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Letters From War by bubblyblonde
Chapter 1 : Letters From War
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A/N: I own nothing! The characters are by the brilliant J.K Rowling and the song is by Mark Shultz, whose songs I am pretty much in love with! I changed a few of the words to fit in to the story better (the couple changed words are italic) but the main idea is the same!

A/N 2: I just went through and re-edited this story and would love to hear if anybody has any more suggestions for me!

She walked to the kitchen
On that bright summer’s day
Found a letter from her son
In a war far away

Molly Weasley woke early from her fitful sleep as the sun’s rays were just beginning to peek through the windows. Ever since her family had left to fight in the war last week, she had been a wreck. For the war that everyone had been worrying over and talking about for ages had really, truly started again and not just those little but devastating attacks, this was the real thing and who knew who would survive.

She shook her head and got out of bed, shuddering at the dreadful silence of her usually noisy house. She missed her family, but there was no use dwelling in these depressing thoughts. Her children were competent enough—don’t think she didn’t know about the “adventures” they had had over the years, especially her two youngest. 

To clear her head from thoughts of her children in danger, Molly decided to get an early start on her day and trudged down to the kitchen, wiping the sleep from her eyes and thinking about all that she had to do that day. First thing was to make breakfast, then she would get ready and head off to St. Mungos where she had taken up volunteering as a nurse, knowing that she would never be able to just sit back and do nothing while everyone else was doing their part. So, she decided to do what she had talent for; helping others.

As she entered the kitchen, the first thing she checked was the clock, which as usual, read that they were all in danger but Molly had started taking that as a good thing. That, at least, was better than the clock saying that they were lost…or worse…

She had been so absorbed in her usual routine that she hadn’t noticed the brilliant white owl tapping at the window until she was sitting at the table sipping her tea and avoiding the paper. When she finally noticed it, she jumped out of her seat to let it in, immediately recognizing it as Hedwig—Harry’s bird. Worry was etched across her face as she took the letter it bore and offered the majestic bird some of her breakfast.

“Oh” she exclaimed as she recognized Ron’s handwriting and eagerly tore the letter open and sat back down at the table to devour its contents. As she read his messy scrawl it was almost as though she could hear his voice and she smiled softly, thinking about how much he had grown up in his time at Hogwarts. Her motherly brown eyes filled with tears, both happy and sad as she realized again just how much she missed hearing all the noise her family made.

He spoke of the weather
And the good friends that he had
Said I'd been thinking 'bout dad
And the life that he had
That’s why I'm here today
And then at the end he said
You are what I'm fighting for
It was the first of the letters from war

She smiled at his attempt to make her feel better by starting with talking about the weather and the crazy things that his siblings and friends had been up to in the past few days, trying to sound happy and carefree. He talked about Arthur and how the way he always did the right thing no matter how hard it was, had helped him become the person he was today and was one of the main reasons that he was fighting so passionately for the right side in the war—that and the fact that his best friend was none other than Harry Potter.

Molly smiled proudly at her son’s words. She was so proud of the mature man he had become. She would have to save this to show to Arthur when he got home, she decided. She then went back to reading, glad that she was finally hearing something from one of her children.

It was the last few sentences that really caught her eye and wrenched her heart strings though. It read, “Though I love Harry as much as any of my brothers and will stand by his side to the end, it is for you that I’m out here fighting, You and all the innocent people out there that would suffer if Voldemort won. I love you mum.”    
She started writing
You're good and you're brave
What a father that you'll be someday
make it home
make it safe
She wrote every night as she prayed

She wiped the tears from her eyes and got out a piece of parchment and a quill, then she sat down to write him back right that second. She told him how proud she was of him, his goodness and his bravery. She told him to stay safe and to make it home, with his siblings and friends in tow. Lastly she asked him for news on how the war was going and the status of the people they all knew, then finished it by telling him that she loved them, asked him to pass that message on to his brothers and sister and added in a P.S. that he should watch out for Ginny and try to keep her safe.

Molly had tried to convince Ginny to stay behind with her but the girl’s sense of what was right was too strong, that and her stubbornness. Molly wouldn’t have it any other way though. She wanted her children to be safe and worried about them so much while they off fighting to make the world a better place, she was also so proud of each and every one of them. They were each of doing their part to help, just as she was by staying behind. 

