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Changes Unforseen by EchoLynn
Chapter 5 : Dreams and Deals
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They started to doze off a little when Draco noticed that Hermione was shivering a bit. He knew the room was a little cold and that they couldn’t use the fireplaces. “Hermione, I suggest we go ahead and share a room. We don’t know how long it will be until someone contacts us, and we need to stick together anyway. Is that okay with you?” 

She smiled and nodded in agreement while she hugged her arms to her chest, still cold. He stood up and offered her his hand. They walked up the stairs to her room, since it was bigger of the two. 

“Instead of two beds, lets just make one extra large one” Hermione suggested. “That way if someone came into the room, we could feel and hear it if one of us started to struggle…” 

“Sounds good to me. Let’s go change first and pay a visit to the linen closet. If we pile enough blankets on the bed, we might just stay warm enough. Can’t risk being weakened by a cold.” 

She laughed at his remark. “Sounds like a great plan. I definitely wouldn’t want to engage in a battle with evil while suffering from a head cold.” 

He laughed too as they walked to the bathrooms to change. A few minutes later they both emerged, having changed and brushed their teeth. Once they spotted each other, they both tried to act like they didn’t notice how attractive they both looked in their nightclothes. 

“So you found the spare clothes alright?” Hermione asked as she tried to make the rising blush go away. 

He was in a nice set of pajamas. They were a very dark shade of grey, bringing out the wonderful grey in his eyes. She couldn’t help but notice that his cotton tee shirt was actually a little too snug, showing off the strength of his muscles. I can’t believe my own thoughts. I can’t go there, I won’t, she said to herself. She helped him grab blankets while she struggled with her thoughts. 

He was doing much the same thing, as he noticed how she was dressed in a silk pair of pajamas. They were the color of a dusty rose that clashed in the best way with her brown hair and bright brown eyes. How am I going to resist this, I can’t lose her friendship. I have to FOCUS! Draco screamed to himself. 

As they went in the room Hermione transfigured her bed making it eight feet long, and 8 feet wide. After piling the extra blankets on and making sure that their wands were safely in reach, they climbed under the covers. Just as they really settled in and were about to drift off to sleep, they both heard two huge pops. Both reacted with stealth, grabbing their wands and pointing them to the end of the bed. Tiny and Lucky both ducked as spells flew over their heads. 

“You scared us half to death!” Hermione squealed. 

The house elves both looked nervously at Hermione and Draco. Tiny was the one to speak up as Hermione and Draco lowered their wands. “We just wanted miss and sir to know we is done with the lockdown spells. Every inch of the manor is covered. No one is being able to Apparate in, and if someone is trying to, or is trying to blast any walls or doors or windows, an alarm will sound very loud. And they is being shocked painfully with the force that is surrounding the manor. So sorry to be scaring the miss and sir, we is so sorry…” 

Draco looked them over and suppressed a remark. He cringed at himself for nearly slipping out a nasty comment. He knew it would take a lot to change himself. He knew he had to change. 

Hermione smiled at them. “Thank you both for helping us with the lockdown. We’re sorry for nearly hurting you; you just gave us a fright. Why don’t you get yourselves some rest, and please stay together. You remember the lockdown precautions, right?” 

Lucky spoke up this time. “Yes miss, we is remembering them very well. Goodnight, miss. Goodnight, sir.” With that, they popped out of the room, leaving Hermione and Draco alone again. 

She looked at Draco. “Thank you for catching yourself, for really trying to respect them.” She smiled at him, genuinely meaning what she said. He was about to reply when she held up her hand to stop him. “I know what you’re going to say, and don’t. You were that person for a very long time.” She grabbed his hand as she continued. “No one expects you to change overnight. It’s the willingness to try that shows you are changing. And that is enough for me, okay?” 

“Thanks Hermione.” He felt embarrassed and happy at the same time. 

She let go of his hand to his dismay, and they settled in to sleep. They whispered goodnights to each other. She fell asleep before he did, and for a while, he watched her. With great and growing feelings, he fell to sleep. It was a peaceful sleep for once. 

It wasn’t for Hermione, she was dreaming of her parents. They were talking and laughing, and as if their visit were over, she turned to leave by floo powder. As she stepped into the flames and said “The Order’s Headquarters,” she caught a glimpse of Death Eaters as they Apparated into the room, pointing their wands and yelled, “Avada Kedavra!” She started to spin before she could see her parents hit the floor. 

“NO!” Opening her eyes, she sat up quickly. 

Draco reached for his wand. Realizing no one was there he looked over to Hermione. He instantly pulled her into his embrace, trying to calm her down as she cried. She was shaking uncontrollably. He didn’t ask her what she had dreamt about. He just laid down, pulling her against him, holding her tight. 

As she calmed down, she looked up to his face, meeting his eyes. He knew from that look that she was thanking him. He reached over and wiped the tears from her cheeks, and pressed her head gently onto his shoulder. 

