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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 16 : Sirius' troubles
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A/N:-hehe.....thank's for all the reveiws, please keep it up and if you haven't reveiwed.....REVEIW DAMN IT! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!! and in the spirit of Coke cola..ENJOY

Jessica apparated to a house in the middle of no where. She gathered all her hair up together and let it fall behind her back. She gave a smirk to the figure standing in front of her.

“Did you do it?” He asked.

“Of course I did.” Jessica said.

“So they’re split up?” The figure asked. Jessica sighed.

“Snape, where’s the Dark lord?” Jessica asked.

“He’s in a meeting with Malfoy and the Lestranges.” Said the figure. He pulled his cloak hood down and looked at Jessica with contempt. His greasy hair was quite long and his pale skin shone in the dark.

“I’ll wait here then.” Jessica isad.

“I’ll tell him. You just make sure they can never get back together again.” Snape said.

“You’re not in charge of me.” Jessica said. Snape scowled and pulled his hood back up.

“Fine.” Snape said compemtuously.

“Gryffindors and Slytherins were never meant to mix.” Jessica said hatefully. Snape let out a grunt of agreement. The door opened and three people came out of the room. They all ignored Jessica and left with Snape.

“Lowe, please come in.” Came Voldemort’s voice. Jessica went into the room and looked at the figure shrouded in darkness. “You mission was successful?”

“It took over four months but yes. I just need to do a little bit more damage and they’ll never get back together again.” Jessica said smirking.

“Don’t be so confident. You may be beautiful but people like Marsden and Black can easily get over their troubles. That’s the disgusting thing about good. They try and find solutions for things that they could fix by simply killing the person.” Voldemort said. Jessica wasn’t smirking anymore, “Now go and finish it off properly.” Jessica nodded and left the room. Voldemort pressed his fingers together and smiled to himself. Another Auror gone to the dogs. The less auror the better, particularly Marsden, she’d caught too many aurors even if she was just a trainee auror.

* * * *

Lily let Harry crawl around the Living room. She was doing just a little bit of tidying, there wasn’t much to actually tidy. Harry let out a gurgle when he came to the TV. He pushed himself onto his bum and stared at it in wonder. Lily turned and smiled before switching it on for him to watch. Harry sat watching it, as hypnotised as if he was watching the snitch. Lily went to the window and had a look out. Several children were playing outside, even if it was bitterly cold. There was a soft crack and Lily turned to see that James had just apparated into the house. Lily smiled and let James come over and give her a kiss.

“How was work?” Lily asked.

“It was ok. A bit boring because Sirius wasn’t in today.” He said. He glanced at Harry, who hadn’t noticed he’d arrived.

“That’s because he was busy cheating on April.” James was about to say something when Lily put a finger to his mouth. “She’s upstairs crying. I said she could stay for a while until she feels better. You don’t mind do you?” Lily asked. James was in a minor state of shock.

“Sirius cheated on April?” James asked. “He wouldn’t do that.”

“He would and he has. Apparently he’s been sleeping with someone else for four months.” Lily said. James looked like he wanted to punch someone.

“Is April ok?” He asked. Lily nodded

“She said she’ll look after Harry at night for us.” Lily said. James didn’t know what to feel. Sirius was like his brother but April was almost his sister-in-law and James loved both of them. But it was Sirius who had done the wrong thing. Lily frowned slightly as Harry began to prod the VCR and picked him up quickly and stopped him from doing it. Harry started crying because he’d been enjoying himself. Lily gave a slight moan and turned to James.

“Have you got your snitch?” She asked. James rummaged in his pocket and pulled the tiny golden snitch out. “I’ll be upstairs.” Lily said giving Harry the snitch to play with. James nodded and sat down to think about what he should do. If Sirius had cheated on April that meant that April was likely to call the engagement off and then there’d be a rift between Harry’s godparents. James sighed. This was too complex for him. Lily seemed to have some of it under control. There was a crack and James looked up to see Sirius.

“James!” Sirius said. He looked slightly scared and slightly hopeful. James got up and did the first thing that came to his mind. He punched Sirius and made Sirius topple onto the floor. James, feeling better helped Sirius up to his feet.

“Sorry about that. First reaction to something Lily told me.” James said.

“What did Lily tell you?” Sirius asked uncertainly.

“Oh you wouldn’t believe it.” James said sarcastically. “Apparently Lily’s best friend is heart broken because her fiancé cheated on her.” Sirius scowled.

“So you know?” Sirius said.

