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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 12 : Chapter 12: I Think About You Over and Over Again
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image by cherrypie3601
[alexisbledel as hermione and piperperabo as joey carstairs]

Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 12: I Think About You Over and Over Again

Joey was there at Franny’s with Blaise, Lizzie, and Jessica right on time. As was Draco, who stood nervously holding onto his daughter’s tiny hand.

“Daddy, you’re hurting me,” Noel said as Joey walked through the door, wearing a long white coat and her hair long and open. She turned around the instant she heard the girl’s voice. But as she was about to bend over to talk to her, she met Draco’s gaze. It was a menacing death glare that made Jo stop in her tracks and straighten briskly and walked alongside Lizzie to their reservation at the back of the restaurant.

Draco picked up his daughter and led her to the table as well.

Jessica and Noel sat next to each other and instantly began counting the number of gum wads under the table. They had already spotted four when Blaise spoke.

“Someone hand me a knife so I can cut the tension,” he said sarcastically.

“Stuff it,” Draco said coolly, “Why are we here?”

“I called you so you could talk properly to Joey, without snapping at her every other word,” Blaise said. Lizzie was looking nervous.

“Talk, Joanna, if you have anything you have to say…because, frankly, I think we‘ve cleared everything up,” he said to her formally.

“See, Blaise, he keeps calling me that,” she said to Blaise.

“Please, Draco please don’t call Joey by her actual name, she doesn’t like that,” he said lamely.

“Oh, you’re with him too,” she said, “I should have known that the Zucchini Man would back up Mr. Blondie Money Bags.”

Noel’s head popped out from under the table, almost hitting it, “Daddy’s name is Malfoy.” She dragged the ‘foy’ part of the name like a little brat.

Joey looked at the little angel dressed in red, “Really?”

“Mmhmm, and my name is Sophie Noel Malfoy,” she said happily, ducking her head under the table. “You can call me Noel.”

Joey looked longingly at the child and then back at Draco. At that moment the door to Franny’s opened and Noah walked in, smiling like an idiot, behind him was a smiling Hermione. Draco’s heart leapt and his eyes rounded, he nervously spun the little purple ring around on his finger. Blaise immediately spotted her.

“Good Lord,” he said. “Well, would you lookie that.”

“What is it?” Jo asked, looking around curiously. Her long bangs were falling down her forehead, and she had to jerk her head to see properly. “Oh, it’s that lady I saw earlier today, what, does she know you?”

Noel’s head popped out from underneath the table once again, and her little face lit up as she saw Hermione. Noel ran from her seat to Hermione, and hugged her legs.

“Hi, Hermione,” Noel said, backing up from Hermione and giving her a toothy-yet-toothless smile. Hermione couldn’t help but smile at the missing teeth-smile. Hermione reached down and patted the girl’s head. “Hey, honey, what are you up to?”

And then she saw Draco’s visage, his jaw was firm and she could see a muscle twitching on the side of his jaw. Hermione also spotted THAT WOMAN. If she hadn’t had a shred of dignity, she would have jumped on that woman, scratching her to death, French Peddie or not.

Hermione turned on the spot and started toward the door. When she was out, Draco had to go out after her.

They weren’t on a busy street, so there was hardly any danger of getting run over.

He took her by the hand and spun her around. “Hermione, will you please listen to me?”

Her eyes were on fire, and she felt like Superman, burning him with her vision. “Oh ho, you want to talk? Go talk to that bitch you were swapping spit with earlier! Go, you seemed to be having an awesome time.”

“Hermione, calm down, and listen to me,” he looked into her eyes, “please.”

He was still holding onto her hand when she said, “I’ll give one minute to make me believe I should even look at your face again.”

“’kay, what you saw earlier… it wasn’t me,” he said.

“Oh, that’s fresh,” she murmured, “It was your evil twin.”

“Hey, I thought I had a minute.” he frowned.

“Go on,” she muttered. Tick tock…

“She just kissed me, I was too shocked to do anything, and I had met her after six years. Hermione, she’s the mother of my only child, and I … I thought we hated each other. But…she…she just kissed me! And I…I should have stopped her,” he said solemnly. “But something came over me, I don’t know what, Hermione, I hate her…you just have to believe me.”

Hermione just looked at him, “I’m not telling you to do anything, I have no right, Draco, there’s nothing between us. All we have is that one night… I had no reason to be a prat.”

“Don’t deny it, I’ve seen you follow me when I go for a swim… from that window of yours, you have the whole view… and that dinner party…”

“You’re hurting me Draco,” she realized he was holding her arm ever so hard. “Just let go.” Why wouldn’t he just stop talking? That way she would be able to concentrate on anything other than his moving lips.

He reached down and kissed her on her cheek, in close proximity to her lips.

