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Her Secret by tiffers
Chapter 10 : When You Kiss Her Do You Feel Fireworks? Or Is That Just With Me?
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I have ownership of any of the characters. I am not affiliated with J.K Rowling, Scholastic Books, Warner Bros, or Bloomsbury Publishing in any way. However, the plot is my own.

A/N: This chapter is dedicated to all of you loyal fans, thank you all for having faith in this story. I hope you all enjoy this chapter, I especially enjoyed writing this chapter.

Harry stood in shock for a long time looking at the girl in front of him, trying to make sense of what she had just uttered. He could feel the world spinning as he began to digest what she had told him.

“Excuse me,” he manage to choke out. “I must have not heard correctly, what did you say?”

“You heard me correctly,” Eloise replied as she gave him a sympathetic look. “Surprise.”

“I need to sit down,” Harry muttered as walked forward and sat down on the porch steps. “This cannot be happening.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Potter,” Eloise started. “I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up here today. I wasn’t sure if you knew about me, but I knew that I needed to meet you. I have gone fifteen years without a father, and I needed to know; what I am not sure, but I needed to meet you. I grew up only knowing half of who I am, and I needed to know the other half. I think it would be best if I left now though, I am so sorry to have troubled you.”

“Don’t go,” Harry whispered as she turned to leave. “Come inside, we need to talk.”

“Are you sure?” Eloise asked.

“I’m positive,” Harry answered as he looked down at the young girl, his daughter. It sounded so foreign to think that, but it also was the most amazing feeling in the world. The look of gratitude and hope that she bestowed on him as he led her inside broke his heart in half.

I’m a father, Harry thought to himself, and Ginny never told me.

“Ginny, are you still there?” a panicked Hermione shouted into her phone. “Ron, wake-up, something has happened to Eloise.”

“I don’t want to wear a pink jumper Hermione,” Ron muttered in his sleep, and Hermione had to giggle despite the seriousness of the situation.

“RON!!” Hermione shouted as she tried to shake him again.

“Hermione, what’s wrong, is the baby here?” Ron shouted as he jumped out of bed.

“What in the bloody hell are you talking about Ron?” Hermione questioned as she stared at her husband bewildered.

“Nothing,” Ron blushed as he looked at her. “Just a dream I was having apparently.”

“Was that before or after I made you put on the pink jumper sweetie?” Hermione laughed.

“Enough about my dreams, what is going on?” Ron asked. “And if you must know, it was after.”

“Eloise has gone missing, and I am afraid to say that I think it has finally happened,” Hermione said sadly.

“What has happened? She has gone off to join the circus? She has joined a biker gang? Spit it out Hermione, I’m not a bloody mind reader,” Ron instructed.

“Don’t you use that tone with me Ronald Weasley!” Hermione screeched, her eyes flashing dangerously. “As for Eloise, we think she may have finally sought out Harry.”

“And you woke me up why?” Ron asked puzzled.

“RONALD!” Hermione shouted. “This is your niece, and you don’t care that she is missing?”

“Hermione,” Ron coaxed. “There is nothing we can do, this is between Harry and Ginny now, and about damn time in my opinion. They have let this spiral out of control for too many years, it’s time that this happened, but we can’t fix this Hermione. There comes a point in our lives where we can only fix us.”

“She’s your sister Ron,” Hermione urged. “What do you mean fix us?”

“Hermione, you know as well as I do that we have problems of our own. It kills me to say that Hermione, but we have for a long time,” Ron declared sadly.

“Ron,” Hermione pleaded. “Having children isn’t everything. Just because we haven’t had any yet doesn’t mean we have problems.”

“It does to me Hermione,” Ron uttered. “I want kids, and we have waited so long to start trying, and the months keep passing. Every month I wait, hoping for good news, and you deliver the same news every month. Except for you, it isn’t bad news, it is a sign of relief that you aren’t pregnant. Why don’t you want our children Hermione?”

“I do Ron,” Hermione tried to convince him. “It just hasn’t happened yet, I cannot control that.”

“Sure,” Ron said unconvinced as he headed back towards the bed. “Let’s just go back to sleep.”

“What about Eloise?” Hermione asked.

“What about her Hermione?” Ron questioned crankily. “There is nothing we can do, Ginny needs to take care of this. Just go to bed.”

“Fine,” Hermione said and climbed into bed. Before she turned off the light though, she looked in her nightstand drawer at the small bottle of pink pills. A terrible sadness filling her as she looked at the one secret she kept from Ron, the one secret that could tear them apart.

I am denying my husband the one thing he wants Hermione thought sadly. I just don’t know if we want the same thing. I don’t know if I want children, but if I did, I would want his.

