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Her Secret by tiffers
Chapter 9 : There Is A Package At The Door For You - That Surprise Daughter You Ordered
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor do I have ownership of any of the characters. I am not affiliated with J.K Rowling, Scholastic Books, Warner Bros, or Bloomsbury Publishing in any way. However, the plot is my own.

“I was young Eloise, I was a child still and I thought I could do it alone,” Ginny explained. “When I finally realized that I needed him it was too late, he didn’t want me anymore.”

“Did he stand there and tell you he didn’t want to be a part of my, our, lives?” Eloise asked painfully.

“He never replied Eloise, I can only assume that is what he wanted,” Ginny stated.

“What do you mean he never replied?” Eloise questioned. “He just stood there and didn’t say anything?”

“Well, technically, I sent him a letter telling him that I needed him,” Ginny rambled. “I told him it was urgent and that he needed to contact me.”

“I must be imagining things,” Eloise stated. “Because I just thought I heard you say that you are basing this all on a letter that you sent him.”

“Don’t use that tone with me,” Ginny instructed. “I am still your mother, and I still deserve your respect.”

“Respect?” Eloise scoffed. “How can I respect you now? When you are the reason my father may not even know about me! Why mother? Why didn’t you try harder? Did you not love him enough? Did you not love me enough?”

“Enough!” Ginny yelled, her temper rising. “I will not be spoken to this way Eloise, I didn’t raise you to treat me this way. How dare you question me!”

“Maybe if someone had questioned you back then things could have been different,” Eloise stated coldly. “I just don’t understand Mom, someone could have made him come home to us, why didn’t you let them?”

“I couldn’t,” Ginny whispered. “I didn’t want Harry to come because he felt obligated to be a part of our lives, I wanted him to come because he loved me. Is that too much to want? Is it too much to want the fairy tale? I couldn’t force him Eloise, I wanted to be happy, and I wouldn’t be happy if he was miserable with us.”

“You could have tried harder,” Eloise insisted. “You could have tried until you got a response. Why did you give up?”

“I really thought he was coming,” Ginny confessed. “I had myself convinced that he would be there, and I was wrong. After that I was scared, I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly you were five, and it didn’t seem fair to try and approach him then. Slowly the years passed, and I was just as ill-equipped to tell him about you as I was back then. It was a painful part of my life, and I was happy to have you, I never wanted to lose you. I always just figured he would find out someday, if he didn’t already know. I gave up Eloise, he was the one dream I gave up on.”

“He had a right to know,” Eloise answered bitterly. “Just like I had a right to know my father. Instead you hid me from the world. You denied me a chance to grow up with a father, you were selfish, and I suffered.”

“That is quite enough!” Ginny yelled. “This discussion is over!”

“Amazing how you get to decided everything,” Eloise commented.

“That is what a mother does, she makes decisions,” Ginny explained.

“I want to go see Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron.” Eloise responded, changing the subject.

“Fine,” Ginny said. “Let me go get my jacket.”

“I want to go alone,” Eloise corrected.

“Okay,” Ginny managed to utter, the look of hurt and shock splashing across her face. “Just have Aunt Hermione bring you home before bedtime.”

“Goodbye Mom,” Eloise whispered as she hugged Ginny, a plan forming in her mind.

Harry sat in the living room for a long time looking absently at the fireplace, watching the orange flames lick at a piece of wood. Cho had immediately said yes, he watched in a fog as she had placed the ring on her finger. He still couldn’t believe what he had done, he had asked her to marry him. He had given up on Ginny, he was moving on, finally. Despite the fact that he should feel on top of the world tonight, he felt like his life was coming to a screeching halt.

It had been easy to pretend that things would turn out fine when Cho was just his girlfriend, but now it seemed too real. His future seemed to be closing in on him, and sadly Ginny wasn’t part of the equation, and neither were his best friends. It was a cold reality and one that never ceased to depress him. He knew that all those years ago he should have forced Ginny to listen to him. He should have made her realize how much he needed her, but he had been young and stupid.