It became a routine, she would wake up to a letter, sometimes from one of her other children as they tried to take turns but usually from Ron (probably because he was the one who was always had access to an owl thanks to Harry…) with updates—usually sad but what else could you realistically expect during this time of war—and sometimes a funny story or two that he had mixed in to make her feel better. He would always end his letters talking about how much he worried about her, alone in the house and working in her sometimes pretty depressing job, and how much he loved and missed her. After reading her letter, Molly would happily go off to work, knowing that her children were as of the night before, safe—at least as safe as they could be out in the war—praying that none of them would be one of the patients that she would see that day. Then after a long day she would return to her empty, silent house to write him back, hoping that her letter would reach them all still safe and sound. 

At St. Mungos she became a favorite of many of the patients because of her cheerful attitude—even in the midst of all the death and violence surrounding them—and her motherly nature. Even as the war dragged on and on and Molly saw more and more patients, she never lost that cheerful attitude though many of the people she worked with had. She rarely saw anyone she knew really well and she thanked Merlin for that, taking it as a sign that they were all still alive and well. Though she was thankful that all of her’s were still safe, her tender, motherly heart went out to the families of each and every patient that she saw, which made her popular not only among the patients but also among their worried, stressed out families.

Late in December
A day she'll not forget
Oh her tears stained the paper
With every word that she read

She had had a bad feeling all night and hadn’t gotten any sleep one cold night close to Christmas. Call it mother’s instinct but she was positive that something was wrong and the feeling just kept getting stronger the closer it got to morning. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She was sick of trying to sleep, staring at the ceiling, listening to the wind howl menacingly outside and pretending to not be worried and that everything was fine. She had to know so she went down to the kitchen and made herself some tea, then set one of the chairs next to the window and sat there looking out into the thickening snow storm, waiting for Hedwig. Time past slowly and finally it was time for work but still there was no Hedwig…which meant no letter…which meant that her bad feeling might have some credibility.

She went to work, trying to convince herself that Hedwig was just having trouble getting through the storm and a letter would be sitting there waiting for her when she got home. She put on a smile, which felt fake, and tried to keep her cheerful attitude in tact but everyone could tell that something was wrong and they all watched her anxiously throughout the morning.

As more and more injured witches and wizards came through the door, talking about a huge battle that had happen the day before and had lasted all through the night, the bad feeling grew stronger and stronger until by lunch it had become almost unbearable to not know what was going on. She kept trying to tell herself that she was over-reacting and that they were fine but the more she tried to convince herself that everything was alright, the more convinced she became that something was all wrong.

Finally she took a break for lunch, knowing that she needed the time to calm down and collect herself. Just as she had found a quiet place to eat, another nurse who also worked in her area approached her to tell her that the mail master had been looking for her. Her heart leaped into her throat and she didn’t waste any time, but left the room in a run, heading to the mailroom and yelling thank you over her shoulder.

The minute she had the letter in her hands she collapsed to the floor, realizing that though the writing was familiar, it wasn’t from anyone in her family. She knew that she recognized it but couldn’t place who it belonged to and immediately thought the worse. She quickly tore the letter open and cried as she read the carefully formed words.

It said "I was up on a hill
I was out there alone
When the spells all rang out
And bombs were exploding
And that’s when I saw him
He came back for me
And though he was captured
A man set me free
And that man was your son
He asked me to write to you
I told him I would, oh I swore"
It was the last of his letters from war

She cried. Her tears were staining and blurring the already crumpled paper. Though she was proud of him, it broke her heart to think that she may never see her youngest boy ever again.

She shook her head, wiped her eyes and told herself to stop thinking those depressing thoughts. There was no use scaring herself, he wasn’t dead…just missing…and that could mean anything. She vowed to herself that she would never stop believing, praying and having hope that he would stay alive and come back to her. She vowed that she continue living her life like normal, going to work and doing everything else that she usually did. She wouldn’t sit at home, alone, and wallow in her sorrow, worrying herself into believing that he really was gone. She had the rest of her family to think of as well, she was so thankful that they were all staying safe so far.

