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Soon to be In-Laws by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 2 : Hatred and Envy
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Author's Note:
Wee!! Chapter 2!! Please leave a review so I can know how you thought about this chapter! But most of all...


"Teach me." Lily said as everyone went inside, yet she and James remained outside. "Teach me how to change like that..."

"Are you sure?" John heard James ask as he stepped through the doorway, going slowly so he could hear their conversation, "It hurts...the first time and it could go terribly wrong."

Lily nodded, "I want to...James, I think I'm your Patronous. I want to become a phoenix."

John felt fury flame up in him. He would not let this James Potter be with his daughter. She deserved more than him. He closed the door and closed the curtains in the kitchen, seeing into the back yard, but left enough to peek through them and watch his daughter.

James nodded and grasped her arm, he now became the teacher, teaching his student. He closed his eyes and she did too and he instructed her through it, "Know your phoenix. Picture her clear in your mind and feel her emotion. Feel it run through your veins and shut out...all ofther things." He whispered into her ear as he circled her body, making her try and loose concentration.

"I can't with you doing that." She giggled as his hand slid around her back and to her stomach as he walked around her, her eyes closed.

"You have to." He snickered, "Concentrate, Lily."

She whispered, "I'm trying."

John, not really knowing what was going on, glowered at James angrily. He wanted to go out there and yell at him to get his hands off his daughter. "Is she there?" James asked Lily, stroking her arm as Lily looked to the sky, eyes closed. She nodded, "She's here. I feel her." Lily referred to her phoenix.

"Picture you and her as one." James said, stepping away from her. He could see that she was trying and Lily stumbled as she held her head, an enormous headache taking place. He caught her as she was about to hit the ground. He pulled her back to her feet and panted, "Thanks."

At least he has good reflexes... John thought, angry that James was holding her so, but greateful that his baby girl had not hit the ground.

"Maybe that's enough for tonight..." He whispered, holding her, supporting her.

"No. One more time." Lily said, pushing him away as she closed her eyes to concentrate. Lily's face shook as she concentrated and she opened her arms as her body spun into a phoenix.

James jumped up and down, and clapped as Lily flew around the yard, beautiful feathers of red and orange. Her wings seemed like fire as they flapped and Lily perched on his arm. The phoenix's eyes closed and moments later James felt and increasingly heavier weight fall onto his arm. "Oufff." He said as he caught her. She was smiling and panting all the same and he smiled to her as he held her in his arms, a father holding a child, her feet not touching the ground. Her back on his left arm and the backs of her knees cupping over his other arm.

"That was wonderful, Miss Evans." James set her feet on the ground and Lily turned in this arms cupping his face and pulling it down to hers as she kissed him fully on the lips, a thanks and a kiss full of love.

John narrowed his eyes, and walked off.

James pulled away from Lily and said, huskily, "Race you upstairs."

Lily giggled and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the house. They twisted their way through the house at a sprint, laughing madly, not minding that they might wake someone. Lily stopped when they reached the foot of the stairs and spun around, a grin spread over her face. James smirked and grabbed her, kissing her.

It was so sudden as his arm snatched about her waist and he kissed her romantically that she burst out screaming and then began to laugh as James hauled her over his shoulder and carrying her to their room. As they entered James kicked the door shut and carried Lily, not setting her on the ground as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he held her against his chest.

His body pressed against hers as he pushed her up agianst the wall of the bedroom and kissed her. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him close as their bodies compressed together and James trailed a long line of kisses down her jaw and her neck. She smiled and ran her hands through his hair and James tickled her stomach to make her stop.

She yelped loudly when his warm hand pressed against her stomach and she giggled again. Her hand began to inch up his shirt and he pulled his body enough away from Lily's to yank off his shirt and toss it aside. He kissed her again, feircely, her chest against his bare one sending tingles down both their spines.

James' hand crept to her stomach again, this time sliding under her shirt and tickling her stomach, their bodies compressed so tightly against the others once more.

Neither did not notice the sound of their doorknob click and the door swing open as they kissed, James still holding Lily with her legs wrapped around his waist. The door swung open and Petunia's voice filled the room, "Lils, can I borrow yo-" Her voice began.

James and Lily pulled away from the other so abruptly, their lips both red from kissing. James fell back, off his feet, and he dropped Lily, both landing with a thud on the ground. Their chests both heaved forward with exhaustion and out of breath. James, shirtless, scrambled away from Lily on the ground, scooting back from her, as she stared at her sister, gasping for breath.