Granted, he still had the chance, he could run to her this very instance and insist that she never leave his side ever again; but he couldn’t. He couldn’t force himself to be rejected by her again. It had been so hard the first time, it had torn him in two. Was he making a mistake by giving in and marrying Cho when Ginny could quite possibly be out there waiting for him? Yes, and it killed him. However, Harry knew he couldn’t live his life with “what-ifs” and he refused to think about them too much.

The harder he tried to forget Ginny though, the more his mind was occupied with thoughts of her. It was simple things, like how the color red reminded him of her hair, or how he thought of her every time he played Quidditch. Every game he imagined her there, waiting in the stands, watching and getting ready to rush the field and congratulate him when they won. Every game he was filled with the same disappointment when instead of Ginny, Cho came running onto the field. As much as he had tried to love Cho, he couldn’t. She wasn’t Ginny, and nothing could ever change that.

With a bittersweet smile, Harry reached into his pocket and withdrew his wallet. It was weathered and falling apart, but Harry could never throw away the wallet that Ron had bought him for Graduation. It was a piece of his old life, and right now, it was the closest thing he had to a friend. Slowly he opened the wallet and pulled out a small picture that he kept hidden from Cho. It was a picture of Harry and Ginny, taken so many years ago, when they had been deeply in love. Harry was staring adoringly at Ginny, who was laughing, as she looked at the camera. It had been a beautiful day as they strolled along the lake, their hands linked, bodies pressed together. He could still remember that day perfectly, the way Ginny had felt in his arms, the way she had smelled. Every night for sixteen years he had found himself looking at this picture, wishing things had been different, and on the eve of his engagement to another woman, nothing had changed.

I’ve made a horrible mistake, Harry thought as he stared at the picture in his hands. I can’t marry Cho, I still love Ginny. I have wasted too many years waiting for her, and I am not wasting another week without her in my life.

I need to do this, Eloise thought to herself as she made her way through the London streets. I need to know my father. I need to know if he wanted me, if he could have loved me.

With a determined look on her face Eloise continued through the streets, desperate to make it to Mr. Potter’s house. She knew that her mother was going to be worried when Eloise didn’t return home, but there were just some things in life that you have to do, and this was one of them. For a long time Eloise had pretended that it didn’t bother her to grow up with a father, but with each passing year it became more and more difficult. It was especially hard when all of the Weasley’s gathered together, and Eloise watched as all of her younger cousins spent time with their fathers. Unknown to Ginny, every year on Father’s Day, Eloise made a card for him, hoping that someday she would have the strength to send it to him this year. She was tired of wanting something she should have had growing up.

Eloise also knew that her mother had done everything she could to make sure Eloise had a happy childhood. She had tried her best to be both a mother and a father for her daughter, and Eloise couldn’t love her mother more for trying so hard to make the best out of a very awkward situation. Eloise also knew that she had no right to question her mother like she had tonight, it couldn’t have been easy at that age to realize you were in this alone. Her mother was the strongest person she knew, and she had given up everything to provide all of their needs. Eloise could still remember the years when they were left scraping by, desperately trying to pay the bills, and yet Ginny had always managed to get everything that Eloise needed.

As Eloise approached the block where the Potter Manor was located, her heart quickened, and her stomach began to protest. The determination she had been feeling only moments ago was beginning to fade, and suddenly she was unsure if she was making the right decision. What if he didn’t want to meet his daughter? What if he had never wanted to be a part of their lives? The questions and doubts continued to roll in as Eloise timidly walked forward, hoping she was making the right decision. Once she reached the door, Eloise sucked in a shaky breath and reached forward to ring the doorbell.

Here I am, it’s now or never, Eloise thought as she pushed the button down. In just a few seconds I will be meeting my father. I hope I’m good enough for him.

