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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 13 : Size of Russia
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Hermione walked quietly into his room, which was furnished with… basically… hospital crap. IV cords, one was plunged into his arm, connecting to a dropper which was dripping some sort of liquid into his body.

His head was bandaged heavily, and his legs were resting bare on the bed, no covering. His tattoo was also bare, the snake slithering around his leg.

A nurse was taking out his garbage and putting it in a trolley.

“The doctors wanted to MRI his leg, but his tattoo would have been ripped out of his skin,” she said quietly, “They did multiple tests, and have performed one surgery, with consent from his mother, since they couldn’t reach you all night.”

Hermione’s eyes teared up. “Do you think he will survive?”

“Honestly, I do not know.”

“Why did you have to be so stupid?” Hermione said to him. She brushed his hair aside, and sat down on the chair that was provided for her near the bed.

She didn’t know when she fell asleep, but she was sleeping, her head on his bed.

He woke up at 1:26, the doctors said, but Hermione was asleep, and Draco had insisted on letting her sleep. So she had, while Draco looked at himself in the mirror.

“Gonna need a hair cut to go with the scars,” he murmured.

Hermione woke up too, at 1:40, however. By then, Jo was in the room too, pacing in front of his bed, as Draco talked to her calmly.

“I’ve moved on,” he was saying, as Hermione woke up.

“Hey there sleepy head,” he said to her, smiling from his bed.

“Hmm…I could be saying the same thing for you,” she muttered.

He stroked her hair, ever so gently, “when did you get here?”

Hermione felt like crap. Pure crap. Stupid crap.

Pure, stupid…crap.

“I was so worried…how are you feeling?” she asked him.

“There’s two of you…but the doctor said I’m just dizzy from the medication. But other than that, and my leg, I’m doing dandy,” he chuckled.

“Why do you have to laugh about everything? Can you even imagine what I was … we were all going through?” she said incredulously. “Dr. Finn (hehe…reminds me of Grey’s Anatomy) said that you could have died. Do you know what that means?”

“Jo, can you excuse us for a second?” Draco asked politely.

“Yeah sure,” Jo said, biting at her lower lip. She left the two, looking at each other awkwardly. Draco broke the silence.

“I got you worried, didn’t I?” he said, only he wasn’t teasing, he was dead serious.

“No,” Hermione said, “I was worried for Noel, what was she going to do without her Daddy?”

“Oh,” he said. Genuinely crestfallen. “What if I didn’t die? Would you keep my last name?”

Hermione sobbed suddenly. “Stop joking around.”

“You were worried.” He stated.

“Hell, yes, I was,” she said teary again. “What were you doing on that bike so late at night?”

“I had a lot to think about. I was thinking about you. And you almost killed me,” he replied quietly.

She took hold of his hand and squeezed it hard. “Don’t ever do that again, arite?”

“Where’s Noel?” he asked. He had been waiting for his precious child ever since he woke up.

Hermione sniffled at his ignorance of what she was going through. “Blaise went to get her from the day care center downstairs, she fell asleep.”

He nodded, closing his eyes. His leg was throbbing like mad.

The door opened softly, Draco opened his eyes. Noel was padding through the doorway, her eyes big and round, her hands desperately clutching her Arthur doll. She never let anyone see her with that doll, since all the kids made fun of her and liking Arthur. But today, he could understand why she brought it out in public.

“Hey, pumpkin,” he said from the bed. She just looked at him, scared to touch him. She didn’t even yell at him for calling her pumpkin. She walked towards Hermione and hid behind her.

“Honey? Baby, come here,” Draco insisted.

Hermione picked up the child and put her on her lap. Noel looked at her father in disbelief.

“Daddy… what happened?” she whispered.

“Daddy didn’t eat his vegetables,” Draco said calmly and lovingly. Noel opened her arms and she reached for him. Hermione helped her onto the bed and the two lay on the bed for awhile, as Noel cried.

“Daddy, let’s go home. Please,” she insisted on him.”It smells weird, and the food is gwoss.”

“We will. Then you can go tell Tony how your Daddy was so cool,” he said.

“Really. I could tell him? He’s not going to believe me,” she frowned.

