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Once Again by Ink Laden Quill
Chapter 1 : Still Quarrelsome
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A/N: So this is my first ever Fan Fiction. Tell me what you think at the end!

Chapter One:

A young woman, sixteen years of age, walked down the hallway with an air of grace and elegance. Her fiery, red hair billowed out behind her as she strode on through thhe students moving in the other direction.

As she strolled on another girl with layered, light brown hair and brown eyes joined her. “Hey Lily.”

The young woman slowed her pace and turned to greet her new companion. “Hello Sarah. How’ve you been?”

“What, since ten minutes ago?" Sarah paused before she spoke again. "Absolutely splendid, if you must ask.”

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Lily’s lips. She knew what was going on. “You found Nathan, did you?”

A chuckle, and then, “Yes, I did. He was outside the Transfiguration classroom with one of his friends. Lily, he actually smiled at me as I walked by,” said Sarah dreamily.

Lily laughed a little. “Congratulations! That's really great news."

Sarah beamed, evidentey missing the sarcastic nature. “Thanks Lily, that means a lot…oh yeah, James is looking for you.”

The smile quickly slipped off of Lily’s face. “Joy…Now I’m glad that I left while you were looking for Nathan.”

Sarah sighed. “You know Lily, I think that I can say that we have been good friends for quite a while. Six years, in fact, if I do the math correctly. Six years of being in all your classes. Six years of being in the same dormitory, with beds next to each other and six years of the same boy chasing after you. We know everything about each other. But the one thing I never understood was why you don’t like James Potter.”

Lily scowled. The very thought of the boy made her angry. “I don’t know why I have to explain this all the time. He just bugs me. We are not suited for each other. We are polar opposites.”

Sarah smirked. “Yeah, how so?”

“Okay...say that we are given a Defense Against the Dark Arts spell to research for homework. I’ll go to the library and write about its origin, effects, and uses. Potter will find some little kid and use the spell on him to see what happens."

She paused, as if letting the sentence sink in and take effect.

“Yeah, but you both still get good grades nonetheless. Think about it Lily -- he has been after you for six years now. The school year is nearly over, so soon to be seven, and you haven’t given him a chance once.”

“I don’t think 'not getting me' is upsetting him too much,” said Lily icily. “He has had his share of girlfriends over the years.”

“Yeah, but not the one he wants,” pointed out Sarah.

“You don’t get it Sarah,” started Lily in a brittle voice, “He is just so full of himself. Just because he is smart and a good Quidditch player does not give him the right to act like he is above everyone and hex people just because he feels like it.” There was a pause. "Why are you defending him, anyway?"

She shrugged. "I'm just tired of hearing the same complaints. It wouldn't hurt to expand your view..."

Lily took a moment to think of what to say. “I'm...not interested in what he has to offer. I don’t understand why he even likes me."

“Well,” said Sarah, “he did mention last year that he adored your thick, red hair and he could stare into your green eyes all day.”

Lily laughed mirthlessly at such a cliche and then said, “I wonder if it would come to a shock to Potter if I came back next term with my hair cut and dyed brown and brown contacts lenses.”

“God, don’t even joke about that,” came a slightly deeper voice from in front of them.

The very man in question was standing right there.

He was leaning against a wall while eating an apple. His light brown eyes were full of laughter and his hair was messy and stuck up in the back, as usual. Beside him stood Sirius Black, whose own black hair fell gracefully over his face. They had been speaking together when they had heard Lily’s comment as she walked by.

Lily eyed him. “You never know, Potter. I am able to do whatever I want with my physical appearance. And beside, if it will drive you away, then I might as well do it.”

“Ah, but I know you won’t Evans. I know you too well. You’ll get bored without me around,” said James slyly.

“Fat chance,” she responded shortly.

“So Lily,” said James, “How about you and I go get some lunch together?”

“No, Potter.”

She did not hesitate. He had asked her so often that it was a ritual to refuse.

“How about we all catch some lunch then,” he tried again, motioning towards the Great Hall.

Sirius turned to face him. “Can’t mate. Sorry. I gotta go make up some test for Binns. I don’t get why we have to learn about things that are past and people that are dead…”

James looked at Lily out of the corner of his eye and then said, “Sirius, mate, it’s so we don’t make the same mistakes in the future that we did in the past.”

“James, that was probably the most intelligent thing I’ve ever heard you say," said Sarah sweetly, nudging Lily pointedly.

“Oh yeah, a real Einstein,” she muttered sarcastically.

All three of them looked at her. “Who?”

“Never mind.”

“Okay, anyway, James,” began Sirius, “So, I’ll probably be staying at your house for the better part of the summer. My uncle Alphard agreed to lend me a good amount of gold when I come of age so that I can get my own place.”

“That’s great Sirius. My mum wrote me to tell you that you're welcome any time."

Lily’s eyes narrowed. She was curious about this transaction, but she did not want to be rude and pry into business that was not her own.

After Sirius departed, James turned to Lily and Sarah and asked, “Will you two fine ladies like to accompany me to the Great Hall?”

Sarah began to say something, but Lily discreetly stepped on her foot and said, “We’re on the way to the library for some last minute studying before Slughorn’s final exams.

James studied them with one eyebrow slightly arched. “Well okay, I’ll see you in potions.”

As Sarah and Lily started walking away James’ voice rang out, “Hey Lily…”

She turned and eyed him haughtily, “Yes Potter?”

He smiled in a way that made most girls lightheaded, “You’ll fall for me eventually.”

Then he turned and strode away before she could utter a word.

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