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The Prophecy by xxangelxx
Chapter 1 : The Prophecy
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The Prophecy

James Potter stared glumly out the window as the car came to a halt. He looked at Sirius who looked equally bored. Why did they have to go to a stupid muggle fair?
“Come on boys,” said Mrs Fletcher. Mrs Fletcher was short and plump with frizzy hair, which was starting to go grey. Sirius and James’ parents had gone out and they had been left with Mrs Fletcher, a muggle. They sighed and trudged after her. Overhead was a large banner which read ‘BOWTOWN ANNUAL SUMMER FAIR’
“Now then, I’ve got to go and meet someone in the café, so you two boys can go and have fun, but be careful and stay out of trouble,” Mrs Fletcher warned.
“Right,” said James looking at the list of activities, “Most of this stuff is just for kids, what are we supposed to do?” He handed Sirius the letter and Sirius ran his eyes down it briefly.
“Well we could check out this fortune telling place. It’ll be a laugh seeing muggles attempting divination,” he said. James looked uncertain but agreed that they didn’t have anything better to do. The two boys sloped off, making their way through various tents, until they reached a small, dark tent with a sign saying ‘FORTUNE TELLING’ hanging over it.
“Here we are,” Sirius mumbled gazing at the tent suspiciously. They walked inside hesitantly and saw a woman sitting in front of a crystal ball with many scented candles surrounding her. They walked cautiously up to her and sat down on the two chairs opposite her. They glanced at each other warily. The strange woman seemed not t have noticed they were there. Her face was hidden in the shadows, but her large glasses were glinting ominously.
“Mum,” said a small girl behind her, “Mum you’ve got customers.” The woman looked up,
“Yes,” she whispered. “I am Kathyline Trellawny, and this is my daughter Sybil. You want your fortunes told I presume?” Sirius and James nodded, unable to speak.
“Very well,” she continued, with the same mysterious voice. “You first James.” James stared at her, how did she know his name? She looked into the crystal ball a glazed look on her face. She was frowning slightly and occasionally she would murmur something to herself. “I’m afraid,” she started, “That you will not live very long, James Potter. You and your wife will die at a young age, but your son will survive. He will be called Harry. Your friend will betray you, leading to your death. Your son however will go through many battles, where most will not survive, but he will come out successful and triumph over the one who murdered you and your wife. I am sorry.” James looked horrified. He was gaping at her, his eyes wide. He had gone suddenly rather pale. She turned to Sirius, and he nodded as though agreeing to have her tell him his fortune. “Sirius. You will be killed by your own cousin, while trying to save someone very special to you. You will live longer than your friend, here, but not by much. It seems that you will be blamed for something terrible and go to prison for several years, but you will escape and live in hiding. You will never marry or have any children, though your friend’s son will be your Godson. There is nothing either of you can do to prevent this, but now you are prepared.” The stunned silence that followed her words was the longest either of the boys had ever heard. They said goodbye and shakily left her tent. Neither of the spoke, as they were too shocked. Was there really nothing they could do?

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The Prophecy: The Prophecy


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