“Of course I know. April is obviously going to go straight to Lily, Lily’s going to tell me and then it’s going to get back to you, it’s a vicious cycle.” James said. “What made you do it?” He asked threateningly.

“Well I don’t know what made me but after the first time it just seemed that-” Sirius stopped, “I think Lowe convinced me that because April wasn’t around that I should sleep with someone else. She had to have put a spell on me. I swear that I wouldn’t have done it other wise.” Sirius said.

“You still shouldn’t have done it.” James said.

“I know” Sirius sank into a chair and put his head in his hands. “I wasn’t going to after the first time but then something happened and now I think I’ve ruined both my life and April’s.” James sighed.

“Well, if I were you I wouldn’t go upstairs or leave this room.” James said sitting next to Sirius.

“Why?” Sirius asked.

“April’s here.” James said, “She’s going to be staying for a while.” Sirius sighed.

“James, I think that maybe you should-” Lily came into the room holding Harry in one arm and pulling the snitch with the other. Harry had a tight grip on one of the snitch’s wings. She stopped talking when she saw Sirius. Sirius stood up.

“Could I speak to April?” He asked.

“No you cant.” Lily said coldly. “James can you please make you son let go of this damn snitch.” Lily said turning to James. James smirked slightly and took Harry from Lily. Harry let go of the snitch and cuddled James tightly. Lily rolled her eyes and she kept her grip on the snitch so it wouldn’t fly off.

“I’ll look after him for a while.” James said.

“Ok, I’ll be with April” Lily said. She gave Sirius another slightly annoyed look and then left the room. Sirius sighed.

“Let me hold my godson for a while.” Sirius said.

* * * *

April lay on the bed holding the pillow tightly. It was slightly damp and all she could think about was Sirius. Lily came in and sat on the bed next to her.

“I think we should have dinner up here.” Lily said.

“Why?” April asked, sitting up. She wiped her eyes and looked at Lily.

“Sirius is here.” Lily told April. April shuddered slightly and stood up.

“How do I look?” April asked. Lily looked at her confused. “Lily, how do I look?”

“You look like you shouldn’t leave this room.” Lily said. “But that can be fixed, why? What are you going to do?” Lily stood up as well.

“I need to give Sirius something.” April said.

“Oh, if it’s something like a punch I’m not letting you go downstairs.” Lily said urgently.

“No, it’s something else.” April said. “Can you fix my appearance?” Lily hesitantly got out her wand and did a few flicks and April looked like she usually did on a good day.

“Done.” Lily said uncertainly. April looked into a mirror and nodded. April started for the door. Lily followed her from the room. “I’m really not sure you should see Sirius. You don’t know what you’ll do.” Lily said. They were already halfway down the stairs.

“I see the most horrifying things on this earth, men, women and children killed by Voldemort’s followers. I think I can handle facing Sirius.” April said. She pushed the living room door open and went in. James and Sirius both looked up. Sirius stood up.

“April.” He said eagerly. April stared at him angrily.

“You bastard!” She shouted at him. James put his hands over Harry’s ears.

“April,” Lily said through her teeth. April looked at Lily and nodded. April looked at her hand were the silver diamond ring was placed on her engagement finger. Sirius’ eyes widened. April took the ring off and looked at it. Lily looked at James uncertainly as he stood up and went to Lily’s side, leaving Harry sitting on the sofa sucking his fist.

April sighed and felt a tear run down her cheek. She looked at Sirius and put the ring in his hand and closed it around the ring. April turned and left the room. She couldn’t stand being in the same room as Sirius anymore. Lily frowned, torn between following her friend or staying with James. This break up between April and Sirius had made her want to spend as much time as possible with James. Sirius looked at the ring in his hand and apparated out of the house. Lily thought she saw a tear running down his cheek.
Lily held James’ arm and looked at him. He pulled her closer to him and gently pressed his lips against hers. They started in a gentle kiss full of passion and longing for something they hadn’t been able to have for over a year now. The passion enveloped them slightly but they broke apart at the same time.

“Harry.” They both said at the same time. They both broke into smiles.

“I promise you that I’ll take you out soon.” James said to Lily. “I don’t care what Dumbledore says. Just you and me, like it used to be.” Lily smiled and placed her head on his shoulder. Like it used to be Lily thought So much has changed in such a little time. Despite all the death and horror that had haunted Lily since the beginning of her seventh year at Hogwarts she wouldn’t and couldn’t give it up. She wouldn’t exchange James or Harry for the world.

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Death is the way: Sirius' troubles


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