Hermione knew if she let him kiss her, anywhere, she wouldn’t be able to let go. But she couldn’t let him play with her. They were from two different worlds, and no one should have to pay for the mistakes made when one was drunk…

She put her hands to his chest and pushed hard, and he, startled, stumbled back.

“I can’t do this,” she whispered, “You still love her. You said so yourself.”

Draco sat down on the curb, tired and too old for his age.

“Fuck,” he said, getting up again. “I thought you…of all people would understand my situation.”

She hated him. Totally. Everything about him:

…that hideous ponytail
…those ice-like eyes
…that flawless skin
…and those untouchable lips…

She hated that man.

“You thought wrong, Malfoy, because I utterly detest you,” she said in a bored voice. There, she said everything she had imagined she would say to him. “But I truly believe you may get a better response off of the brunette beauty queen.”

“Yeah, so you can go off with Noah,” Draco mocked disgustingly, “I’m so hot that I work as an elevator escort for the man whose married to my playmate.”

She looked at him, stunned. “Noah, happens to be a good guy, just because he doesn’t have the same amount of dough as you. Money isn’t everything.”

“Hermione, he’s a player, and all he wants to do is play with you. While you’re in a vulnerable state.”

“Oh, like you did when I broke up with Viktor.”

“Who the hell is Viktor? Oh, not Viktor, as in Krum?” his eyes were murderous but his lips were laughing. It was utterly hilarious to him.

“So, he’s a good guy too,” she spat. You’re a liar, she told herself.

“Please, I read that article about him in the Daily Prophet, how his ex found him in bed with another woman,” he said, but he didn’t say it mockingly this time, he really did feel bad for her. “I’m real sorry you had to deal with that twice in such short time.”

She sat down on the curb next to him, “When had my life become so complicated? Plus, when did you start reading wizarding mags?”

“It was at Blaise’s house just lying there, couldn’t help myself. Is that how you felt, I mean, when you saw Jo and me, the same way it was with Krum and whoever it was?”

“No it didn’t, it felt much worse with Krum, since I cared about him somewhat, as for you, don’t really care,” she said like a beeyotch. She then got up.

“I don’t really want to go back in there,” Draco muttered.

“Really, then why did you come?” she asked, turning around from where she stood near the door.

“I’m really sorry, Hermione, I hope you could forgive some day,” he said, genuinely apologizing. “Not just for what you saw, but anything I’ve ever said to that may have hurt you. Back when we were kids.”

“Don’t think I like you. I loathe you, Malfoy, no matter what you say or do.”

“I should get going, um…home,” he said, he was so confused now.

“Okay,” Hermione said, and she got up and left for inside.

Draco didn’t want to go inside, he wanted to do something he hadn’t done in awhile. Hermione saw him kick a can around for a few moments through her table window. Then he whipped out his cell phone and seconds later she heard ‘Diamonds on my Neck’ ring tone ringing from behind her. She turned around and instantly saw Blaise talking quietly yet urgently to who could only be Draco. Then he smiled at Noel, “You’re staying over at our house tonight honey.”

Hermione looked at Draco out the window again, why did he look so frustrated?

Hermione falsely smiled at Noah and just listened to what he was saying. Something about Star Trek. Oh, God, not a Star Trek geek. (a/n: remind me of Beauty and the Geek :D)

Joey was upset. Why had he left, just like that?

Meanwhile Draco sped home in his Benz, making sure he never got caught by the cops.

These mixed emotions were going crazy in him. And she didn’t even like her back, she had made it obvious.

He got home, where he received the divorce papers, signed and all. He chucked the papers against the wall and pulled off his shirt, leaving on his t-shirt. He put on his leather jacket and got back into his car, and he went towards the public storage area couple blocks down.

When he got to his garage in the storage village, he looked at his baby.

It was the slickest hog he had seen. It had an orange and black body with silver mufflers with a black leather seat. It was his baby, and it looked as new and as bad as it had the day he bought it. He hadn’t ridden it since last year when he had sent Noel to his parents’ home back in Dublin. He had felt like a bachelor that day. He picked up his helmet, shiny black. Swinging his leg over the seat, he revved the engine.

Oh, how beautiful it felt to hear her purr. He put the visor over his eyes, closing the door behind him and sped off into the quiet streets of Surrey. After that, he certainly didn’t know where he was going, he was in some sort of farmland.

Everything was swirling mad in his head. All the past conversations…

“Where’s my baby?”
“You’ve changed Draco”
“I love you Draco”
“I want to work it out”
“You still love her. You said so yourself”
“No it didn’t, it felt much worse with Krum, since I cared about him somewhat, as for you, I don’t really care”
“You’re hurting me Draco. Just let go.”

And then, while going over a bridge, his tires hit something big and hard. His bike fell over and his helmet hit a rock and Draco was unconscious, his legs stuck underneath the bike.