Harry watched Eloise timidly walk through the house, a smile spreading over his face as he watched her studying everything. The look of awe crossing her face reminded him of the first time he had entered Hogwarts. Harry used this time to study the girl, trying to remember that this lovely young girl was in fact his child. A child he never knew he had, but never less, his child. He could definitely see Ginny in the young girl, and it made him sad. Sad, that she had kept this from him, sad that they had wasted so many years.

It all made sense now, Ginny’s sudden disappearance, and the way everyone had suddenly drifted out of his life; they had known. Harry couldn’t believe that nobody had ever approached him, warned him even, he would have been at Ginny’s side in a heartbeat. It was all to much too think about right now, all he wanted to do was get to know his daughter better.

“Eloise,” he called out as he approached his study. “Why don’t you join me in here, and we can get to know one another better.”

“That sounds lovely,” she replied shyly as she followed him into his study and took a seat. “You have a beautiful home.”

“Want to hear a secret?” he asked with a grin.

“Of course,” she said eagerly, ecstatic to be sharing a moment with her father.

“I hate this home,” Harry laughed. “I always imagined growing old in a home like the Burrow. Have you ever been to the Burrow?”

“We go all the time,” Eloise grinned. “Every Sunday we have a family dinner, it’s such a treat to be surrounded by the people you love.”

“I imagine it is,” Harry said softly as he imagined how that might feel. The Weasley’s probably hated him now, and that above all stung the most. They had always been his family, and now they hated him.

“Who decorated this home?” Eloise asked. “If you hate it, I am guessing it wasn’t you.”

“No, no it wasn’t,” Harry laughed as he imagined himself hanging the hideous pictures around the house. “My fiancé Cho took care of the decorating.”

“Your fiancé?” Eloise gulped, all fantasies of her parents reconciling flitting out of her head. “Congratulations.”

“Right, thanks,” Harry said as he groaned at his horrible timing. He should have never proposed. “How about your mother?”

“Mom is doing so well, running her clinic with Aunt Hermione,” Eloise supplied cheerfully.

“I meant, do you have a stepfather, or step-boyfriend man type thing?” Harry asked uncomfortably.

“Oh no,” Eloise giggled. “In fact I can’t ever remember Mom dating anyone. I always got the impression that she was waiting for someone.”

“Waiting for someone?” Harry asked hopefully, but they were interrupted before Eloise could answer.

Cho strode into the room, her long black hair swishing as she made her way over to Harry. It her a moment to notice that someone else was in the room. After a quick glance at Eloise’s attire, Cho gave her a sickly sweet smile and turned her attention back to Harry.

“Is she here to sell some things dear?” Cho asked in a fake friendly voice.

“No,” Harry answered. “Cho, this is my daughter, Eloise Hermione Weasley.”

“Daughter?” Cho asked stunned. “Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure?” Harry asked, his eyes narrowing.

“I’m just saying,” Cho started. “Awfully convenient for her to show up now. Do you have any proof?”

“Cho!” Harry yelled, throwing an apologetic look at Eloise.

“All I am saying is that I wouldn’t put anything past that red-headed twit you used to date,” Cho stated.

“Maybe I should step outside,” Eloise offered as she shifted nervously in her seat.

“No, Eloise, you stay,” Harry said. “We will move out into the hallway to finish this conversation.

Eloise watched as Harry dragged Cho out in the hallway, a look of annoyance on his face. Even through the closed door she could hear the rise and fall of their voices. She heard a screech from the hallway followed by stamping footsteps. Moments later Harry appeared back in the study, he gave her a smile as he settled back into his chair. Eloise was about to ask him another question when the doorbell rang for the second time that night.

“Who in the bloody hell could that be now?” Harry asked as he strode out of the study to the door.

Ginny stood on the porch of the Potter Manor for a long time before she built up the courage to ring that doorbell. All she wanted was to get her daughter and take her home, but another part of her was anxious to see him. It had been almost sixteen years since she had been near him, since she had heard his voice, felt his touch. Tears burned behind her eyelids as she thought about all the years they had lost. With shaking hands she reached forward and pushed the doorbell. She waited for what felt like a lifetime, millions of thoughts pouring through her mind, as she waited for someone to answer the door.

She was about to ring the doorbell again when the door flew open to reveal Harry. Ginny couldn’t breathe as she looked up into his green eyes, the shock and hurt evident in his eyes as he looked back at her. She desperately tried to form the words that she was thinking, but nothing was coming out. All she could do was look at him, and much to the dismay of her own heart, she fell in love with him all over again. The years had aged Harry well, and if it were possible, he looked even more handsome than he had the last time she had laid her eyes on him. Eventually, Ginny found her voice, and broke the silence that was building around them.