Petunia was not expecting them to have been doing anything, "Oh my...god." She whispered. Petunia was staring at James, her eyes fluttering with envy for her sister. He was so gorgeous. His chest was so muscualr, he had a six pack and he was panting, his hands clutching the floor.

She realized that she was staring at her sister's boyfriend and she muttered, "S-sorry..I'll...j-just..." She turned around, bumping into her father. She gasped, "Daddy."

"What's going on?" John asked, coming into view from the door. James and Lily were both on the ground, five feet away from the other, their chests heaving up and down. John's head whipped to the shirtless James and his eyes narrowed, "What did you do to Lily, you unworthly little slimy git!?!"

James' mouth opened and his face became infuriated at John. Lily gasped, "Daddy! He didn't do anything! I did it!"

John's head turned to her, "I doubt that! This little brat, why would you ever want him to touch you?! Look at him!" John growled.

Lily stood up, tears now falling down her face she yelled into her father's face, "Don't you ever say that! James is a better man than you and he always will be! I love him!!" Lily wiped tears from her eyes and shoved her father out of the why as she disappeared out of the room and down the stairs.

James, horrified at John's reactions, glared at him and sent him the eviliest look as he grabbed his shirt from the floor and pulled it over his head, shoving past John and running down the stairs, calling after Lily.

"Daddy..." Petunia said to her father, shaking her head, amazed.

"What?" John said rudely to his eldest daughter. Petunia shook her head again and, the third person now, shoved her father out of the way and she went down the hall and entered her own room, where Vernon was sleeping, not knowing any of the two minute's past events.

James clambered down the stairs after the crying Lily. She went outside and was leaning against one of the beams supporting the house when he found her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and swayed softly. "Shh. It's alright. It's alright."

"James..." She whispered tearfully. He kissed the top of her head as she lay her head back on his chest. As he swayed her in his arms he could feel that her eyes had closed, trying to relax desperately. "I'm sorry."

"Shh. Sh. Sh." James whispered, hugging her closer, "Don't be. It's alright."

"But he doesn't like you..."

James swayed her in his arms, "Shh. I don't care if he hates me or not. All I care about is you."

"But I do." Lily said, tearfully.

"Shh." James swayed her, "Don't worry about it right now."

James held her weight as he walked backwards and sat down in one of the chairs. He ushered Lily to sit on his lap and she did so. She sighed heavily against his chest, a pillow. He stroked her hair and whispered into her ear, kissing it, "Try to sleep."

Her head nodded against his chest. He stroked her hair, running his fingers through it. He sat out there for nearly an hour when he realized that Lily had fallen asleep a long time ago. He stood, carefully holding her. James entered the house and carried her up the stairs and to their bedroom, where he lay her on the bed and tucked her under the covers.

Lily's body felf the bed and she hugged the covers as she turned on her side, facing James, still asleep. A lock of hair fell off her head and covered her face. James moved it away with a finger and bent down to kiss her forehead. He stared at her sleeping form and smiled, leaving the room and closing the door behind him to move back outside for fresh air.

As James walked down the fall, he felt his body hit the wall with great force and he blinked to focus his vison on John, holding him by the front of his t-shirt, up in his face, "Don't you ever harm my daughter."

"I would never harm her." James said sternly, swiping John's hand away from his shirt, "I would die before harming Lily."

"Don't let me catch you touching my daughter." John sent spit into James' face.

James shoved John away from him, so his back would break loose of contact with the wall, "For your information, John, Lily touched me, I didn't touch her. And if your ears were open she said she loves me. You can't stop that, no matter how much you hate me."

James cowered over John as he backed the man against the opposite side of the wall, "Let's get one thing straight. I love Lily and she loves me. I'm not planning to leave her...ever. So get used to having me around."

James took a step back from John and began walking away from him, he rounded back, smirking, "Oh, and...don't try any smart ideas to try and get me away from Lily. They won't work..." James twirled his wand in his fingers, a threat to John and smirked one more time before walkign down the stairs and to the back porch where he plopped himself in a chair and closed his eyes, able to relax.

Moments later James heard a soft click, but didn't turn around. He knew that John was trying to lock him out. He could feel John's eyes on him from inside the house when he pointed his want back over his shoulder and said, "Alohomora." The door clicked back, unlocked.

James smirked and looked out to the yard.

