to herself as the victimized cat took off running in midair. Turning back to the hidden door, she said to herself, "Oh, I'll do that in the morning."

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