“Harry,” she started. “I came for my daughter.”

“You mean our daughter?” Harry asked, the anger evident in his voice. “Come inside Ginny, we need to talk.”

“I don’t know if that is the best idea,” Ginny resisted. “I think I just need to take Eloise home.”

“I wasn’t asking you Ginny,” Harry ordered.

With a heated glare Ginny strode into Harry’s house, stomping her feet as she walked. Harry had to conceal a grin as he watched her march in, still full of the same fire he had fallen in love with all those years ago. Slowly he led her into the sitting room, somewhat far away from his study, not wanting Eloise to hear what was about to transpire between them.

“What do you want Harry?” Ginny asked.

“You know what I want Ginny, answers,” Harry stated.

“It’s late Harry, can’t we do this later?” Ginny suggested hopefully.

“No,” Harry said flatly. “I have already missed out on fifteen years, I will not miss out on one more minute Ginny. Now tell me why you didn’t think it was important for me to know I had a daughter.”

“Would that have changed things Harry?” Ginny asked. “I did what I thought was right at the time. I did what I thought was best for you.”

“Hiding my child from me is what was best for me?” Harry asked incredulously. “Ginny, have you forgotten that I grew up with a family? I always wanted a family of my own, and you have denied me of that. You have denied Eloise of that.”

“Eloise has always had a family,” Ginny said coldly. “She never needed anything else.”

“Apparently she does, or she wouldn’t have come here,” Harry stated bitterly. “Don’t blame me because you weren’t enough for her.”

“I have always been enough for Eloise,” Ginny muttered angrily. “I have been there for everything, I was there everyday from the moment she was conceived. I was there in the hospital all alone Harry, and where have you been?”

“No!” Harry shouted. “You don’t get to be angry at me Ginny. You don’t get to be mad tonight, you lost that right when you never told me the truth!”

“I did the only thing I could,” Ginny explained. “I made the only choice I had.”

“The only choice?” Harry questioned. “There were plenty of other choices Ginny, and most of them would include you telling me the truth. Instead you chose to forget about me, you chose to give up on us!”

“I never forgot you, I waited for you Harry,” Ginny said sadly. “I waited every night for sixteen long years.”

“Don’t you think I would have been there Ginny?” Harry asked. “Don’t you think I would have been there if only I had known?”

“I don’t know Harry.” Ginny replied. “Seemed to me like you moved on awfully fast. You didn’t waste much time forgetting about me, and shacking up with that little tart.”

“Cho is not a tart,” Harry defended.

“Right,” Ginny said sarcastically. “You would have been there. Would Cho have been there as well Harry?”

“This has nothing to do with Cho!” Harry yelled.

“This has everything to do with Cho!” Ginny shouted back. “Now I want my daughter! Don’t worry we will not get in your way, we will just go back to pretending like Eloise has no father.”

“No,” Harry stated.

“Don’t push me Potter,” Ginny snarled as she stepped forward and poked Harry in the chest.

It only took Ginny a moment to realize that she had made a massive mistake by touching Harry. She looked up into his eyes startled as a spark shot through her body. Unconsciously she licked her lips as he looked down at her, his eyes clouded with something besides anger. Their bodies were close now, and she could feel the heat flowing between them. Ginny could feel her self-control waning as Harry took a small step forward, their bodies almost touching now. She sucked in a breath as he reached forward and tucked a strand of her hair behind one of her ears. Tears were beginning to pool in her eyes as he moved his hands to her face, encasing her face with his palms. He let out a groan as she pushed her body fully against his, savoring the feeling of their bodies molded together, finally, after all this time.

Slowly he leaned down until his lips captured hers, slowly pulling her in deeper. Years worth of heat and wanting flowed between the pair as the clung to each other, making up for lost time. So lost in each other they were oblivious to everything that had happened. All that mattered in this moment was that were together. The sixteen years that had separated them were long forgotten as the gripped each other tightly, their bodies on fire as they gave into the kiss that they both wanted, a kiss they both needed.

A/N: Just a quick note: I know we are super excited about what just happened, but don’t forget that we have a ways to go, so keep in mind that things can change in a blink of an eye! Big thanks to all of you loyal readers, hope everyone enjoyed this latest chapter Thanks for taking the time to read, have a wonderful day. As always reviews are appreciated, thanks again so much, you all make my day! Just a friendly reminder, make sure those reviews are always 12+! Thanks again for reading!

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