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Meeting the Evans Family by harrylilyjames
Chapter 1 : The Meeting
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I was panicking, yes I, James Godric Potter was panicking for the first time in my life. I had a good reason to panic, I was doing the official meet-the-parents, the one meeting which all men dread and wish would never come in their life-time.

I tried everything to get out of it, like drinking one of Lily’s potions, which Sirius Black told me would make me vomit, but it caused me to resemble our, well Lily’s white cat, Fredrick and I remembered that the so called make-me-sick potion wasn’t at all the potion it was suppose to be but Polyjuice potion which Sirius and I planted months ago on a shelf in Lily‘s ‘Brewing’ Room. The room where she made potions and then sold them off to St. Mungos and the Ministry.

"James, you look fine," Lily reassured me as I looked into the mirror, making sure that no white hairs were still sprouting from my skin and that the black whiskers were gone from either side of my nose. Lily was getting irritated as it now was taking us, two whole hours, just to leave the house. Well what do you expect? I was a little white pussycat!

I turned from my deep gazing of my reflection in the mirror.

"I know. I thought I saw Sirius," I said teasing her, a cheeky smile spreading across my face.

"Oh my god!," I could hear Lily mutter to herself, before she grabbed her jacket and stepped out of the house. I was close on her heels.

"Flower, stop being so uptight," I said trotting up beside Lily and giving her right hand a squeeze.

"James Potter. This is the only thing that’s stopping you from marrying me and your treating it like it comes everyday," Lily snapped.
That was true and it was the one thing that was making me get all nervous, by the way Lily spoke about her parents, if they didn’t approve of me tonight, there was no future for the two of us… but she didn’t have to remind me

It was only seven o’clock but the moon was already glistening in the night sky and the path was covered in small puddles of water. I stared at Lily, her face twisted in anger, but she still managed to look beautiful.

"Honey?," I asked, sounding like a ten-year-old kid.

"What?," Lily said softly.

"Its your family. Its me that’s suppose to be in a panic, not you," I said, putting my finger underneath her chin and gently lifting it up so that her bright green eyes looked up into mine.

Lily gave a small smile, I bent down and kissed her softly, her cheek cold from the night air.

"I’m sorry," she muttered. "Its just that I’ve been dreading this day for years now!," she said, grabbing hold of my hand, her hand, half the size of mine felt warm and soft against my rough and uncared for skin.

"Years?," I asked knowing to full extent that the two of us had only started dating for no more than three years now.

Lily turned, "Sorry I forgot you were a boy," Lily said smartly.

"Hey!," I said softly pinching her side. Lily moved away, giggling.

"You know I love you," she said a smile at long last spreading across her face.

"What’s wrong with being a boy?," I shouted, as Lily was still on the other side of the path.

"They don’t think about these things, all they think about is themselves," she shouted back over. I stopped walking, Lily who knew me by the back of her hand, smiled and started running… I chased her.

We turned the corner, our coats bellowing out behind us, Lily’s hair flowing freely. She turned down a dark alleyway, I followed. I caught up with her and grabbed her hand, she let out a scream, before laughing hysterically.

"James I didn’t mean it," she said through fits of giggles. I couldn’t help, but smile as tears ran down her cheeks. Then a sudden urge came over me, I bent down and kissed her, she didn’t fight back… 

Five minutes later, the two of us walked out of the lane and with a few spells from Lily we both looked presentable, the way we were when we stepped out of the house.

I looked up and down the street, to make sure there was no-one around and then turned my wand on a old red Nissan, which was parked underneath a tree, its windows were broken, cob-webs were hanging from the mirrors and the paint work in need of help.

I flicked my wand.

"James!" Lily declared as she saw what was parked in front of her.

I turned to her, ’"What?" I asked.

Lily opened her mouth to say something, but I cut across her.

"I got to make a good first impression," I said spinning the bundle of keys around my finger.

I turned to what I had just done, and saw a red top-of-the-range Ferrari, parked where the banger once was.

"Jump in," I said nodding my head towards the car, she gave me I-cant-believe-your-doing-this type of face, before she walked around and popped open the passengers’ door.

I climbed in.

I sat there in the seat, looking at the key, what now? Lily who seemed to already have thought of this, laughed.

"Give me it," she said.

I handed her the key, she popped it into a small slot at the side of the wheel. Something at the side caught my eye, Lily had her wand out and was muttering something. The car’s engine started to rev.

"Press your foot on the peddle," she said, pointing down to the small strip of steel.

I did, the car moved, I flicked the switch at the side of the wheel and we were off… 

The car turned the last corner with a skid. Kids playing at the park turned to look, parents and elderly turned to watch.

"What did I do?" I asked, not sure if I did something that I was not suppose to, like knock down a small child.

"Nothing James, they’re just looking because I doubt much ’super’- cars come in here," she said, I smiled, she smiled back.

We pulled out in front of the small house, another car was already parked.

"Lets get this over with," Lily mumbled unclipping her seatbelt, she checked herself in the mirror before climbing out of the car.

I opened my door and stepped out, pocketing the car keys. I was met with amazed glares from neighbours and the groups of teenagers. I took Lily’s hand and we made our way up to the well-kept house. The door opened just as we stepped up to it.

"Lily!" the woman screeched, embracing Lily into a tight hug. I waited.

"Hey mum," I heard Lily’s muffled voice say from somewhere in her mums embrace.

When the two women broke away from each other, Lily’s mother turned to me.
"James-," I took a quick glance at my fiancé, a large smile was spreading across her face. "This is my mother Angela, Angela this is my Fiancé, James Potter,"

"At long last we get to meet," Angela joked, stretching out her hand, which I took hold of, and kissed softly.

