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Behind The Mask by Ravenclawchik6
Chapter 1 : Prolouge and Chapter 1
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My name is Taylor Smith. My adventure takes place in my 7th year of magical training and second year at Hogwarts. You know how you have that one life defining story in a lifetime, a huge adventure. This is mine. It’s how I fell in love with my worst enemy and how I survived 7th year. My story features Jade Carfagno: short sassy 7th year Ravenclaw and Fall Out Boy obsesser extordinare. She eventually falls in love with… well you’ll see.

Ginny Weasley: if you don’t know her you are a loser, one of my best friends

Hermione Granger: see Ginny Weasley Luna Lovegood: see Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter: like you don’t know him he is only one of my best friends

Ron Weasley: see Harry Potter Neville Longbottom: see Harry Potter only Neville is my best guy friend Draco Malfoy: #1 enemy

If you want adventure and mystery, trust me this will fill your needs.



PS. My friends and I meet up in the Room of Requirement every night and I am a Gryffindor.



Taylor opened up her mahogany dresser. Her blonde hair was still wet from her shower. She picked up her glasses as Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Jade giggled. Tonight was the night. It was the winter masquerade ball. Whitney Huston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody blasted through the radio as each girl pulled out a dress and mask. Taylor looked to her right. Ginny Weasley’s red hair was wavy and had to front strands pulled back. Ginny was wearing a light green dress with white embroidery with the perfectly matching white and gold mask. Hermione’s hair was curled and put into a bun with two perfect curls framing her face. Her Romanesque dress was white pleated with gold and her gold mask just added to the affect. Luna truly looked unique. Her hair was her normal straight in a low pony tail. She had put purple streaks in her hair to match her blue and purple almost fairy like dress with a matching white and blue mask. Taylor’s best friend, Ravenclaw’s own Jade, was wearing emerald green to match her eyes which were framed by a cream colored mask. Taylor grinned, this was her night. She looked in the mirror, her glasses were now replaced with contacts to show her shining blue eyes filled with excitement. Her periwinkle dress fit her curves till the waist where it became layered ruffles. Her silver and purple mask contrasted well. She was ready.




          Taylor felt breath behind her ear. She turned to face a boy in black dress robes, and like the other boys, a Phantom of the Opera masks. Normally Taylor wouldn’t be too interested, but his eyes, they reflected hope in dazzling grey spheres. She felt her breath catch. And then the song played. It was the mystifying melody of one of Taylor’s favorites; it was Once Upon a December. No words needed to be spoken as she carefully place her hand on his shoulder as he took her waist ever so lightly. They joined hands and started to dance


!!! Dancing bears Painted wings things I almost remember !!!


Taylor hummed softly to the music as he grinned, it was a real Kodak moment..

!!! And a song someone sings once upon a December !!!

He pulled her closer as they gently swayed and she felt protected.

!!! Someone holds me safe and warm horses prance through a silver storm figures dancing gracefully across my memories !!!

He pulled her out side in the crystal white snow, not deep enough to make that crunching sound. It was silent except for their breathing and the song floating gently outside.

!!! Someone holds me safe and warm horses prance through a silver storm figures dancing gracefully across my memory !!!

Everything was at a stand still almost going in slow motion as the last verse came.

!!! Far away long ago glowing dim as an ember, things my heart used to know things it yearns to remember !!!

Carefully they leaned forward…..

!!! and a song someone sings !!!

To meet for a kiss so soft it was almost a whisper of a kiss

!!! once upon a December !!!

Taylor didn’t want to be anywhere but where she was.




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Behind The Mask: Prolouge and Chapter 1


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