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Hero - In Her Eyes by AndrinaBlack
Chapter 1 : Hero - In Her Eyes
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People were leaving the hospital wing to go to their various businesses. Among them were Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin who wanted to give the Weasley-family some time on their own with Bill. Suddenly Tonks stopped at a big window recess and drew Remus with her to it. “Now, listen to me Remus!” she said, her eyes sparkling.

The man tried to edge away, but Tonks’ hand was still on his arm. Despite his uncomfortable feeling he still admired her. In the blue light of the moon she looked almost as colorful as she used to be, and even if she wasn’t that colorful he always found her beautiful. And in this forceful emotion she looked so alive, like no one else could possibly be.  

“Remus, you must understand” Tonks said heatedly “This is no silly crush! I truly love you! And that is because who you are. You are friendly, comforting, fun and brave. And we are friends as well. And I really admire you!”

She stares through my shadow
She sees something more

“But Tonks, I am no one to admire” Remus replied tiredly. “I’m a werewolf and dangerous to people. Besides, I am just an old bore. I’m no one as funny, handsome and young as you need.” 

“But we’ve gone through all this! YOU are everything I need. And you heard what the others said. Those who are young and whole will not necessarily stay so for long.”

Believes there's a light in me 

“But I’m not young and whole from the beginning. And this war makes me worse even faster. I cannot even be with anybody much now. I will be on my… mission all the time.” Remus said this sadly and looked to the distance at the end. “And it might be even dangerous to those who are close to me, at least if the other side figure out I’m a spy”

Tonks looked at him exasperatedly. “Do you think I care about dangers? Do you remember where I work? One danger more won’t be anything in the load of dangers we all live in now. And even if you do leave occasionally it is better to be with you the times you are here than not to see you at all. And with all the trouble of the war I rather think I want someone to comfort me sometimes” She said the last a bit timidly.

She is sure

“Who am I to comfort you? As I said, I’m just an old fool. How can I be of any help to a beautiful young woman like you?”

Tonks replied with confidence. “You can help me so much. It’s good you are older than me. You have more experience. You can protect me. You have already done so much for so many people and I admire you so much for that. You’re a hero!”


I am not a hero

“But you are at least a hero to me. You are my hero! And about comfort. You can comfort anybody. You are an angel Remus.”

“No” he said stubbornly. 

I am not an angel

Remus was silent and Tonks couldn’t figure out what his expression meant.

“Just say it!” she said forcefully after a long silence. “Is it just that you don’t love me? Just say you don’t and I will stop bothering you. Do you care about me at all?” her voice faded away at the end.

I am just a man
Man who’s trying to love her 
Unlike any other

Slowly Remus came closer to Tonks as his eyes softened while he looked into her eyes. When his face was close to hers he stopped for a couple of softly spoken words. “I care too much about you… Do you really believe everything you said about me?”

“Of course I do” she said looking straight into his eyes. 

In her eyes I am

Finally he closed the distance between them and their lips met in a tender kiss.

In her eyes I see the sky and all I’ll ever need
In her eyes time passes by and she is with me

AN:  I hope you enjyed it! I would appreciate any reviews as this is my first fanfic!

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