"Nice to meet you ma’am," I said, I watched as the twinkle of delight flashed in the woman’s ever-so-green eyes. She turned to her daughter, with an astonished face.

She turned back to face me "Nice to meet you James," she said and with a flutter of delight in my heart, I knew I just charmed the socks off Lily’s mother.

"Come in, come in," Angela said.

Lily moved closer to me, her face full of delight at how well the night was already going. But it was just beginning…

"James do you want to wait in the sitting room, while we’ll get the table ready?" Angela said, opening the door, before pulling a smiling Lily into the kitchen.

I heaved a sigh as I looked around the sitting room, it was simply furnished, with one sofa and two armchairs, a television sat in the corner (Yes, I do know what a television is. What do you expect? I’m living with a muggle-born)

I could hear the two women chatter over the clang and clatter of plates in the kitchen. I settled down onto the sofa and sat in silence (It wasn’t as bad as people said it was, the meet-the-parents) The doorbell buzzed, I caught a glimpse of Angela as she flash past the door to the sitting room, on her way to answer the door.

"Petunia! You’re sister is already here," Angela said excitedly, the rest of their conversation were grumbled and muffled, so I turned my attention to the painted picture of a group of horses, which hung over the fireplace.

The floorboard beside where I was sitting creaked, I turned and I had a sudden urge to laugh at the man standing there.

He looked to be at least thirty stone over-weight (ok, I’m exaggerating. But it could be close). He was wearing a large, navy cotton, granddad-type, jumper (well to me it looked like one), and a pair of strained, ready-to-pop, faded jeans.

I stood up from my comfy place on the sofa, and managed to force a fake friendly smile on my face, as I stretched out my hand. Vernon shook it cautiously. His hand was sweaty (from what?, did the man just walk all the way from Bulgaria!)

"You are?," he asked in his posh accent, surveying the room, with his beetle-like eyes.
"James Potter," I announced.

"Vernon Dursleys," he said ending the sentence in a small grunt. 

I sat across from Lily’s sister Petunia, and no-matter how long I stared at the woman I could not figure out what she had in common with Lily. My Lily was sweet, beautiful, curvy and ‘hot!’. This woman was ‘snobby’ ‘posh’ ‘tight-lipped’ ’flat’ and not at all the slightest bit sexy.

"So Mister Potter," I turned my attention to Carl, Lily’s father, who had just arrived a couple of seconds before the dinner. He still looked wind-swept, as he took a gulp of red wine.

"What do you work as?" he asked, while trying to fish out the food between his teeth with his tongue, and he gave a little nod towards Vernon. I gave a slight smile, understanding what he meant.

"I’m a Lawyer," I said proudly, this made the ‘fat slob’ Vernon stop stuffing his face with whatever he could scrap from his nearly empty plate.

"Is that your car out front?" Vernon asked, I could now see pieces of food stuck in his moustache.

"The Ferrari?" I asked, forcing myself not to giggle, at the expression that had just formed on Vernon’s face.

"Yea that one," he said, looking me in the eye, while reaching for his wine glass.

"Must be paid good," he said interestingly.

"Its ok," I shrugged, before turning my gaze to Lily, who was trying to keep a straight face, while looking down at her plate. But the ‘slobs’ face dropped and an evil smirk came onto his face.

"or did you get it from your parents?" he asked.

I looked at him, did he know about my parents? 

"That they were murdered?" he asked.

I could now smell the stale stench of wine from his breath, and I glanced at the bottle, it was all gone. The ’slob’ had had the whole bottle of wine, while the rest of us were eating.

I looked at him, a smirk swept across his face, my temper was boiling. How dare this disgusting, drunk Muggle even get onto my parents.

"Don’t talk about parents," I snapped.

Lily who could already see what was forming place her hand on my leg.

"Honey he didn’t mean it," she said soothingly, but not even her voice could settle me.

"What did they do? Two drunks? Coke heads?" he asked, giving a small burp.

That was it. NO-ONE insults my mother and father like that!!

I sprung up, the chair I was sitting on clashing to the floor.

"How dare you talk about me parents!!" I bellowed.

"Or what?" Vernon asked, still sitting on his massive backside, which was hanging over the side of chair.

That was it he had taking it too far, I lurched across the table, knocking Vernon backwards and onto the ground. I held his collar. 

"You do not know a thing about Harry and Vivian Potter," I said through gritted teeth.

"James!" Lily was already behind me, trying to prize me away. "He didn’t mean it! He’s drunk!"

I took a deep breath and leaned back, I let her lift me back onto my feet.

"Sorry about tonight, Mister and Misses Evans," I said as I made my way out of the house an hour after the fight.

"Don’t worry about it son," Carl said. He just called me son!! Was that a yes? Was I able to marry Lily? 

"James," Angela said sadly. "I’m sorry about Vernon, we never told him about your parents, we swear," she said, kissing me on the cheek.

"You’ll look after Lily for us wont you?" she asked. My heart felt like it was about to burst.

"Do you mean, it’s a yes?" I asked excitedly.

The two parents nodded together.

"She’s always wanted her night in shinning armour, someone to protect her… We think she’s found him," Angela said.

"Oh my god! Thanks you so much!!" I said, kissing Angela a second time on the cheek and shaking Carl’s hand.

With a smile, that would stay on my face for the rest of my life, I turned and left the house.

My ‘wife’ was waiting patiently beside the Ferrari, ready to go home… 

a/n i know the part about Vernon getting drunk is a bit far-fetched, but i just had to put it in. lol!! much love, sarah.

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Meeting the Evans Family: The Meeting


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