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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 17 : The Divadion Theatre
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“Lily!” James called up the stairs happily. Lily left the room trying to catch Harry. He had now found that the best way to get away from her was by crawling, which he was very fast at. Before Harry had just figured out that crawling allowed a little freedom but recently he’d been trying to go on little adventures.

“Got you!” Lily said wrapping her arms around the baby. Lily held him tightly and went down the stairs. “You called James.” She said smiling. He gave her a kiss and she grinned. “How was the meeting?”

“It was ok but guess what, we have an assignment.” James said. Lily’s smile disappeared.

“Wha-how could we?” She asked. “We’re wanted by Voldemort.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a little recon. Watching some of Voldemort’s people.” James said. Lily’s frown deepened. James kissed Lily’s cheek. “We have Dumbledore’s private box at the Divadion Theatre to watch Romeo and Juliet.” He whispered. Lily smiled.

“The Divadion theatre?” She asked. The Divadion Theatre was a very famous wizarding Theatre that showed the best plays by the best wizard play writes. It was very difficult to get tickets to plays and to have your own box was a honour, an honour that was bestowed on Dumbledore.

“Yes, but he did say that in return we have to perform the fidelius charm.” James said frowning.

“The Fidelius charm? But that would mean that we wouldn’t be able to leave at all.”

“No, it just means that we’ll be safer. I agreed to it. It’s for your own safety.” James said running his hand down her hair. Lily frowned.

“Ok, but do we have to do it now?” Lily asked. James shook his head.

“When we’re ready but Dumbledore wants us to do it as soon as possible.” James said. Lily nodded regretfully.

“If he thinks it’s best.” Lily said.

“We’re going to go and see Romeo and Juliet.” James said quietly. This brought a smile to Lily’s face again.

“I didn’t know Shakespeare was a wizard.”

“Of course he is.” James said, “Do you think a muggle could have come up with plays like the Tempest, A midsummer-night’s dream or Twelfth night?” Lily smiled.

“True.” Lily said, “What’s so different?”

“Well, apparently there’s a lot of romantic magic in Romeo and Juliet, well the wizard version anyway.” James said, his voice deepened slightly. Lily looked at him with a smirk.

“Ok, I’ll get April around. She’s been really depressed lately.” Lily said.

“I’m not surprised. But it has been about four months now.” James said. Lily sighed.

“If I cheated on you could you get over it?” Lily asked. James shook his head. “Exactly. How’s Sirius?”

“A bit distant. So I’ll tell Dumbledore we’ll perform the fidelius charm?” James asked. Lily nodded. James grinned and gave Lily a kiss.

“Mum” Harry said as he opened and closed his mouth. Lily and James stopped in mid kiss to turn to Harry.

“Did he just-”

“Mumumumumumumum” Harry said. Lily smiled.

“He’s just messing around.” Lily said.

“Mumumumumumumumumummumum” Harry mumbled as he started playing with Lily’s red hair.

“When are we going out?”

“Tomorrow night.” James said. Lily grinned. Harry looked at James and held his arms out, his hands grabbing empty air. James took him and tickled his stomach.

“He is going to be a daddy’s boy I think.” Lily said. James smiled, “I’ll go and owl April.”

* * * *

“Ok, so Harry needs to be asleep by seven latest, his milk is in the fridge, just warm it up slightly with your wand but not to hot or you’ll burn him.” Lily said to April. April laughed at Lily’s motherly panic.

“Just go, Harry’s safe with me.” April said. Lily stopped and turned to look in the mirror. Her hair fell in elegant curls over her shoulders and back. Her green eyes sparkled and was brought out by the colour of her robes. Harry made a noise of happiness and Lily picked him up off the bed, where he was playing with the bumps in the duvet.

“It’s just that I’ve never left him on his own before.” Lily said.

“He’s not going to be on his own. He’s going to be with me isn’t he?” April said, “Now I believe that James is waiting for you downstairs.” Lily frowned and looked into Harry’s small green eyes.

“You behave for April now, ok!” Lily said to the baby. Harry grabbed Lily’s nose and gave her a sort of sloppy kiss. Lily smiled and April took Harry off her.

“Go, before I kick you out of your own house.” April said.

“Sorry, yeah, I’ll go now. If you need to contact me you know where I’ll be.” Lily said. She gave Harry a quick kiss and left the room.