Back at the house Ginny was sitting in her bedroom, sipping a large glass of firewhiskey, trying to drown out the fight that had happened between Eloise and her. Fighting between the mother and daughter happened occasionally, and every time it was just as nerve-wracking as the first fight they had ever had. With a bitter smile Ginny reached down and pulled out a small box from underneath her bed. Gently she opened the box, and with loving care removed each and every item, spreading them across the bed.

Here it is, Ginny thought as she looked down at the various objects, every important memory since the day she was born.

Ginny had wrote down and documented every major moment in Eloise’s life since the day she had been born. While it seemed like just something a proud parent would do, Ginny had always saved it with a different plan in mind. It was for him, Harry, for the day he finally asked about Eloise, the day when he decided that he wanted to know their daughter. For every major event Ginny would sit down and write down exactly what happened, and how the event had unfolded. Every year on Eloise’s birthday, Ginny wrote an update about their daughter, hoping desperately that someday Harry would want to know her.

It had started out as an innocent obsession, a way to pretend like Harry was still in her life. Every time she had sat down to write a letter, she just imagined that Harry was away on a Quidditch trip, and unable to make it to the important event of the day. It was easier to pretend than to face the reality that he wasn’t there, and quite possibly would never be there. Over the years she had saved hundreds of letters, some featured stories about major things, like first words, and Eloise’s first trip to Hogwarts. Other showcased simple news about the life they had led, silly accounts about their favorite movies, and how Eloise felt no good movie was complete without a large bowl of ice cream. It had been a way to hold on, a way to keep her faith in Harry alive.

With a sad smile Ginny slowly packed the things back in the box and stuffed it back underneath the bed, her beacon of hope that someday he would come back, barely alive. Ginny glanced at the clock on her nightstand and was appalled to see that it was now past ten o’clock. Grumbling she dug through her handbag to grab the cellular phone that Hermione had insisted all of the Weasley’s buy, and dialed Hermione.

“Hello,” Hermione answered groggily.

“Hermione, what are you doing in bed already?” Ginny asked startled.

“I have an appointment in the morning,” Hermione explained. “Why are you calling Ginny?”

“Could you please tell Eloise she needs to Floo home now?” Ginny asked impatiently, honestly why else would she be calling this evening.

“Eloise?” Hermione questioned. “I haven’t seen her since Easter.”

“What!” Ginny croaked. “She said she was heading over there tonight.”

“I’m sorry Ginny,” Hermione explained. “She’s not here, is there someone else she might have tried to visit?”

“Harry,” Ginny whispered as the phone slipped out of her hand and landed with a resounding thud.

Harry was pulled away from his thoughts as he heard the doorbell chime. Who could be calling at this hour, he had no idea. He stood up and headed toward the door, not quite sure what to expect as he slowly opened the front door. He was shocked as the door opened to a review a teenager with thick brown hair and animated hazel eyes. Something about her looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it as he studied her.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Mr. Potter?” she questioned softly.

“That would be me,” he stated with a chuckle. “Now what can I do for you?”

“Do you remember a young woman by the name of Ginny Weasley?” she asked carefully.

“Who are you?” Harry asked, startled at the question. “What does it matter if I know Ginny?”

“My name is Eloise Hermione Weasley,” she answered him, not noticing the look of pain that flashed through his eyes as he heard the names Hermione, and Weasley. “Ginny Weasley is my mother.”

“Ginny has a daughter?” Harry sputtered, as he looked at the girl in front of him. “I had no idea she had married.”

“She never married,” Eloise explained.

“Then, if you don’t mind me asking, who is your father?” Harry asked, never knowing the impact her reply would have on his life.

“Harry James Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived.”

A/N: Big thanks to all of you loyal readers, hope everyone enjoyed this latest chapter Thanks for taking the time to read, have a wonderful day. As always reviews are appreciated, thanks again so much, you all make my day! Just a friendly reminder, make sure those reviews are always 12+! Thanks again for reading!

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