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Collide. by brighteyesx3
Chapter 17 : Thursday, December 15th
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Dear What’s-His-Face,

Hahaha. Today was amazing. It just was. End of story.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of classes before our long, wonderful, amazing holiday. And I can’t wait. And it snowed. A lot. It blizzard-ed, which may or may not be a word, and we couldn’t get to Care of Magical Creatures, even though we are magical and should be able to clear paths through the snow, it was just so thick that we were all sent to the Great Hall.

Where we snuck out. Better yet, it was double COMC so we had plenty of time to wreak havoc amongst our fellow antsy students. AND it was the last class of the day. But since we were supposed to be completing a curriculum or something they couldn’t just turn us loose.

We actually got Lily to sneak out of the Great Hall, and once we all did it was brilliance. So the six of us wanted to go somewhere, and Abby wants to be in the snow. So we decide, quite ingeniously so, to go on the roof.

Fine. We convince Remus, who doesn’t always do so well with heights, to go on the roof. So we go in through the Gryffindor Boys Dorm, and we sit out there on the roof, in the snow. And get blankets and hot chocolate and we all sit out there in the snow, having a grand old time, really.

So Sirius was sitting with his legs stretched out, and I sat in between them, with my head on his chest, and he put his arms around me. It was so cute, and we are sitting there and I back at him and we end up snogging.

Everyone else is having a snow ball fight and risking their lives on the bloody roof, and we are just sitting there going googly eyed until I got whacked in the back of the head with a snowball, causing the snow to slip down my cloak, and icily drip down my back, which was freezing.

Then it was WAR. I lunged at Abby, tossing a snowball at her head, and she tripped backwards, trying to dodge it, and ended up knocking into James, sending them both sliding down the roof towards the ground. So Remus reached for Abby, Sirius reached for him, pulling me down, and I reached for Lily, and we were all sliding down the roof.

I knew I was falling, and I felt the sensation of nothing, just air, snow, and someone’s hands, (all you need, eh?) and when I felt myself fall into the snow, which was soft and fluffy, and I stood up, I realized I hadn’t broken any bones.

Interesting. Then i thought maybe I had died.

Nope, no.

Lily had performed some sort of charm on us that had numbed us against the pain of hitting the ground. Smart one.

I heard sounds. Was someone crying?

No, no, laughing. James and Sirius were cracking up, and I began to laugh, and soon we were all laughing hysterically.

Then, Professor McGonagall loomed above us, with her pointed hat; she must have broken seen feet tall. We stopped laughing instantly, and stood up, hanging our heads as we traipsed behind her towards her office.

“Imagine, if you will,” she started, as everyone settled into a seat and stared up at her, “trying to teach seventh years a difficult human transfiguration bit, when they are distracted by six students that go flying past the window. Six students who were laughing and cheering far too much for people who accidentally slipped out of a window. So why, WHY, was I cursed with such idiotic students?”

We shuffled our feet and sheepishly avoided each other’s gaze.

“...because now those Prewett boys are launching first years out of windows into the snow.”

We all began cracking up again, much to her dismay.

“Just go. I don’t want to deal with you, any of you.”

Once we had left the office, holding Sirius’ hand, we all began to laugh very, very, very hard once again.

“That,” James gasped, “was amazing.” We all laughed and nodded. My, my, we did a lot of laughing today.

So we, of course, found Gideon and Fabian and joined them, and pretty soon we had jumping contests. Who could flip, who could twirl, who could make the prettiest shape when we fell through six feet of snow.

I mean, come on. How amazing is that?

After hours and hours of jumping and landing and snogging while falling, (Sirius and me ... YAY...) it was time for dinner.

So we went in, cheeks red, hair wet, dripping snow and such all over the floor, we shoveled in plate after plate of food, we all wanted to go back outside.

We bundled ourselves in warm clothes and decided to go for a walk, and we were laughing quite a bit.

“Look at that tree,” Lily said, pointing to it, “I always wondered about it.”

“The Willow?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “why would they plant such a dangerous tree?”

“To keep people away from it,” Abby said.

“Hm. I don’t know. Why would they want to keep people away from it?”

“There are plenty of things about Hogwarts that aren’t logical, Lily,” I said, as I looked over at Remus casually, who was keeping his eyes on the ground.

“Can we make a fort?” I asked suddenly, as everyone stopped walking.

“Please? The muggle way. Like I used to do with my mum and dad when I was little. Come on, we’ll dig a fort, a big one, and we’ll sit inside and tell stories and it will be fun...please?” I said excitedly.

They looked at each other and agreed, so we built a fort. A really amazing one, too. It was big and we even built little seats into the walls and stuff. So we all crawled in and sat in this fort, six teenagers, and we had so much fun.

Okay, well, we stayed in there for quite a while, until we got too cold and decided to go back up to the castle for some hot chocolate and sleep.

So I am here, in the nice bubble bath, talking to you. You know, my toenails are bright red and I put the on the opposite wall of the tub, and the red looks bright, fresh.

I don’t know. It is real late, with classes tomorrow, but I don’t feel like moving. I have huge clouds of steam rising from the tub, and the scarlet candles that are Abby’s that I stole and lit are giving the room a really pretty glow.

That was poetic. But I have nothing else to say.

Well Christmas is coming and this break should be fun. Abby is still coming, Luke, his kids, should be fun, really. Oh, and did I mention Luke’s brother and sister? He has a sister, who is 20, and a brother, who is 14. Monica and Damon. Then Luke’s kids, Jessie and Evan. So it will be a full house.

I am just procrastinating getting out of this stupid tub.

So I am going to get out right........ NOW.



Short. It was kidn of really short, and it was just a filler. But I am home sick from school with a fever, and I am so dutiful that I am making sure I update. So, if this has way too many grammatical errors, let me know, and I will edit it later. Hm. So, Sirius and Iris definitely? Yeahyeah. Review, lovelies.

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