“I thought I was supposed to wake you up from bad dreams,” she said quietly. 

He smiled lightly at her. He felt that strong protectiveness over come him, and he held her tighter. 

Draco’s strength pushed the nightmare out of her mind and made Hermione feel safe. As she started to drift off to sleep again, she felt like she never wanted to leave his arms. This time she didn’t fight herself or her thoughts. She knew she liked him very much, more than a friend. She just wondered if he could ever feel the same. 


The next morning, Hermione opened her eyes to see Draco sleeping soundly with his arm still around her. She felt happy and conflicted all at the same time. She slowly lifted his arm off her and slid out of bed. 

She went to take a shower. As the water washed over her, she couldn’t get her mind to stop. I slept with Draco Malfoy! In his arms! What was I thinking? No, I wasn’t thinking. But it felt so right! He is changing, I can feel it. But I can’t let myself get attached. I’m his friend now and that should be enough, and he would never think of me as more than that anyway. Would he? No, even as a new person, he would probably still want someone who was really pretty and not such a boring bookworm! Shaking her head at herself, she got out and dried herself. 

She was buttoning the last few buttons of her shirt and walking out of the bathroom when she bumped into him. 

As she started to stumble a bit, he reached out and steadied her. He tried to get rid of the look on his face, knowing it was a dead giveaway. He had seen a little bit of her stomach… What are you doing? Shut your mouth and stop blushing! Merlin, she looks good, though…What is she doing to me? SHE IS MY FRIEND. DON‘T RUIN IT!” He turned away and walked into the bathroom to get his own shower, a very cold one. 

Hermione hadn’t even noticed his face or the way he had been acting just then; she was just hurrying to get her shirt done up. She nodded his way as he turned to go into the bathroom. “I…I’m just going to get a little breakfast started for both of us…” She started to hurry away. “TINY, LUCKY?” They popped in front of her. “Lucky, please stay with Draco while he takes his shower. Tiny, stay with me please.” 

Smiling, Lucky went into the bathroom right before Draco could shut the door. “Miss wanted me to stay with sir,” Lucky addressed Draco. “Just while miss and sir are not together.” Not used to having a house elf watch over him, Draco nodded curtly and went about his business. 

Downstairs, Tiny was talking to Hermione. “Miss, is something troubling you? Is there anything that Tiny could do to help miss?” 

“No, Tiny, but thank you. I just have a lot on my mind with the war, Draco, lockdown. Everything is just a mess, a confusing mess,” she said as she fried up some bacon. 

“But Tiny is thinking that miss is getting along with sir.” 

She smiled at the friendly little Tiny. “Yes, we are getting along. A little too well almost.” She mumbled the last bit… 

“What is you meaning miss, a little too well?” 

“Never mind, Tiny. I’m just rambling,” She said with a smile so Tiny would quit asking a question she didn’t have an answer to. Tiny helped her make the simple breakfast. 

After Draco and Hermione were finished eating, Hermione fetched the books on love and love potions from her-or their-room, and they settled down with them. With ink and parchment, they made notes on things they figured would be worth trying out. After a while, the silence became a little too uncomfortable. 

“You know, Hermione, we can’t try any of these out until it’s over. If something happened, it wouldn’t help for me to be locked into a room, ready to fall in love with the first person I see…” 

Looking up from her book, she answered, “Yes, your right. But in the meantime, we need to find every possible spell and potion to try. Love spells and potions make a person become strongly obsessed with a person, but it won‘t be like real love. Nothing can create real love, but we need to find the closest thing to it.” 

He considered her words, and then something came to his mind. “Well, if you are really going to help me, we will have to stay together for a while until we find the solution. We need to decide where we are going to work on this. I mean… we can’t stay here when it’s over.” 

She was quiet for a few minutes, thinking this over. He is right. Where are we going to go, and even after we accomplish that, where am I going to go? 

“Where were you planning to live after this is over?” she asked him. 

“Well, even though the past memories are horrible, I don’t want to give up Malfoy Manor. I’m going to get rid of everything dark and remodel the whole place into a good one that actually feels like a home.” 

She looked thoughtfully at him. “Do you think I could stay with you for a while then? I don’t want to go back to my parents’ home. I… couldn’t stand it. I’ll probably sell it and look for an apartment. If I stayed with you while I handled that business, I could help you find a way to get rid of the mark. And instead of paying rent, I’ll help you clear out and redecorate your house. Would you be okay with that?” 

He smiled, “Okay, you can stay with me while you handle your business. I’ll be grateful for your help in getting rid of the mark. But you don’t have to help change my house, and even then I would never take a cent of rent money from you. We are friends now, and it wouldn’t be right. Especially after everything you have done for me, giving me a second chance. So, do we have a deal?” 

She just smiled. “Yes, it’s a deal.” 


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