Hermione was depressed. What did Draco want from her? She hated him, really. Walking home alone (she had told Noah she was going to her cousin’s house) she began crying at what her life had become.
1. Hogwarts was great. She was adventurous, perky, smart, confident
2. She went out with Ron, broke up a year later: all fragile.
3. Gotten back with Krum, her heart like glass, so breakable.
4. Krum cheated on her.
5. She married Draco.
6. Draco cheated (well, sort of) on her.

She didn’t know how she got there, but half an hour later she found herself standing in front of Ron’s door. She hoped his girlfriend, Dani, wasn’t home. She would hate to mess up their relationship. She knocked on the door, hey, last time she checked her and Ron were still friends, just with benefits. Yeah, friends with benefits. Ron was working at the Ministry of Magic, he owned a decent home, and his girlfriend (a Muggle) knew that he was a wizard. And she approved, she didn’t care. So when Ron opened the door, standing in his wizarding robes, his visage was surprised.

“Hermione,” he said, “What are you doing here so late? Is something wrong?”

And she broke out crying, right on the spot. “Oh, Hermione, come in.”

And she sat on his sofa, while he listened carefully to everything she said.

“W-where’s Dani?” Hermione asked, suddenly realizing that he lived with his long term girlfriend.

“She’s on her book tour, you know, she’s a writer and all,” he said.

“Mmhmm,” she nodded, sniffling. He handed her the tissue paper box.

Hermione hadn’t told Ron of Draco yet. All she had said was that she broke up with Krum, and then another man.

“Seems like you’ve had a tough night,” Ron said compassionately.

“Yeah, I have,” Hermione sniffled. “Do you mind if I stay the night?”

“Yeah, sure,” he whispered, “I’ll get you a pair of Dani’s night clothes, if you want.”

He returned moments later, his face all red, “This is all I found,” he said, lifting a pair of women’s boxer shorts and a tank.

Hermione smiled, “It’s fine. Ron, thank you.”

And then all of a sudden, he kissed her. “I’m sorry,” he said, breaking it off, you should get to bed, you’ve had a long night.”

And then, Hermione couldn’t control herself, since she was so vulnerable at the moment, she just reached up and kissed him.


An hour later.
Hermione and Ron lay in Ron’s and Dani’s bed, both staring at the ceiling. Both half naked, and totally freaked out.

“You know, this was a one time thing,” Ron stated, “It doesn’t mean anything. You were just tired, and I was just missing Dani.”

“I understand Ron, I wasn’t expected anything more,” the two turned their backs to each other, regretting what had happened between them. “Shit,” Hermione muttered. 

Nothing happened. It was just kissing. And touching. That's all.

Hermione was just happy that the phone ran before anything could get worse. They had just discarded their clothes and kissed, nothing else. Thank God, for the phone ringing.

This is how the call went:

It was Blaise, how he had gotten her phone number, was a mystery to her.

“Granger, Draco’s in the Grace Hospital, he’s had an accident,” he said. “the police thought you should know.”

Then he hung up.

Hermione couldn’t talk.

“Ron,” she nudged Ron awake, “I need a ride to the hospital, something’s come up.”

“Why?” he asked, puzzled.

“Malfoy,” she muttered.

“What?” he asked. “Malfoy?”

“Just…can you please take me to the hospital, I’ll explain some other time.”

“Which hospital?”


“That’s like, so far.”

“Fine. Forget it. I’ll take a cab.” She snapped at him, she walked with the sheet around her until she was downstairs where she found her clothes resting ontop of the sofa in a messy pile. She put her clothes on and ran out onto the street, and hailed a cab. She was there in half an hour.

She asked the nurse which room he was in, and wasn’t at all surprised to find Joanna Carstairs sitting on the bench, crying.

Blaise was there too, looking frustrated for such a big guy.

Hermione wanted to go punch that woman in the face. She was itching for her wand, which was strapped to her back at all times.

“What happened, Zabini?” Hermione recognized the tall, handsome black man from afar. His trademark cornrolls were tightly wrapped onto his scalp.

“He was on his motorbike and his a wagon that someone abandoned on the road. He flipped over onto it, and apparently hit his head in a rock. Thank god he had his helmet on.”

“Is-is he going to be okay?” she whimpered.

“I don’t know, Hermione,” he said, sitting back down, head in his hands.

Hermione talked to the doctor, who told her she could go in, but he was unconscious, and nothing they could do could make him conscious.

“Will he live, doctor?” Hermione asked him, tears making it hard for her to see.

“Right now, we can’t say, hon,” the elderly doctor said. And that was the breaking point for her, she started to cry. And she cried hard.

A/N: amazingly, this story has so many readers, yet no one reviews. :(
please, review! i live on them!


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