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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 18 : St. Mungos
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A/N:- hey you guys, don't worry about Sirius and April, it'll come together but i should warn you they won't have what they did. You'll see as the story progresses

James managed to roll over onto his front and saw Lily in front of him in the dementor’s arms. His Patronus, which was still dispatching some dementors turned at his call.

“That one!” James managed to shout. The stag charged at the dementor holding Lily. She was about to receive the kiss when the stage ran full tilt into the dementor with it’s head down. The dementor dropped Lily and she fell to the floor like a corpse. James started to get up to get to her when he fell to the floor again after being hit by a jinx. He hit his head on the floor and he rolled onto his back to see Snape standing over him. Snape looked at him with hate and had his wand pointed at James’ head.

“Slumbus” Snape said. James just had time to give him a look of surprise before James was put into a sleep.

* * * *

April ran down the hall of St. Mungos carrying Harry in her arms. She pushed through the queue to the welcomewitch.

“The Potters, where are they?” April asked.

“James Potter fourth floor, Lily Potter first floor.” The welcomewitch said. April frowned before leaving the queue.

“April.” Came an all too familiar voice. April turned around and saw Sirius coming towards her. April automatically straightened.

“What?” April asked.

“Where’s Lily and James? Are they alright?” Sirius asked. He looked at Harry and smiled. Harry gave a smile as he recognised Sirius.

“Lily’s on the first floor and James is on the fourth. I’m about to go and see Lily.” April said coldly.

“Right then, I’ll go and see James.” Sirius said. “See ya soon Harry.” Sirius said to Harry, ruffling his small amount of hair. Harry let out a noise and Sirius headed towards the stairs. April followed suit and left the stairs on the first floor. There was another information desk and April went up to it.

“How may I help?” asked the witch behind the desk

“Lily Potter?” April asked. The witch flipped through a clipboard.

“Oh yes, Dementor attack. She’s still in the process of being awakened.”

“Was she given the kiss?” April asked anxiously.

“According to her husband, she was very nearly given the kiss. Only a few centimetres between her and the dementor. Well, she’s in ward six.” April nodded and carried Harry to ward six and went into the small room. April looked at a small plaque on the door.

DEMENTOR ATTACKS. April gave a small shudder and looked around. There were curtains dividing the beds but April could see each person clearly. Most of them were staring blankly at the ceiling. April knew these were the people who had been kissed by the dementors. The fifth bed April came to was her friend just barely awake and looking very tired. April went to the bedside and attracted Lily’s attention.

“April.” Lily said tiredly. “Harry,” Harry started struggling and April let him down on Lily’s bed. He crawled to his mum’s arms and settled by her chest.

“How are you doing?” April asked.

“I’m fine, just a bit tired, apparently you just have to sleep it off.” Lily said. “What about James? Is he alright?”

“I don’t know. Sirius has gone to see him.” April said. Lily looked at April curiously. “I met him in the lobby” April said like she regretted it. “He said he’d check on James.” Lily nodded anxiously. A healer came past the beds and when he saw Lily he smiled. Lily gave him a weak smile and then looked at Harry.

“Was he any trouble?” Lily asked.

“No, he was actually asleep when we left. I didn’t want to leave him at the house but I didn’t want to not come so I brought him with me.” April said. Lily nodded and the Healer came back.

“Mrs. Potter” He said. Lily looked at him. “Well, you can go any time you like but you’ll have to drink this rejuvenation potion so you have enough energy to get back home.” He handed Lily a cup of potion and then left.

“He’s cute.” April said. Lily smiled.

“Well, you’re free to chase men again April so go.” Lily said. April shook her head.

“I’m still not over Sirius.” April said. She looked at Lily. “I don’t think I’ll ever be over Sirius.” Lily took April’s hand,

“You have me and Harry.” Lily said. April smiled.

“Yes, of course. Harry will be the only man in my life.” April joked. Lily rolled her eyes and looked at the potion. Harry dipped a finger in it and started to put it to his mouth when Lily caught it and dried his finger with her blankets.

“No.” Lily said to him firmly. Harry didn’t seem to have listened and his focus was elsewhere. Lily drank the potion and felt her entire body come alive. She put the cup down on a small table next to the bed.

“Did it work?” April asked. Lily nodded. She felt like she was getting headrush.

“Yeah. Lets go and see James.” Lily said getting out of bed. April noticed she was wearing some muggle clothing. Lily saw her looking curiously. “I wore it under my dress robes.” She said. April nodded and offered to take Harry but Lily just wanted to hold her son. She’d nearly been kissed by a dementor and if she had then she wouldn’t have been able to hold her son any more. Lily held Harry tightly and the witch at the information desk asked Lily to fill in a form then handed back her dressrobes.

“They’ve bin cleaned for you.” She said. Lily gave her a smile and then followed April up to the fourth floor. They came to James’ ward and April stopped before going in.

“I’ll wait out here.” April said quietly. Lily looked at April sympathetically and went into the ward. Sirius and James were laughing at the end of the ward. James was propped up in the bed and when he saw Lily approaching he beamed at her.

“You’re ok?” He said happily. Lily nodded.

“Yes.” Lily said. “And I brought a little visitor.” Lily looked at Harry, who was starting to fall asleep on her shoulder. James smiled.

“Hey Harry.” Harry lifted his head slightly at hearing his name but put his head down again and started to sleep. Lily smiled and kissed the top of Harry’s head.

“Where’s April?” Sirius asked.

“She’s waiting outside. I think she’s still a bit uncomfortable when she’s around you.” Lily said. Sirius nodded understandably.

“When can you leave?” Lily asked James anxiously. She couldn’t see anything wrong with him.

“In a few days. I got hit by a particularly nasty curse and I have blisters all down my back.” James said. “And I have concussion apparently.” Lily frowned.

“I’ll leave you three together for a while.” Sirius said getting up. Lily nodded and took Sirius’ seat.

“Sirius.” Lily said before Sirius could go. “Try not to hurt April again.” Sirius nodded and left the ward. April was sitting on a seat with her cloak pulled around her. Sirius sat next to her and she tensed slightly.

“You ok?” He asked her quietly.

“I was.” She said.

“I’m sorry that I hurt you, I’ve been trying to talk to you for ages.” Sirius said, “Did you get my owls?”

“I’ve sort of burned them as soon as I got them.” April said sheepishly. She didn’t look at Sirius, instead she stared at the blank bit of wall in front of her.

“I just want you to know I’m sorry and if you want to curse me or anything then just do it here because at least we’re in a hospital.” Sirius said honestly. April smirked, the idea was tempting but she couldn’t hurt Sirius. Sirius eyed April nervously, he could never predict what April might do. He risked reaching for her hand and took it nervously. She smiled and looked at him sadly.

“You know that we can’t get back together again?” she asked him. Sirius shrugged.

“As long as you still talk to me I don’t care whether we’re together or not.” Sirius told her. April looked back at the blank bit of wall and sighed.

“I can cope with that just about.” April said. “But I don’t want you seeing Jessica again.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. If I see Jessica again I’ll curse her arse to kingdom come.” Sirius said grinning. He was making some sort of progress after four months.

“Well, I suppose I should get to the ministry and find out what happened because Lily doesn’t have a clue.” April said.

“Ok.” Sirius said. “See you soon?” he asked her.

“Maybe.” She said with a smile before leaving

A/N:- as i said, don't worry about Sirius and's all going according to plan....mwahahahahaaa....sorry going a bit mad.

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