He sat out there for what felt like hours, staring out into space, into nothingness. His eyes began to be droopy and he stood up, knowing that it was time to go inside and go to bed. He yawned hugely, and rumpled his hair before beginning the tread up to James and Lily's bedroom. He tossed his shirt aside, crawled into the bed, and wrapped an arm around Lily's waist, pulling her closely to his body.

She felt the presence of him against her body and nudge her head against the crook of his neck. James wrapped himself around her, keeping her warm, before falling into a peaceful sleep.


The next morning, James yawned hugely and opened his eyes to see that Lily was no longer curled up in his arms. He looked around the room, lazily, and thrust his glasses up the bridge of his nose, climbing out of bed. He stumbled, sleepily, but grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head, leaving the room and starting down the stairs.

In the kitchen, Vinny, John and Lily were downstairs talking. Lily seemed to all ready be angry. It was too early for that...James listened to her voice before making an appearance in the kitchen, "Daddy, learn to like James. You're not even giving him a chance! Mum likes him! Why can't you?!"

"I dunno, Lils...he just...doesn't suit...you. Now, how about Amos Diggory?" John's voice said.

"Daddy, no!" Lily sounded like she was all most to tears, "James is the one for me. I know it. I love him...a-and...someday...I-I want to...m-marry him." James smiled.

Vinny smiled, but John was taken aback, "WHAT!? Lily, I will not let you marry such a man!"

"I don't care, Daddy! You can't pull me away from someone I love!" Lily was angry now.

"Just give the boy a chance." Vinny's voice soothed to her husband.

"I will not, Vinny. I-" James decided now was to ruin all the fun. He struted into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of orange juice, saying happily, "Good morning, Mr. Evans! Vinny! Sleep well?" Lily smiled, thankful to him for knowing at the exact moment to come in.

Vinny nodded, "Yes, James. Did you like your room?"

"Yes, ma'am." James nodded, stepping away from the counter, his orange juice in his hand, "Very comfortable." He walked towards Lily, and swooped down, giving her a kiss on the cheek, infuriating John on purpose. "Morning, love. How did you sleep?"

"Great." Lily said, blushing. She took a sip of her water. James sat down at the table, smiling brightly as he began his meal. John was watching his every move. From under the table, James took his wand out of his pocket, snickering as John lifted his glass of orange juice. With a swift wave of the wand, under the table, his glass went flying, sending the juice all over his white shirt.

John shrieked and jumped up from the chair, splotching his shirt with a towel, muttering curse words, unaware that James was the reason of it. Lily sent James an evil glare as James held his mouth tightly closed from laughing out loud. Lily kicked his knee. James yelped, and clutched his knee.

John shoook his head, sitting back down at the table, ignoring the orange liquid now smeared over the front of his shirt. He lowered himself to sit on the chair, when with a wave of the wand, James sent the chair flying across the room and John fell to the floor. James burst out laughing, and Vinny, hiding in a corner, was red with laughter. Lily had a serious look on her face. John stood up and pointed a finger at James, "You." He said in a threating tone.

James laughed out, "Me what?"

"You did this."

"John, how did I do that?" James clutched his leg and squeezed it, sending his laughter to his numbing leg. Lily kicked him, this time in a very uncomfortable place. James jumped so high in his seat and screamed. Lily held her mouth, which had dropped inches with an innocent look on her face.

James snickered and shook his head and at Lily. He said in a playful tone, "Woman...I'm gonna get you."

He jumped up from his seat, in attempt to snatch her from her seat, but Lily, with a scream, jumped up and began to run around the kitchen. James laughed and began to chase her as she screamed with laughter. Vinny was peeling over with laughter at James and Lily's sweetness. John looked as if he could hit James.

Lily flung open the door and ran to the backyard, where James snatched her by her waist and spun her in his arms, yelling playfully at her. He set her on the ground and they stared into each others eyes for the longest moments, laughing silently. Their cheeks began to become red from the cold and James wrapped an arm around Lily and led her back into the house after their little spazm.

When they entered the kitchen, James took one more sip of his drink before saying happily, "I think I'll get cleaned up."

Everyone nodded and James left the kitchen, entering the hallway where Vernon was now walking. James nodded at him, but when they passed, James snickered and drew out his wand. He gave it a jerk and Vernon's pants ripped and fell to his knees, revealing blue boxers with pink flying pigs.

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Soon to be In-Laws: Hatred and Envy


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