“Lily we’re going to be late.” James said. He stood impatiently on the landing.

“Sorry, coming.” Lily said. She came out of the room and James felt a strange sense of de ja vu. The uncontrollable hormones, the circumstances, they were all very similar to when James had asked Lily to the Valentine’s ball in their last year of Hogwarts.

“We should get going.” James said. Impatient to be on his own with Lily. Lily smiled and turned to April

“Oh, and don’t let Harry play with the snitch or watch the TV. If he wants to crawl then make sure the doors are shut and keep him away from the landing.” April rolled her eyes and ignored Lily.

“Have fun tonight.” She said smiling. “Say bye Harry.” April lifted Harry’s arm and waved it slightly. Lily smiled and turned to James.

“Shall we go?” Lily asked. James nodded quickly and they both apparated to the theatre.

There wasn’t much of a queue and when James handed the doorman his ticket the doorman gave him a pleasant smile and escorted them to Dumbledore’s box.

“Enjoy the play.” He said as he handed back the tickets and closed the door to the box. Lily was quite excited, having not being allowed to go out for over a year, she thought that this was the best thing that James could have done.

“Excited?” James whispered to Lily. His face was right next to her ear. She turned and kissed him.

“Yes.” She said happily. James smiled and gave Lily a deep kiss. Lily let out a girlish giggle as James’ kisses strayed from her mouth.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the play is about to start, please take your seats.” Said a ownerless voice that filled the theatre. James and Lily broke apart. James looked across the theatre to another box where three people sat. One of them had platinum blonde hair that fell to his shoulders and was wearing black dress robes. The other two were obviously a couple. The woman had dark hair and slightly hooded dark eyes. James knew her as Sirius’ cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange. The man was her husband Rudolph Lestrange. Lily sat ready to watch the play but James got ready to watch the suspected deatheaters. The curtains opened and the chorus started their introduction to the play.

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny-

James never had the patience for Shakespeare. Instead he settled on watching his wife, who looked quite happy to finally be out of the house. James hadn’t noticed it before but Lily looked slightly thinner and paler then she usually did. He frowned slightly as he realised it must be the lack of her being able to go out. James immediately felt incredibly guilty about being able to leave the house while Lily was stuck at home looking after Harry. James put his arm around Lily and she gave him a quick smile and put her head on his shoulder.

The magic of the wizard version of Shakespeare wasn’t lost on James or Lily. Even if James wasn’t all that interested he felt the powerful romance spells that was weaved into the words of the play overpower his freewill. He looked at Lily longingly and saw her struggling against the spell. The play was coming to an end and James could see that Lily was enjoying herself despite her inner battle to try and refrain herself from doing anything too intimate with James right there and then. James held her hand tightly and glanced over to where the Lestranges and Malfoy should be sitting. He had to do a double take to realise that they weren’t there. The magic from the play disappeared immediately.

“Lily, we have to go.” James whispered. Lily looked at him thoroughly annoyed.

“Why?” Lily asked. James got up.

“Don’t ask questions we have to go.” James said. Lily got up reluctantly and followed James out of the box

-This letter doth make good the friar’s words,
Their course of love, the tidings of death-

The Prince’s words rang through the theatre. Lily followed James out into the end of the empty Diagon Alley.

“What are we doing?” Lily asked annoyed. James looked up and down the street and saw the back of Malfoy’s head disappear around a corner. James took Lily’s hand and started down the street.

“Get you wand out.” James said, taking his wand out of his robes. Lily did and followed James reluctantly. “We have to follow Malfoy and the Lestranges” James whispered to Lily.

“I should have known. Why else would Dumbledore have given us tickets to Romeo and Juliet.” Lily muttered under her breath. They went around the corner and found Bellatrix Lestrange laughing loudly with her husband. Rudolph gave her a quick kiss before Bellatrix noticed James and Lily, She didn’t see their wands and they looked like they were going for just a causal walk after the play.

“Look it’s Potter” She said with an evil smirk. “Enjoy the play?” Lily frowned.

“Yes I did in fact. How about you.” James said a little too politely.

“It wasn’t to my taste but I can still make an outing of tonight.” She said as she pulled out her wand. Lily got her wand out and pointed it at Bellatrix in case she tried to do anything to James.