She re-read Hermione’s letter to see if she had missed anything. “There was a big battle yesterday, one of the biggest so far in the war. People were falling left and right, from both sides and I had gone down with the rest of them, unable to move or speak, terrified about what was going to happen next. Finally there was a lull in the battle and both sides retreated to gather their forces back together. I lay there trying to will myself to get up but couldn’t find the strength and cursing myself for being so weak,” Molly had laughed humorlessly through her tears at this part, it just sounded so much like what Hermione would do.

“I had been just about to give up when I heard Ron’s voice calling my name. I looked around to see Ron darting back out onto the battlefield; drawing attention to himself and drawing both sides back out on to the field. He reached my side, removed the curse, helped me to stand and got me started limping back towards our side while he covered me, yelling at me every time I tried to turn around and help him fight back the approaching enemy, so I concentrated only on making it back to our side before I collapsed, blocking out all of the sounds of war surrounding me until Ron’s voice reached my ears. His was the only voice who had been able to penetrate the shield of concentration I had put up around me, it had always been that way even back in school, he was the only one who could distract me from my work.” Molly laughed again though her tears were coming faster and she feared the worst.

“I whipped around, stumbling a little, to see Ron go up against three or four at once, all teaming up on him too fast for him to counter. I watched as Ron fell and then started making my way towards him, ignoring the look in Ron’s eyes and his yells for me to go back, save myself and get help, intent on saving the man that I love.” Molly smiled sadly, happy that she had finally realized what everyone else had known for years but sad that this was what made her finally realize it.

“Yes, I said it, it took me awhile but I finally realize that what I was looking for was right in front of me, but back to the story. Before I made it all the way to where they were, Ron was already being dragged off back towards their side. I dropped to my knees, devastated and feeling guilty about his capture. If only I had been stronger or faster or even if I hadn’t gone so far away from his side, this might not have happened. I was so wrapped up in my guilt that I almost missed the last words he yelled to me, asking me to write to you, to tell you what happened and to tell you that he loved you. Though he didn’t hear me I told him I would.

I sat there, crying, yelling and feeling sad and guilty for awhile, not even noticing that the battle had stopped and I was slowly being surrounded by people who had seen what had happened and who were just as broken up as I was. Me, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Harry and Ginny sat there, shocked and just holding each other, each as I found out later, dealing with some feeling of guilt and vowing that we would do everything that we could to get him back. And we will. We promise you that, we will get him back, don’t give up hope.”

And she prayed he was living
Kept on believing
And wrote every night just to say
You are good
And you're brave
what a father that you'll be someday
Make it home
Make it safe
Still she kept writing each day

Molly took what Hermione said to heart and she didn’t give up hope. Every night she prayed that he was still alive and that he would come back to them. She prayed that her other children were staying safe and that none of them would do anything stupid to try to get Ron back. She didn’t want to lose any of them either.

She continued to believe that he was still alive even though she knew that many of her co-workers thought that she was crazy, as months went by and still there was no word from him. But all that mattered was that she thought that he was still alive, if no one else did, who cared, she would show them when he came home.

Even though letters from her other children were more scarce than they had been before Ron’s capture, she continued to write to them as well. She asked for all the updates they could give her, she told them that she was so proud of them and that she loved them all more than anything and she always ended the letters with a post-script that they were suppose to relay on to Ron when they found him. In every letter, she told him that he was good and brave and that he would make a great father someday, then she would tell him to stay safe and make it home.

She continued to work, continued to help patients in that cheerful way that only she could and continued to live her life the same way that she had before. Always hoping, always paying and just waiting for the day when all of her family would be around her once again.

Then a few months later
Autumn leaves all around
A car pulled in the driveway
And she fell to the ground
And out stepped an auror
Where her boy used to stand

It had been almost a year since Hermione had written to tell her the news of Ron’s disappearance and the war had dragged on until last week when Harry had finally defeated Voldemort. Though everyone had celebrated that Voldemort was finally gone, the war still wasn’t over for the brave witches and wizards that had gone off to fight. The ones who were still living and still strong enough to were still in danger out there rounding up the death eaters that had escaped. That would be an on-going battle but the thought was that if they started now they would have a better chance of finishing this faster. Charlie, George, Ginny and Arthur had all stayed on to help, giving her even more to worry about. Though she was still so proud of all of them she just wanted them all to be home, safe, where she could keep an eye on them.