Hermione looked away, since she never felt she belonged in the picture. Those two were so happy with each other, she felt she would violate their intimacy if she even looked at them.

“Love you pumpkin,” he said to her, kissing her cheek.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she said gleefully, “And I love you too Hermione.” She added shyly.

Hermione looked at her and then at Draco, who was looking as surprised as she was, “Thank you, Noel. I uh…love you too.”

‘I love you’ three words she hadn’t said to anyone lately, and here she was, saying it to a little six-year old.

She may be little….but her heart was bigger than Hermione’s. So was Draco’s. That was for sure. She supposed everyone’s heart was bigger than hers, after all, she had just done something terrible a few mere hours ago.

The girl left the room, hugging her Arthur, and left home with Blaise. Leaving Hermione alone with Draco, once again. But thankfully, the doctor came in.

“You can leave after a few more hours, Mr.Malfoy, we just need to check out your legs and then find you a suitable wheelchair, if you need one,” Doctor Finn said, “then you can go home.”

Dr. Finn left the room, and Draco gave Hermione a suspicious look before saying her name as she was putting her coat on.

“Yeah? Do you need something? Your leg hurt?” she asked worriedly.

“No, but I think I may need a ride home,” he said.

“Um, unless you havent noticed yet, I don’t have a car,” she said a bit too obviously.

“Give me my jacket, the one over there,” he pointed to his black leather jacket. She gave it to him. He extracted a set of keys, which seemed to have a million keys in it. He plucked two of the keys out of the ring and handed it to her.

“You know how to drive?” he asked, grinning happily.

“Don’t you think I could just apparate you there, just this little once?” she asked, persuading.

Something dark flitted across his face, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. It was like a shadow, that had fell over his face briefly, but disappeared as he got up, yanking the ivy cord from his arm.

“Forget it, I’ll get home by myself,” he got up angrily. But she careful pushed him back, sure she was short, but she was strong as hell.

“Sit down, I know how to drive,” she said picking up his keys and left out the door.


She went into his private garage, (yes his private garage), and got his car out. It was a spiffy car, she had to admit, infact it was beautiful, but the only downside was when she scrolled through his iPod (which was hooked into his car), all she found was more Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, Remi Zero, and some Linkin Park.

Hmm…she tried looking for some Justin Timberlake or maybe something along the lines of the Pussy Cat Dolls, but she was unsuccessful. She settled on ‘Numb’ by Linkin Park.

She was surprised to find that it was actually really good. She was at the hospital an hour and a half later. She picked up some Egg McMuffins and Hashbrowns for Draco, since she was well aware of his ‘I’m a vegetarian, eating animals is wrong’ routine.

He was waiting in the doorway with a perky nurse with a Southern drawl, “You take care of him, hon.” She said to Hermione as she pushed the wheelchair to her car, from where he got up painfully and sat himself in the passenger seat.

Hermione tied her hair up in a bun, and for some reason, the nurse wouldn’t stop looking at her awkwardly.

“Take care of him, doll, he’s been a good boy,” she winked and left with the wheel chair.

Hermione went back into the driver’s seat, and turned it on, the engine purred, and the music blasted:


“Turn that down will you?” he yelled at her.

“Yeah, sorry,” she said, and put the car in reverse, barely missing a garbage can. Draco flinched.

“Please, God, don’t let this crazy woman destroy my baby,” he prayed.

As Hermione got on the highway, Draco began looking at her awkwardly, similar to the way the Miss-I’m-a-perky-nurse had.

“So, had a little fun with Noah, eh?” Draco asked quietly, turning the music off.

She looked at him weirdly, “No. We just talked at the restaurant.”

“That’s all you did today?” he asked. “I mean, yesterday.”

“Yeah,” her blood was pumping hard in her head, her cheeks beginning to flush. “Why would you ask?”

“No reason,” he said, looking straight ahead, massaging his leg slightly.

The rest of the way was quiet. When Hermione reached the garage, and was assisting Draco up the stairs, he was still quiet. He wasn’t letting her help her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked him finally, when they had reached his loft, and were proceeding toward the bedroom.

