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Torn In Two by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 5 : Surprise the Unexpecting: Part 1
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"Where are we going?" Lily giggled. She didn't know why, but she was feeling extremely giddy toady, maybe it was because stupid Potter blindfolded her.

"You'll see when we get there," James teased her.

It had been a week since the phone incident, and the Evans couple had returned from their honeymoon. The Potters had come over and explained the situation to them, just as James promised, and Lily's parents, no longer upset with her, had fallen for James's charms and found him to be a very respectful young man and gave Lily permission to spend time alone with him if she wished, in a public place, of course. Petunia, on the other hand, had been grounded until Christmas when Mr. Evans located a certain pill she had overlooked disposing of.

"James, we've been walking for I don't know how long. My feet are killing me and I can't see a thing."

"Well that's the point of the blindfold, isn't it? And I haven't let you fall yet, have I?" he asked cheekily.

Lily bit her lip to hold back a smile. "Well you'd better not, 'cause I'll go home."

She felt James's arm snake around her waist. "Wouldn't dream of it, love," he whispered in her ear, placing a quick kiss on her cheek.

Blushing furiously, Lily mumbled something along the lines of "Good."

"Ok, we're here."

James undid the blindfold and let Lily look around.

They were at a pier. "What are we doing here?"

"C'mon, let's go!" James grabbed her hand, and, like a little child, excitedly dragged her over to a pretty decent sized boat and jumped in. "You coming?"

Lily was still standing on the dock. "That does belong to you, right?"

"Actually, it belongs to my parents," James said, grinning.

"You know how to work it, right?"

"Of course! I couldn't tell you how many times the Marauders have taken out Nessie without adult supervision."


"Yeah, like the Loch Ness Monster. C'mon."

Lily rolled her eyes and decided it was against her better judgment, but hopped on anyways.

"Anyone looking?" James asked.


James pulled out his wand and started the boat.

"James! You're underage!"

"Don't sweat it, Lily, the Ministry won't know; my dad let me take his wand."

Lily raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I come from a long line of trouble-makers," he explained. "And don't worry, I know exactly how to sail this thing... with magic."

For about fourty-five minutes, James let the boat sail them around aimlessly as he and Lily sat at the edge, looking over into the water's depths. There were fish of all sizes, shapes, and color, plankton floating about, seagulls drifting as aimlessly as they, and, for about fifteen minutes, dolphins playing at the boat's bow.

They were over deep water when the boat slowed to a steady stop.

"Wait here," James said.

Lily nodded and dipped her bare feet in the cool water, just enjoying where, and with whom, she was.

James headed into the cabin and came out dressed in only swimming trunks and carrying a towel.

Lily looked at him quizzically, not having a bathing suit with her at the moment, and James pulled out his father's wand and transfigured a section of the rail next to her into a diving board.

"Your swimsuit's in the cabin, so's a towel." James grinned at her.

Lily stared back, speechless, with her mouth hanging open.

"I thought you'd appreciate a one-piece."

Her mouth closed, and Lily smiled.

"Then I thought how much more I'd appreciate a bikini."

Lily's mouth hung open again as James laughed.

"Don't worry, just trust me. And I don't know your size, so it'll adjust to fit magically."

Now it was Lily's turn to smirk. "I was under the impression you knew everything about me, Mr. Potter."

James smiled and matched her playful tone. "Why not at all, Miss Evans, only the essentials," he said with a wink.

Lily giggled, again, an went into the cabin to see if she'd have to wear her clothes over the bathing suit.

The swim suit James had picked out, Lily had to admit, wasn't bad at all; it was two piece, but when she put it on, it looked like one and didn't come down too far. The color matched the shade of green in her eyes, and a single lily was printed on the front.

Pulling back her shoulder-length, red hair with a rubber band she found and grabbing her towel, Lily headed out to join her... date. Why did she agree to this again?

Then again, he wasn't the arrogant toe-rag she'd always known.

Lily placed her towel next to James's on the rail and went over to the diving board.

"Ladies first." James smiled and offered his hand to help her up.

"You just want to see me jump off this thing from the back," she teased accusingly.

Still smiling, James repeated, "Ladies first."

Rolling her eyes, but grinning none-the-less, Lily climbed on the board and ran off with a bounce doing a pencil dive into the ocean.

"Nice one!" James yelled when she resurfaced and swam out of the path of any potential divers, a.k.a. James.

A running start and a jump later, James had done a can opener and was treading water next to Lily, glasses, amazingly, still intact.

"So this was the big surprise for the day?" Lily asked.

James looked at her in utter shock.

"I'm not saying it's a bad thing," Lily hurriedly explained. "I really like it here, this is great! I'm just asking."

A smile returned to James's face as he said, "Well I'm very pleased to hear you are enjoying yourself with the 'sickening pig', but that 'sickening pig' just happens to be James Potter, and I prefer to take my dates, well, date, you, someplace other than just the middle of the ocean."

Lily smiled. "Well, you're not quite so sickening, and this isn't exactly the middle of the ocean, I can still see England behind you."

James's smile changed slowly to a confused look. "What about the pig part?"

Lily just grinned and surface dived about four feet under.

"Wait! Lily!" James called, going after her.

A/N: Chapter six will (hopefully) be up this weekend.

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