So had Hermione, who hadn’t stopped to rest in almost a year, searching for Ron and trying to take his place as well as her own at Harry’s side. Though nobody blamed her for Ron’s capture, she was still feeling the weight of all the guilt she had placed upon herself. Her and Molly had been corresponding ever since that first horrible letter that Hermione had sent and though Molly had been nothing but loving and motherly to her, Hermione was incessant on trying to prove that Ron was still alive and was determined to find him. And when Hermione put her mind to something people tended to just stay out of her way.

The only reason that Bill, Fred and Harry weren’t out there as well was because they were all in the hospital. And now that they were out of the worst part, the doctors had allowed them to be treated by Molly (the doctors hadn’t let her any sooner because they were family, though she had begged to be allowed to). She spent most her free time in their rooms, just happy that she could be around them again. When they had first shown up full of cuts and bruises, Harry and Fred unconscious and Bill sedated on potions, she had been so worried and had hardly left their sides.

Now Bill was being released and was going back out there to help with the round-ups, despite Molly objections and concerns that he should take it easy. Fred was conscious and jealous that Bill was being released and he was still stuck in a hospital bed. But Harry had still shown no improvement though Molly had been tending to him as best as she could.

After another long day working with patients who were all very disappointed to be stuck in the hospital instead of out helping where they feel that they should be, Molly came home to her still empty house, planning to get something to eat then head back to the hospital to sit with Fred and Harry for awhile. After a couple months of silence she had finally got so sick of it that she had started playing music whenever she was home to help her forget the fact that she was still all alone. She had just turned on her favorite station and had begun making her dinner when she heard a car drive up.

Curious as to whom it was since she hadn’t had visitors since the war had started, she grabbed her wand and ran to the front door to see who was here. As the car pulled closer and she finally could see who it was she fell to her knees crying happy, unbelieving tears. The car came to a stop and out stepped her boy, who was a boy no longer. He was now an Auror and best of all he was alive and he was here. Finally after waiting for so long her hopes had come true, Ron was home. Now the rest of them had to hurry up and come home too and Molly would finally have her family back again.

She smiled through her tears as she saw that Hermione had also stepped out of the car. Hermione had been good to her word and she had brought their boy home. Hermione understood what Molly was thinking and smiled back, before taking Ron’s bags from him so that he could go embrace his mum.

He said "mum I'm following orders
From all of your letters
And I've come home again",
He ran in to hold her
And dropped all his bags on the floor
Holding all of her letters from war

Ron ran up and helped his mum of the leaf-covered ground and gave her a tight hug. “Ronald Bilius Weasley, don’t you ever do that to me ever again!” Molly scolded angrily though she continued to hold her son close.

“I wont mum,” he replied with a small laugh.

They sat there each holding the other for a long time and finally as night began to fall around them, Hermione ushered them into the warm kitchen and sat them all down at the table. After a couple minutes, Molly jumped up to whip up a light dinner and they all sat back to eat and to enjoy each other’s company after such a long, horrible separation.

They talked about what was happening in the aftermath of the war and Molly told them about her dealings at the hospital, including how Bill, Fred and Harry were doing. They talked far into the night and finally as the clock was just starting to chime midnight Molly asked the question she had been dying to ask all night. Where he had been and how he had been found. Hermione and Ron took turns telling the story of how Ron had been held prisoner in the Lestanges’ dungeon along with a couple others from our side. Hermione told about they had to accept the help from the last person she would have ever asked or trusted, Draco Malfoy.

When they were finished their stories, Ron took his mother’s small hands in his larger ones and looked at her with tears in his eyes and said, “It was your letters that got me through and when Hermione found me and gave me the rest of them it made me even more convinced that I would live to come back to you, just like you asked.”

They talked for a little while longer before Ron left to go get some sleep before they went to visit the hospital in the morning. Hermione stayed at the table for a little while longer and they talked about her and Ron and if she had told him yet (she hadn’t but was going to soon) and other “girly” things like that, that they had to wait until Ron had left the room in order to discuss. It was good to really talk to any one again after so long of being alone. After a while, Hermione got up to leave too, as she was passing Molly’s chair, Molly reached up and grabbed her hand, “Thank you for bringing him home.”

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