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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 19 : Bad news
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A/N:- sorry this chapter is really short because it was REALLY difficult to write. I didn't know how to add it into the story. please keep reveiwing

April walked into the Auror headquarters wearing her robes. The walls were covered in pictures of wanted deatheaters and suspected deatheaters. April had met at least half of the people the pictures on the wall belonged to. People glanced at her but didn’t say anything. The rooms were very quiet and no one was speaking. April worriedly went to Moody’s office. He was sitting quietly at his desk filling in some paper work.

“Why’s everything so quiet?” April asked seriously. Moody looked up and glanced at April.

“The Potters are dead.” Moody said just as seriously, if not more.

“That’s impossible, I just left them at the hospital.” April said.

“Not those Potters you idiot.” Moody snapped at April. April started in surprise then stared at Moody.

“You’re joking right?” April asked.

“Do I ever joke?” Moody asked April. April’s face fell.

“You’re serious?” April asked. Moody nodded.

“Was killed by Voldemort himself as soon as the Longbottoms stopped them attacking the young Potters.” Moody said.

“Do Lily and James know?” April asked. Moody shook his head.

“We were only just told, found out when Shacklebolt went to go and see them about some work.” Moody said. “Poor Shacklebolt, he knew them really well and to find them dead. I suppose we should be glad it wasn’t their son who found them.” Moody kept talking but April wasn’t listening anymore. She sank into a chair that Moody had his cloak on and stared at the desk that the Potters usually used. On their desk was a wedding photo of their only son, a photo of their grandson and Lily as well as a photo of April’s mentor group. April, Moody and the older Potters.

“Do you want me to-” April started

“Dumbledore’s already gone to tell ‘em.” Moody said, not letting April finish, “He feels bad bout getting Lily and James to go on recon. Wouldn’t have happened otherwise.” April couldn’t say anything. Moody went back to his paper work. April was still in shock. How could the Potters have been killed, they were some of the best Aurors that April had ever met. Moody looked up again at April.

“What you doin’ hangin’ round here for? Go and comfort Lily.” Moody said to April. April got up and left the office. She ran to an area of the ministry she could disapparate from and apparated to outside St. Mungos. She spoke, impatiently to the dummy and she went through the shop front that disguised the hospital. She ran as quickly as she could to James’ ward. Sirius was still sitting outside half asleep. April was about to run into James’ ward.

“Whoa, Dumbledore is talking to Lily and James.” Sirius said holding his arm out.

“Shut up Sirius, this is serious.” April said. Sirius looked at April and stood up.

“What happened?” He asked. April scowled and then looked into the ward. Dumbledore had just entered the ward. April took a deep breath.

“The Potters are dead.” She said to Sirius. Sirius stared at her in disbelief. “Now I need to get to Lily.” April said impatiently.

* * * *

Dumbledore hated giving young people bad news, particularly James and Lily. They had been through so much already, it was unfair to add to their grievances. The people in the ward stared curiously at him as he walked to where James and Lily were talking happily. Lily held Harry in her arms, he was fast asleep. O how good it would be to be a baby again. James saw Dumbledore and stopped his conversation with Lily and looked up at Dumbledore, his smile disappearing from his face.

“What’s wrong?” Lily said, she turned to see Dumbledore and her smile went as well.

“Dumbledore.” James said he started to get up to talk properly but Dumbledore shook his head.

“Stay where you are.” Dumbledore said, “You’ll want to be comfortable. ”

“Lily!” April said running into the ward wearing her auror robes. “I’m really sorry.” Lily looked at April confused. “You don’t know?” April asked turning to Dumbledore.

“I haven’t told them yet April.” Dumbledore said. “Please can you pull the curtains around so we can have some privacy. You may listen as well” April nodded and did as she was told

“What’s going on?” James asked slightly annoyed.

“James, Lily. I’m afraid it was a mistake for me to make you go on the assignment to the theatre. I’m sorry to say that after you were attacked your parents were attacked” Dumbledore looked at James so there was no mistaking who’s parents had died. April looked at her friends anxiously.

“Excuse me?” James asked. “My parents-that’s impossible.” James looked at Lily who had her head down. “My parents can’t die.” No one responded. Lily had once felt that her parents couldn’t die. She had once felt that her parents would be with her forever.

“I’m sorry James. I’m afraid that I cannot permit you to leave your house, both of you.” Dumbledore said. “It’s too dangerous now. I will have the hospital release you tonight and you are to go home as soon as possible. It is very important you keep Harry safe from harm.” James couldn’t believe what he was hearing and looked to Lily for support but Lily was staring at Harry and had a few tears falling down her cheek.

“I am very sorry. Both of you are still very young, too young to have all this happen to you but you are doing incredibly well.” Dumbledore said. “Have you thought about who you want to be secret keeper? In this time I will offer my services if you want it.”

“Thank you but I think we’ll think it through a bit more.” Lily managed to say through her tears. April looked at them in confusion and pity.

* * * *

Lily stood over Harry’s cot in silence. Harry was still fast asleep and Lily was just watching him sleep. Another death on her account, a warning no doubt from Voldemort. Lily wiped a tear from her eyes and bent over to put the blanket over Harry’s sleeping body. She got up slowly and went to the bedroom where James was sitting in bed silently.

Lily got changed quickly and slid into bed with him. She looked at James for a while then he put his arms around her and started to cry. Lily was slightly shocked, she had never seen James cry before and it was terrifying. Lily hugged him and didn’t say anything. If James started crying then the world was definitely getting darker. James was the one thing in Lily’s life that remained constant and he never changed, something Lily liked. But now, he was crying because his parents were gone. James had been there for Lily when her parents had died and now it was Lily’s turned to be there for him. She pulled the duvet around them a bit better and gave James a light kiss on the cheek.

“They can’t be gone.” James said. Lily could think of one thing that she could say.

“Well at least you don’t have any siblings that blame you for their death.” Lily said to James. She didn’t know if it was the right thing to say but she thought she should tell James. That was what had made it hard for Lily, the constant thought that she was to blame, simply because she was a witch and her sister blamed her.

James didn’t have any siblings and there was nothing particularly different about him except that fact that his son was prophesised to be able to bring down the dark lord.

“I suppose.” James said. “I didn’t know it would be this hard, to lose a parent.” Lily sighed and ran her hand through James’ hair and kissed his forehead.

A/N:- i hate writing about deaths but there's still more deaths on their way.

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Death is the way: Bad news


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