“Lily,” James breathed. He held his wand out as well.

“Oo, scary a mudblood with a wand. You cant hurt me.” Bellatrix teased, “but maybe you can, I suppose if I told you that the dark lord is, Rudolph what is it that the dark lord is doing again?” Bellatrix said to her husband. He smiled and causally pulled out his own wand.

“I think it was something to do with their son, Harry, I think his name was.” Lily shook slightly.

“How do you know his name?” Lily asked him.

“What does it matter, all that we care about is that he dies. We can’t have anyone killing the dark lord can we?” Bellatrix said. James threw a curse at Bellatrix and she fell to the floor with a large cut appearing across her body. Lily winced slightly at the sight of the blood. Rudolph Lestrange shouted a curse and it missed James by a few inches.

“You need to improve your aim Rudolph old boy.” James said. Lily shivered as she felt a cold sensation run up her back. The hustling and bustling noise from the theatre was drowned out and she couldn’t see the slightly clouded stars in the sky. She felt her happiness seep away from her slowly, bit by bit until she felt cold inside.

“James.” Lily said worriedly as she took his arm and looked behind her. There were four figures dressed in cloaks, almost floating, towards them. As they came closer Lily could hear them rasping for air. She turned around again in fear and saw three of them approaching from in front of them as well. James had gone completely pale and he looked like he was going to be sick. He raised his wand.

“Expecto Patronum.” He said weakly. A small wisp of silvery smoke shot out the end of his wand. Lily had to hold onto James tightly not to collapse. Rudolph Lestrange had gone completely pale as well and his knees were starting to buckle. The Dementors stopped about five feet away from Lily and James. There were a few cracks and they were surrounded by deatheaters.

“Ah, the Potters. We meet again. You are a slippery family aren’t you?” said Voldemort as he stepped forwards and gave them a wicked smile.

“You planned this.” Lily said. It was starting to make sense, there was obviously a mole in the order and they had told Dumbledore some information that Voldemort had told him to tell, how else would Lily and James be trapped in this situation? Voldemort smiled and looked directly at Lily.

“You are a clever young mudblood aren’t you?” He said. Lily didn’t take her eyes off Voldemort. James was looking at the circle of deatheaters and Dementors around them. It was going to be hopeless to get away. “You’re a bit too clever.” Voldemort said to Lily. He touched her cheek with one of his long bony fingers. Lily shivered at his touch and cuddled closer to James. “It will be a pity to waste such beauty, never mind-” A jet of red and green sparks exploded in the air. Everyone looked up and a few of the Deatheater’s hoods fell back.

“Who did that?” Voldemort said angrily to his followers. James gave a small smirk in spite of the effects of the dementors around him.

“I did.” James said. “Expecto Patronum.” James thought of the first time he’d kissed Lily, the first time he’d held Harry. A large silver stage erupted from the end of his wand. It startled Voldemort and charged straight for the dementors. “Lily, think of something happy and say expecto patronum” James said urgently. He could feel some of the effect of the dementors lift. Lily held her wand up shakily.

Think of something happy, something happy. Lily tried but everything was gone from her mind. All she could think of was the night she had been told that her parents were dead and the night Jenny had died.

“I can’t” She whispered. “Something happy.” She tried to think of something again.

“You idiot!” Voldemort said. “Crucio.” James was knocked back by the force of the spell and shouted in pain. Lily stood motionless. She stared at James, unable to move. “Now are you going to die quietly?” Voldemort asked Lily. Lily managed to look at Voldemort. A spell hit Voldemort from the side and two people came out of the shadows. Voldemort stumbled backwards and turned to see the Longbottoms with their wands out.

“Kill them all.” Voldemort shouted. He disapparated and James was breathing deeply and painfully. Lily ran straight to his side.

“James, are you-” She didn’t managed to finish as she was grabbed from behind and thrown towards a dementor.

“Mudblood don’t deserve to die.” Said a female, “Especially you Evans.” Lily didn’t have time to turn around to see who had said that as a dementor had hold of her shoulders with one hand and was pulling back it’s hood with another. Lily felt her strength evaporating away and she was soon unconscious as the dementor pulled her face ever closer to it’s mouth.

A/N:-i'm not sure if Romeo and Juliet will have anything to do with this story, i just needed a play and it was the first thing i could think of.

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