“Nothing,” he said, “I was just wondering where you were last night, why you didn’t get to the hospital on time.”

“Oh, I was at home,” she said, “watching a movie.”

He lay day on the bed, taking his shirt off. “Oh, that must explain the hickey the size of Russia on your neck then.”

Hermione’s eyes rounded in horror as her hands flew to her neck, her cheeks flushed.

“I-I…” she stuttered, opening her hair so it was covered.
“Relax, no one saw but me, and the nurse, but she thought I must’ve given it to you, apparently, by her wink and calling me a good boy,” he droned monotonously, “I could care less about what you and Noah are upto when I’m dying.”

“It wasn’t like that…” she whispered, her eyes tearing up, “it wasn’t Noah.” The moment the words left her mouth, she wanted to fish them back in.

“Oh, so you go out with one guy, and Do It with another,” he droned again, “Nice concept, do elaborate, I would love to learn how, might come in useful when my date’s a dud.”

“It wasn’t like that, I- I was just …I wasn’t myself, nothing happepened,” she said, sitting on his bed.

“Who were you then, lead singer of the Weird Sisters?” he said seethingly.

She said quietly, “It was Ron.”

“Oh,” he said, equally quiet, “So you guys, are, what, getting back together?”

“I think it’s my turn to say sorry, and no we’re not together, we didn't even do anything." She couldn’t even look at him in the eye, she was so ashamed.

“How about us, was what happened that night a one night thing, too?” he asked,

“Draco, we were drunk,” she said, her eyes tearing up again, “you can’t be honestly asking me this?”

“No, I’m not asking you anything, I have my answer on what my position is in your life,” he said, “Now, get out, before I call Noah in to take you out. Oh, I’m sorry, I bet you’d like that.”

Hermione broke out in a sob, and she wouldn’t get up, “No.”

“God Damn it,” he was sorry now.

“No, damn you and you’re freaking whore Joey,” she said, mockingly. “You talk about yourself like you’re a sick little puppy. ‘Oh, look at me, I’m so great now, I gave up magic.’ I listen to your every word, digesting everything. And not once do I complain, not once. Then you do something nice for me, and I come to see you, and I find you lip-locked with that other bitch. I understand you like hot women, the swimming chicks, Jo, Pansy Parkinson, and every other beautiful face with dark hair in this whole freaking world. But no, I don’t say anything. You walk around hugging them, kissing them. But I don’t say anything to you. And now you sit here criticizing me, how do you think I feel, when I see you with those women? Am I not good enough for you? Is one woman not enough to keep you going? How much do you need? Huh? No, you don’t even care about other people other than yourself and your daughter. Listen to me Draco Malfoy, you are a selfish, arrogant and malevolent hypocrit and you have been, and you always will be.”

He sat staring at her with his mouth stern, his jaw locked.

“Is that how you feel?” he asked her unsteadily.

“Ugh, yes,” she said, frustrated.

He didn’t know what to do, he was so confused, she had slept with stupid Ron. But still, why did he still want to rip her clothes off as she sat in front of him on his fluffly purple bed?

“Well, then,” he said.

“Well, what?” she asked frustrated.

“Well, then, I guess there’s nothing I could do to change that,” he said, chokingly. His face got closer to hers, and she fully thought he would kiss her. Her whole body thought so, but he just looked at her, “Unless you actually do like me?”

Oh, lord, wasn’t it sort of obvious to this dumb ass that she liked him? Was he not listening to her patriotic speech about her jealousy?

She just looked at him, like a fish without water.

Suddenly, his eyes began to droop, and in a matter of seconds he was fast asleep. She had forgotten about his pain meds, and how they would make him sleepy.

Stupid ass, had to go to sleep when she was going to admit her undying devotion to him.

Puh-lease, this had to be a bad sign.

Stupid Voldemort, he had made her make some bad Karma for herself, now the stupid karma was coming back to bite her in the ass.

A/N: hope y’all likes. Please, read and review!!


:) :) :D

NEXT WEEK: or whenever: Draco arrives at Hermione's place, his eyes with big dark circles around them, the once white part was red, and his face looked paler than usual.

"Please tell me," he began, "that you have seen my daughter."

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