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Adieu by BubblePopElectric
Chapter 1 : Past and Present
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Light danced across the young students faces as the sadly, or happily, said their goodbyes to relatives. Their eyes showed pure ambition, a fire that only a young soul can embrace, where innocence can still be obtained. Owls hooted, and cats meowed as the teenagers boarded the train, waving their last goodbyes. Compartments were filled, stories were told, laughs were had, and another school year was approaching. In one single compartment, a girl sat by herself a book warming her jean clad legs. A light blush caressed her cheeks as she read on of two teens love for each other. They were deeply in love, but were enemies at heart; the girl caressed the boy’s cheek and said, 
“Will you take me as your mistress? Sure and short of breath?”

With that the compartment door slid open, long strong fingers gripping the handles, tanned from summer. A boy’s face smiled blithely, a girls heart leapt. He sat down near her, eyes lingering on her every pore. Once again that pink tinge danced across her pale face. It was a comfortable silence, a silence that showed that they enjoyed the presence of one another, but didn’t want to explain themselves. The girl’s eyes glittered as she shut her book and swung her feet off the hard leather seat.

“Nicoline, Nicoline Bach.” The girl smiled extending a dainty manicured hand.

“Amos, Amos Diggory.” The boy took her hand and gave it a light squeeze.

The both seemed to be no more than eleven years old, entering their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Shyly they both smiled and chatted thoughtfully, thoroughly thinking their answers before even a mutter escaped their swollen lips.


Nicoline thought fondly of her first year, all of those nights spent chatting with Amos in the library, and talking quietly by the lake. She delicately corrected her blue and bronze tie, tightening it around her neck. Soft auburn curls stroked the sides of her pale face that had been so lazily put into a simple messy bun. Entering her sixth year, Nicoline thought it would be no different. She would quietly study, while Amos wooed his newest maiden maybe finding time for his so called, best friend. She still cared for Amos deeply; he was the only one she could confess anything to. Her secret love for sardine flavored Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean, and her ever lasting crush on the Gryffindor Quidditch captain John Wood. It’s true that the two adolescences had drifted apart, Amos’s social life exploding since fourth year, when he matured in more ways than one. While Nicoline had slowly stopped talking to a number of people, relying on her books for they were the only ones to provide her with any sort of comfort.

Nicoline gazed into her reflection in the Hogwarts Express girl’s lavatory, studying her appearance. She wasn’t hideous, she was far from that. Her auburn locks fell pass her shoulders brushing the top of her chest, curly ever so slightly. Her eyes embodied maturity and knowledge that should not be obtained until much later in ones life. With dark ocean blue rims and ice blue irises, surrounded by dark thick eyelashes they could make Filch feel a twinge of guilt. Freckles danced across her nose and cheeks but still, did not make her seem young in the least bit. Before leaving Nicoline ran her fingers under her eyes, wishing the purple tinged bags would leave her porcelain face. Returning to her compartment she passed Lucius Malfoy who gave her a nod of acknowledgment, which she politely returned. Out of all the houses Slytherins had the most respect for Ravenclaws. They, to them had the least amount of half-bloods and mudbloods, but also obtained intelligence that surpassed theirs. In the past years Nicoline has occasionally tutored Lucius in charms, which she was gifted in, much to Amos’s disgust. 

Sitting down Nicoline, sighed preparing herself for the year to come. She wanted to be away from her home, but found little comfort at Hogwarts. She had the looks to fit in, but not the personality. She was shy and awkward, never saying anything before thinking it over. She was always gnawing on her lip out of nervousness, annoyingly licking her lips in the process. Lucious opened the compartment door, sitting down with Severus Snape, a fellow Slytherin. Nicoline smiled at Severus, she quite liked him, he was quite intelligent and sweet once you became more than simple acquaintances.

“Nicoline, I trust you had a nice summer, love?” Lucius coolly said leaning towards her slightly.

“As always, Lucius, the same for you I expect?” Nicoline responded, her sweet voice caressing each syllable like a tinkle of bells. Lucius smirked and nodded in answer to the inquisition. Severus shifted uncomfortably in his seat, obviously being excluded from the small talk.

“Severus, I hope you still continue your hope in becoming a professor someday. You’re so talented.” Nicoline said to the thin boy, his long hair falling is his face.

Blushing, he replied, “Yes I do, of course. I would enjoy the position of the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, but I of course would settle of Potions master. Have you begun to dwell on the thought of a career yet, Nicoline?”

“I haven’t dwelled too hard, I suppose you can say. I may want to be a healer at St. Mungo’s but I couldn’t endure the sight of all of those horrible injuries, so I have considered the children’s department. My thoughts still dwell on passing my NEWTs next year, the OWLs were challenging as you remember, so I can’t even contemplate what is to come.” Nicoline smartly responded. She glanced at Lucius who seemed bored at the subject of school, and Nicoline wisely did not inquire his career choices, for she knew of his family and their loyalties were. 

The quad chatted politely, telling of their summer time fun. Just as Severus was explaining very amusing story of a muggle finding his wand, the compartment door rattled from the outside. A tan masculine hand pulled the door open, reminding Nicoline of that fateful day of meeting Amos on the train. But it was not Amos who opened the compartment, but the infamous Sirius Black. Nicoline’s heart thumped, as she felt Lucious tighten beside her a sneer appearing on his sharp face.

“Oh ho! Just my luck, Snivellus and Malfoy. It’s been too long.” Sirius smirked and leaned against the compartment door, “And what’s this? A Ravenclaw, hmm Malfoy? Widening your range now aren’t you? Still you should start on the hideous ones, before working your way up to the, ‘blessed’ ones. You’ll have far less injuries to your bits.” Lucius flinched and I put a hand on his shoulder, but he stayed clenched and cold.

“Jealous are you now Black? Tsk, it’s such an ugly thing it is, jealousy. I suppose you have the right; that I may have the presence of another intelligent, attractive, pureblood other while you, have mudbloods and blood traitors acting like your mates. Tsk, such an ugly thing.” Lucious replied looking equally satisfied with his wit. Nicoline twitched at the word mudblood and Sirius noticed, eyeing her even more than he had before. Sirius made a move towards Lucious, but held back when Nicoline sucked in a good amount of air and stood, her auburn tresses falling from her hair band. Sirius studied her once again, and made a move to leave, but not before turning at saying, 

“Adieu to you, Ravenclaw and good luck.”

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Adieu: Past and Present


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