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Bugs In My Tummy by siriusly_whos_tara
Chapter 2 : James Bond Impersonation
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 Read, Enjoy and Review. There is a picture in Chapter 1 also.

By follow_the_butterflies

As dawn’s first light begun to shine through the small, dusty cracks of the surrounding dank hotel room walls, I slowly opened my eyes before smiling in remembrance of my once sweet pastime; as much as I tried, I could never forget the cheering crowd surrounding me. It was the Summer Festival and I had just finished my tumbling act. I’d felt so proud, just to prove to all those busybodies that you’re never too old to learn acrobatics. That festival was my first and last, but I had my medallion to remind me of the physical agony I had gone through to enable me to be good enough to win.

A large, vicious looking barn owl flew through the half-open window and dropped a weathered piece of parchment in front of me. It hesitated but after a minute flicked its head around and sharply pecked the soft bit of skin between my thumb and pointer, snapping me out of my thoughts. It then proceeded to fly out the window.

“Ouch! Talk about whiplash!” I shouted at the bird’s ever-retreating form before promptly muttering and sucking the blood from the offending wound.

“Glad I’m not an owl…” I heard a soft whoosh as the letter the owl delivered fell to the floor. I reached for it and winced slightly at the sight of my father’s strong, even calligraphy.

Hmmm nice and simple…

Your training shall continue, but this time the eldest of the Black and Malfoy boys will be joining you.
What?!? So they can murder me in my sleep?!? You will be escorted to the campsite by Balding, one of my men. I believe you met him on your last visit. Huh… campsite… what’s that supposed to mean? There you will have up to five minutes to make your introductions to your fellow contestants. What campsite??? Then the race for survival begins. You will remain in the wilderness for a night and two days, and you will be required to keep your wand. You may use whatever other skills you possess. Upon arriving, you will be given a black suit in which to wear. YES! A sneaky suit! If at anytime you cannot handle the situation send up red sparks. Although I will be rather disappointed in you, and, in all likelihood have to punish you.  Bet he wrote that with a smile on his face… Look! He even faltered with the punishing bit! You will be able to communicate with Black and Malfoy, but remain diligent to ward of any attacks. Please remain alive until Walburga, Abraxas, or I appear, as your decease may be difficult to explain to your mother.  

Make me proud,

Your father. Well looks like I’ll be camping out, wonder if it’ll be cheating if I bring some marshmallows?

Ok, well, dad said I’d be given clothes when the car gets here so there’s no point dressing up. Seeing as I was going to have to change into the black sneaky suit anyway, I just pulled on a grey pair of trackies and an olive green chesty. I left the room on a mission to find some breakfast. I walked several paces before coming to a set of long creaky stairs. God dad can be so cheap! A delicious smell of sweet cakes and honey filled the air which seemed to beckon to my empty stomach.  

“Hello? I was wondering if I could get some breakfast?” I called though the open kitchen door. A large hairy arm slammed the door shut and a voice started to grunt. 

“Ok! I know there’s someone in there! And if I don’t get food within the next minute I’m gonna break down that door!”

A calm voice sounded from behind me. “Your meal is waiting for you in the car. Now, if you have your wand, I would like to leave soon.”

I jumped and turned to see Balding looking me up and down. 

Ugh! Sorry dude, but you’re like, old enough to be my uncle… I mean, seriously… Eww!

He turned his gaze to view the bleak, uncluttered hall, and with a jerk of his head strolled towards the large double stone doors. I followed meekly, preoccupied with my ever increasing stomach growls.  Patience, precious. Soon, I thought, while absent-mindedly patting my stomach.

A long black car crossed with a limo awaited on the gravel driveway. Again, the smell of sweet cakes and honey awakened my true hunger. I jumped in the car, hastily changed into the skintight sneaky suit that lay on the car seat and begun to stuff my face before laughing, pieces of sweet cake going everywhere.  

"Is everything ok, miss?” a bored voice rang through to the back of the car. 

“Try saying skintight sneak suit five times fast.” I replied still smirking.

I then continued to shovel the last of the sweet cakes and honey into my mouth, knowing this could be my last meal. 

After what seemed like mere minutes, the car abruptly jerked to a stop, and only then did I notice the tall towering trees with their dark green canopies. The balding man opened the car door before brutally grabbing my wrist and tossing me on the ground in front of two teenaged boys. I stood up and rubbed my throbbing knee before punching the smirking man in the face. There was a sickening crunch and blood started to spurt out of his nose as I looked on, satisfied with myself. 

That’ll teach him! Jerk off! Another man ran over and quickly dismissed the bald man before disappearing again.

I had just begun my study of the two boys. One had blonde hair, a proud nose and cruel, icy blue eyes; he seemed to have a distasteful air about him.  Hmmm, so much for making friends. I then turned to the other boy only to find him little better than the other. He had shaggy black hair and stormy grey eyes. Wow, look at those lips… Why do boys get full lips? It’s not fair! Oh, so now you decide to check me out, huh boys? I got thrown on my arse and decked a guy, so now I get noticed? They both would have looked better if they actually smiled though. 

The blonde boy glared at me before drawling, “Lucius Malfoy.”

“Sirius Black,” the shaggy-haired boy stated before they both turned to face me once again.

“Drake… Tara Drake” I replied smoothly before grinning at my not too shabby James Bond impersonation. Lucius proceeded to raise an eyebrow while Sirius, despite himself, also grinned. A loud bang then erupted causing surrounding birds to fly… That, we all took, was the start of the contest.


Dont forget to tell me what you think! Chapter 3 will be up shortly.

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Bugs In My Tummy: James Bond Impersonation


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